Anna Jacobsson: It was a fun game – 12.12.2015

Anna Jakobsson was very happy after the thriller final. She praised the level of the game and admired the opponent.

- It was a fun game and tight fight. I think Finland did very well and Jonna Mäkelä was fantastic like always, Anna Jakobsson said.

She wasn´t really satisfied about her performance.

- Not my best game, not even close, I think. I should score a lot but today I didn´t. I still did my best and lot on the defense.

Jakobsson had a big role in penalty shoot outs. She was the fifth shooter. What did you think when coach asked you to be fifth.

- He asked me if I wanted to be fifth and of course. It was just a question and of course I will take a change.

Jakobsson was the only shooter and Finland led with one goal. She was forced to score. And she scored.

- It was fun. You have to love to take penalties. I love such things, said Jakobsson.

How you gonna celebrate?

- With the team, because this is a team victory!