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Slevik the winner of Men´s 2014 EFC Final

Two good teams, full house of spectators, that‘s not the worse way to spend one‘s Sunday afternoon. In the Norwegian national l... — 12.10.2014

2014 EFC Men´s All Star Team

The media representatives of the 2014 EuroFloorballCup have elected the Men´s EFC All Star Team. Four players from Slevik... — 12.10.2014

Sveiva wins the EFC Final

In the Norwegian national league Sveiva has been the better team for a few years already, but an EFC final is naturally a totally d... — 12.10.2014

Eurofloorball Cup 2014 - final round

EuroFloorball Cup 2014
Final Round

Fredrikstad, Norway
8th - 12th October 2014

Official EFC 2014 website: www.efc2014.com

Match Schedule

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the 5th and lower ranked European national club champions and is played with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total). The tournament consists of two stages - Qualifications & Final Round.

The EFC 2014 winners in Men´s and Women´s categories will qualify directly to Champions Cup 2015. When the EFC winners participate in Champions Cup 2015 they will each receive 5 000 CHF prize money.


WOMEN Final Standings


Sveiva IBK (NOR)


Tunet IBK (NOR)
3. Olimp Fryazino (RUS)
4. Energa Olimpia Osowa Gdansk (POL)
5. MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ (POL)
6. FBK Tvrdosin (SVK

Match Schedule - WOMEN

08.10. 10:30 Group A: Tvrdosin - Gdansk5-7
08.10. 16:00 Group B: MMKS Podhale - Tunet IBK2-7
08.10. 16:00 Group B: MMKS Podhale - Tunet IBK2-7
09.10. 10:30 Group B: Olimp - MMKS Podhale5-4
09.10. 16:00 Group A: Sveiva - Tvrdosin3-1
10.10. 10:30 Group A: Gdansk - Sveiva0-5
10.10. 16:00 Group B: Tunet IBK - Olimp10-4
11.10. 08:00 5th place: Tvrdosin - MMKS Podhale5-6
11.10. 10:45 Semi-final 1: Sveiva - Olimp10-2
11.10. 13:30 Semi-final 2: Tunet IBK - Gdansk8-0
12.10. 13:00 Final: Tunet IBK - Sveiva3-6

Women´s 2014 EFC All Star Team

Best goalkeeper of the EFC: Malin Dahler (Sveiva IB)
Best defender of the EFC: Gunita Kärklina (Sveiva IB)
Best defender of the EFC:Alzbeta Durikova (FBK Tvrdosin)
Best centre of the EFC: Charlotte Hjorth (Tunet IBK)
Best forward of the EFC: Kristina Naess (Tunet IBK)
Best forward of the EFC: Henriette Knudsen (Sveiva IB)

Standings - WOMEN
Group A Group B


1.Tunet IBK220017-66
3.MMKS Podhale20026-120

Scoring Leaders - WOMEN

1.Kristine Naess HaugTunet IBK473102
2.Sandra VikaTunet IBK446104
3.Charlotta HjortTunet IBK45380
4.Henriette KnudsenSveiva45386
5.Luize BilinskaSveiva44262
6.Emma LundeTunet IBK43250
7.Jenny VestinSveiva42350
8.Agnieszka TimekMMKS Podhale32352
9.Hilma ThofteSveiva41452
10.Monika StredanskaTvrdosin34040

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Goalkeeper Statistics - WOMEN

1.Malin DahlerSveiva463691.30
2.Maiken EllisTunet IBK455887.30
3.Dominika MarzecGdansk311284.61
4.Uliana VeselovaOlimp347983.92
5.Mariola SzarmachGdansk3551677.46
6.Wiktoria TomczykMMKS Podhale3481576.19
7.Martina PilsakovaTvrdosin3511676.11
8.Isabel VikaTunet IBK411473.33
9.Marina KomissarovaOlimp3321568.08
10.Paulina MlynarczykMMKS Podhale3020.00

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Men Final Standings

1. Slevik IBK (NOR)


Tunet IBK (NOR)
3. Jögeva SK Tähe (EST)
4. Pomor (RUS)
5. MUKS Zielonka (POL)
6. UC Face Off (NED)

Match Schedule - MEN

08.10. 13:15 Group B: Jogeva - Tunet IBK6-14
08.10. 19:00 Group A: Slevik - Pomor10-3
09.10. 13:15 Group B: MUKS Zielonka - Jogeva4-5
09.10. 19:00 Group A: UC Face Off - Slevik3-19
10.10. 13:15 Group A: Pomor - UC Face Off9-2
10.10. 19:00 Group B: Tunet IBK - MUKS Zielonka25-6
11.10. 16:15 Semi-final 1: Slevik - Jogeva11-5
11.10. 19:00 Semi-final 2: Tunet IBK - Pomor11-4
12.10. 10:00 5th place: UC Face Off - MUKS Zielonka4-11
12.10. 16:00 Final: Tunet IBK - Slevik6-8

Men´s 2014 EFC All Star Team

Best goalkeeper of the EFC: Vegard Tvete (Slevik IBK)
Best defender of the EFC: Mattias Hjalmarsson (Slevik IBK)
Best defender of the EFC:Julle Sumen (Jõgeva)
Best centre of the EFC: Thomas Straete (Slevik IBK)
Best forward of the EFC: Ole Mossin Olesen (Tunet IBK)
Best forward of the EFC: Johan Åhlberg (Slevik IBK)

Standings - MEN
Group A Group B

3.UC Face Off20025-280

1.Tunet IBK220039-126
3.MUKS Zielonka200210-300

Scoring Leaders - MEN

1.Ole Mossin OlesenTunet IBK41415295
2.Thomas StraeteSlevik4616220
3.Johan AhlbergSlevik4115160
4.Sindre BjerknesTunet IBK4115160
5.Ole Martin JanssonTunet IBK4106160
6.Glen EvensenSlevik484122
7.Mattias HjalmarssonSlevik448120
8.Peter FahlstromSlevik47180
9.Aleksandr SharapovPomor36284
10.Fredrik Hoff EriksenTunet IBK44482

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Goalkeeper Statistics - MEN

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EFC Qualifications

A total of 17 teams (9 men´s and 8 women´s) registered for EuroFloorball Cup 2014. Based on EFC rankings, four teams qualified directly to the Final Round in both the men´s and women´s groups, while the remaining teams competed for the two open spots via the EFC 2014 Qualification event.

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