Tournament Format

A total of 16 teams play in the WFC 2015 Final Round in Tampere, December 4th-12th and all registered teams, apart from the organiser (Finland), played in the Qualifications.

The WFC Group Ballot decided the Final Round groups.

Group A:
Poland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland
Group B:
Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic
Group C:
Singapore, Japan, Denmark, Australia
Group D:
Netherlands, USA, Russia, Slovakia

WFC 2015 Final Round Playing System

Group A & B include the countries ranked 1-8 and Group C & D are teams ranked 9-16. The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final.

Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D play in the first playoff round (played before the quarter-finals).

Continued play after the group matches
(the exact numbering of the matches may differ for each event depending on the order of play in the final match schedule)
Play-off 1: 3rd group A -2nd group D
Play-off 2: 3rd group B -2nd group C
Play-off 3: 4th group A -1st group D
Play-off 4: 4th group B -1st group C
Quarter-final 1: 1st group A - Winner PO4
Quarter-final 2: 1st group B - Winner PO3
Quarter-final 3: 2nd group A - Winner PO2
Quarter-final 4: 2nd group B - Winner PO1
Semi-final 1: Winner Q1 - Winner Q4
Semi-final 2: Winner Q2 - Winner Q3
Match for 3rd place: Loser Semi - Loser Semi
Final: Winner Semi - Winner Semi

A drawing of lots shall decide which team shall be the home team of the final and the bronze match

Ranking matches between 5 th and 16th place shall be played as follows:
13-16:1 3rd group D - 4th group C
13-16:2 3rd group C - 4th group D
9-12:1 Loser PO2 - Loser PO3
9-12:2 Loser PO1 - Loser PO4
5-8:1 Loser Q1 - Loser Q4
5-8:2 Loser Q2 - Loser Q3
Match for 15th place Loser 13-16:1 - Loser 13-16:2
Match for 13th place Winner13-16:1 - Winner 13-16:2
Match for 11th place Loser 9-12:1 - Loser 9-12:2
Match for 9th place Winner 9-12:1 - Winner 9-12:2
Match for 7th place Loser 5-8:1 - Loser 5-8:2
Match for 5th place Winner 5-8:1 - Winner 5.8:2

More in the IFF Competition Regulations.