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Events & Organisers
Past events & organisers
World Championships
Men´s WFC
Men´s WFC 2014
Men´s WFCQ 2014 AMER - Canada
Men´s WFCQ 2014 AOFC - New Zealand
Men´s WFCQ 2014 EUR1 - Poland
Men´s WFCQ 2014 EUR2 - Slovakia
Men´s WFCQ 2014 EUR3 - Netherlands
Men´s WFCQ 2014 EUR4 - Latvia
Men´s WFC 2012
Men´s WFCQ Europe 1
Men´s WFCQ Europe 2
Men´s WFCQ Europe 3
Men´s WFCQ Americas
Mens WFC 2010
Mens WFCQ Europe 1
Mens WFCQ Europe 2
Men´s WFCQ Americas
Mens WFC 2008
Men´s WFC 2008 C-division
Men´s WFC 2006
Men´s WFC 2006 C-Division
Men´s WFC 2004
WFC 2004 C-division
Men´s WFC 2002
Men´s WFC 2000
Men´s WFC 1998
Men´s WFC 1996
Women´s WFC
Women´s WFC 2013
Women´s WFCQ Europe 1
Women´s WFCQ Europe 2
Women´s WFCQ Americas
Women´s WFC 2011
Women´s WFCQ Europe 1
Women´s WFCQ Europe 2
Women´s WFCQ Americas
Women´s WFC 2009
Women´s WFC Qualifications 2009
Women´s WFC 2007
Women´s WFC 2007 Qualifications
Women´s WFC 2005
Women´s WFC 2003
Women´s WFC 2001
Women´s WFC 1999
Women´s WFC 1997
Men´s U19 WFC
Men´s U19 WFC 2015
U19 WFCQ 2015 - EUR
Men´s U19 WFC 2013
Men´s U19 WFC 2013 Qualification
Men´s U19 WFC 2011
Men´s U19 WFC 2011 Qualification
Men´s U19 WFC 2009
Men´s U19 WFC Qualification 2009
Men´s U19 WFC 2007
Men´s U19 WFC 2007 Qualification
Men´s U19 WFC 2005
Men´s U19 WFC 2003
Men´s U19 WFC 2001
Women´s U19 WFC
Women´s U19 WFC 2014
Women´s U19 WFC 2012
Women´s U19 WFC 2010
Women´s U19 WFC 2008
Women´s U19 WFC 2006
Women´s U19 WFC 2004
Asia Pacific Floorball Championships
APAC 2012: Men (WFCQ)
APAC 2011: Men and Women
APAC 2010: Men (WFCQ)
APAC 2009: Men and Women
APAC 2008: Men
APAC 2007: Men
APAC 2006: Men
APAC 2005: Men and Women
APAC 2004: Men and Women
Champions Cup
Champions Cup 2013
Champions Cup 2012
Champions Cup 2011
European Championships
Men´s European Champions 1994
Men´s European Champions 1995
Women´s European Champions 1995
EuroFloorball Cup
EFC 2013
EFC 2012
EFCQ Men Denmark
EFCQ Women Denmark
EFC 2011
EFCQ Slovenia
EFCQ Italy
EFC 2010
EFCQ West Norway & Germany
EFCQ East Hungary
EFCQ Top 4 Nations Finland
EFC 2009
EFCQ West Austria
EFCQ East Latvia
EFCQ Top 4 Nations Switzerland
EFC 2008
EFCQ West Denmark
EFCQ East Slovakia
EFCQ Top 4 Nations Finland
EFC 2007-2008
EFCQ West Norway
EFCQ East Italy
EFCQ 2nd best teams Czech Republic
European Cup
Men´s EC Finals 1993-2007
Women´s EC Finals 1993-2007
World University Championships
WUC 2012
WUC 2010
WUC 2008
WUC 2006
WUC 2002
International Matches
Internationals 2014
Men´s Euro Floorball Tour CZE Apr
Women´s Euro Floorball Tour FIN Apr
Men´s U19 Netherlands v Belgium NED Apr
Sweden v Czech Republic Men SWE Jan
Belgium v Spain MU19 BEL Jan
Czech Republic v Switzerland MU19 CZE Feb
Denmark v Germany MU19 DEN Feb
9th Polish Cup - Women U19 POL Feb
Finland v Sweden U19s FIN Feb
Internationals 2013
Mens & Mens U19 EuroFloorball Tour SUI Nov
Womens & Womens U19 Euro Floorball Tour SWE Nov
Womens Three Nations Tournament GER Nov
Mens & Mens U19 Double Internationals NED Nov
Mens & Womens Internationals FRA Nov
Men´s Three Nations Tournament AUT Nov
Norway v Denmark Women Nov
Women´s Polish Open - POL - Sep
Womens & Womens U19 Double Internationals - LAT v EST - Sep
Women´s Double Internationals - GER v DEN -Sep
Men´s Four Nations Tournament LAT Sep
Men´s Four Nations Tournament - NOR - Sep
Womens Double Internationals - GER v SUI - Jul
Women´s Euro Floorball Tour CZE Apr
Mens Euro Floorball Tour FIN Apr
Mens Double Internationals - ESP V NED - Apr
Mens Double Internationals - BEL v DEN - Apr
Women´s Double Internationals - CZE (U19) v SVK - Apr
Mens & Mens U19 Double Internationals - LAT v FIN - Apr
Mens Double Internationals - SUI (U19) v FRA - Apr
Womens U19 Double Internationals CZE Feb
Sweden-Finland Challenge
Mens Double Internationals NED Feb
Polish Cup 2013
Mens & Womens Double Internationals SUI Feb
Previous Internationals
International Club Tournaments
Int. Elite Club Tournaments
2014 Club Tournaments
2013 Club Tournaments
License System
Records in IFF Events
Records in Men´s WFC
Records in Women´s WFC
Records in MU19 WFC
Records in WU19 WFC
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