Interested in volunteering at an international sport event?

The Women´s Floorball World Championships will be held from 4th to 12th December 2015 in Tampere, Finland.

We are looking for up to 300 event volunteers for different kinds of tasks. Come and join us to create experiences and collect experiments!

Volunteers will receive clothing, food, coffee and the opportunity to follow the games if there are free seats or tasks allow. All the volunteers will get a work certificate.

The volunteers are responsible for travel and accommodation themselves.

Please send your open application letter to: volunteers@floorball.fi

The Task Descriptions

The Match Secretariat
Taking care of match secretariat´s table functions e.g. a match and penalty clock, protocols and information sharing.

Statistics and Scores
You will take care of the statistics and real-time results service.

Rink patrol and Ball team
Your task is to ensure that the field is in condition and that the locker rooms are neat.

Access control (18 yrs.)
You are at least 18 years old and speak good English. Your mission is to ensure that the audience, the media and the championship organization find the right places. You´ll be checking entry tickets. Security Officers will be assisting you.

Security Officer (18 yrs.)
As a Security Officer you will guide and assist stakeholders as well as making sure people have the right clearance to different areas. During the WFC 2015 you are required to have a valid Security Officer licence.

Communications and Media Relations
You will assist media representatives, producing material and informing media, managing the work space and the mixed zone.

VIP Services (18 yrs.) - (International guests, state guests etc.)
Taking good care of VIP guests. VIP guests will come from all over the world, so you are required to speak fluent English and respect the differences of cultures.

Hospitality Services - (businesses, other VIP guests)
Taking care of the hospitality, you will receive guests at the door, instruct and answer questions. You are a contact for performers and presenters at the Hospitality area. There are also international guests in the area, so you are required fluent English.

Ceremonies - award ceremonies (opening and closing ceremony)
Your duty is to plan, inform and guide the ceremonies running order in perfect schedule. You receive the performers and take care of their schedule. Guide the guests that will distribute the awards and the hospitality performers / interviewees to the right place at the right time and ensure that the correct prizes will be awarded.

You own a driving licence and drive the necessary transportations between the halls, airport and hotels.

First aid
You are giving immediate first aid. A valid first aid card is required.

Team Supervisor
As a contact person for the team, you will help your team to organize practical matters.

Event Office
The Event office is the "heart" of the event. You know everything about everything, and share information about the necessary parties. You will ensure that the office is clean and comfortable, office materials, etc. are in good shape.

You speak and write fluent English.

You prepare (taking pictures, printing, and finishing) and transfer the accredited person’s access permit; make sure that all the information is correct and solve any unclear cases.

You are required to speak Finnish as well as English.

Competition Info
You´ll be roaming around the whole area and guiding the audience along with everyone else. You are to know everything of everything, or at least a person who may provide the right answers.

Marketing Assistant
Your responsibilities include assisting partners and ensure that all marketing related materials are in place as agreed.

We organize promotional events throughout the whole year. As a Promotional Assistant you are assisting needed happenings around Finland.

Ticket Sales
You participate in the sale of tickets at the venues during the tournament.

IFF assistants
You will help at the IFF office in daily arrangements.

Contact persons for referees
The task is to ensure a high quality working environment for referees and observers.

You will help the audience and the tournament organization to recycle and follow other ecological guidelines of the tournament.

You are flexible and jump into the task with a need for more help, or someone has suddenly fallen out. You´re a jack of all trades and help anywhere where it´s needed.

Adjacent Events programme
Adjacent events are planned before and during the Championships. Is it the intermission programme or something else, you help to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Doping control chaperons
As a chaperon you will escort the selected player. A doping control officer will guide you in your task.

English is required as well as Finnish.