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IFF Committees

Appeal Committee (AC) - elected by the IFF General Assembly

Märit Bergendahl, Sweden
E-mail: marit.bergendahl(at)innebandy.se

Tom Hedkrok, Finland
E-mail: tom.hedkrok(at)placitum.fi
Kim-Alexander Hofgaard Jostad, Norway
E-mail: kim-alexander.jorstad(at)nif.idrett.no
Giorgio Rambaldi, Italy
E-mail: algiordino(at)fastwebnet.it

Aiga Staltmane-Veksa, Latvia
Cui Linna, China
E-mail: linna.cui(at)chinafloorball.org
Saqib Niaz, Pakistan

Officer: John Liljelund

Disciplinary Committee (DC) - elected by the IFF General Assembly

Ismo Haaponiemi, Finland
E-mail: ismo.haaponiemi(at)gmail.com

Tomas Brezina, Czech Republic
E-mail: brezina(at)ceskyflorbal.cz
Rudolf Buri, Switzerland
E-mail: Rudolf.Buri(at)trees-buri.ch
Linda Noppa, Sweden
E-mail: linda.noppa(at)innebandy.se

Saleem Ahmad, Pakistan
Zhang Jing, China

Artis Krauklis, Latvia
Peter Vrba, Slovakia
E-mail: vrba(at)szfb.sk
Marcel Wadja, Cote d´Ivoire
E-mail: bletchiwadja(at)gmail.com

Officer: John Liljelund

Ethics Commission (ETC)- Elected by the IFF General Assembly

Poul-Erik Hoyer, Denmark

Carol Roberts, Canada
Sylvia Schenk, Cermany
E-mail: Sylvia.Schenk(at)hsf.com

Officer: John Liljelund

Medical Committee (MC)

Dr. Walter O. Frey, Switzerland
E-mail: walter.frey(at)balgrist.ch, walterofrey(at)movemed.ch, (nicole.fierz(at)balgrist.ch)

Vice Chair:

Dr. Tiina Nylander, Finland
E-Mail: tiina.nylander(at)odl.fi

Dr. Lars Erik Bartels, Denmark
E-mail: lebartels(at)gmail.com

Dr. Patricia Wallace, Australia
E-mail: patriciawallace(at)iinet.net.au

Dr. Liene Kozlovska, Latvia
E-mail: kozlovska.liene(at)gmail.com

Officer: IFF Anti-Doping Coordinator: Minna Nurminen

Referee Committee (RC)


Klaus Koskela, Finland
E-mail: klaus.koskela(at)multi.fi

Vice Chair:

Lukas Gyger, Switzerland
E-mail: lukas.gyger(at)swissunihockey.ch


Michel Pierre Boudville, Singapore
E-mail: pierreboudville(at)gmail.com

Radek Hora, Czech Republic
E-mail: hrdk(at)seznam.cz

Mats Öster
E-mail: mats.oster(at)gmail.com

Athletes Commission representative:

Brigitta Radacsi
E-mail: brigi15(at)gmail.com

Officer: Veli Halonen

Rules- and Competition Committee (RACC)

Martin Klabere, Sweden
E-mail: martin.klabere(at)innebandy.se

Vice Chair:

Ari Vehniäinen, Finland
E-mail: ari.vehniainen(at)floorball.fi


Jan Jirovský, Czech Republic,
E-mail: jirovsky(at)ceskyflorbal.cz

Michael Lachenmaier, Germany,
E-mail: lachenmaier.m(at)gmail.com

Heidi Leb, Austria
E-mail: leb(at)floorball.at

Beat Wullschleger, Switzerland
E-mail: beat.wullschleger(at)swissunihockey.ch

Bogdan Zajdzinski, Poland

Athletes Commission representative:

Emanuel Antener, Switzerland
E-mail: emanu87(at)freesurf.ch

Officer: Stefan Kratz

Substitutes :

Victor de Bruin, Netherlands
E-mail: victor.debruin(at)yahoo.com

Ramezenali Davalo, Iran,
E-Mail: davalo(at)iranfloorball.com

Andris Dzenis, Latvia,
E-mail: andris.dzenis(at)floorball.lv

Teo Turay, Slovakia
E-mail: teo.turay(at)floorball.sk

Tamuz Hidir, Ukraine
E-mail: tamuzhidir(at)gmail.com

RACC Jury persons

Zane Klabere, Latvia
E-mail: zane(at)ksk.lv

Esko Kyyhkynen, Finland
E-mail: esko.kyyhkynen(at)floorball.fi

Magnus Nilsson, Sweden
E-mail: magnus.nilsson(at)innebandy.se

Officer: Stefan Kratz

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