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Slevik the winner of Men´s 2014 EFC Final – 12.10.2014

Two good teams, full house of spectators, that’s not the worse way to spend one’s Sunday afternoon. In the Norwegian national league Slevik has been the stronger team lately, but still both teams had the chance to win the 2014 EFC men’s final.

After two minutes play, Sindre Bjerknes made his first shot and that took Tunet to the lead, which lasted a bit more than a minute. Glen Evensen from Slevik scored the equalizing goal at 03.39. After that it was Slevik’s turn to take the lead with Mattias Hjalmarsson’s goal, but Bjerknes scored again and it was again even.

Both teams scored more in the first period and it was a draw 4-4 when the period ended. The goal scoring party didn’t continue in the second period though. Both teams tightened their defenses in the second period and one could actually call it as a hedgehog defense, so tight it was. Not many shot to be saved by the goalkeepers.


Slevik was still slightly more active than Tunet. In the third period at 45.40 Slevik was given a real opportunity to decide the game, since they got a power play for five minutes. Johan Ahlberg scored two and Daniel Magnusson scored one for Slevik and after the power play was over, Slevik had already 7-4 lead.

At 52.15 Tunet’s Fredrik Hoff Eriksen brought his team back to the battle by scoring the fifth goal. Thomas Straete from Slevik caught the ball in the mid field and rushed towards the goal and gave a dream pass to his team mate Peter Fahlstrom who just needed to move the ball practically to an empty net, 8-5 for Slevik.

Tunet still kept trying and Ole Martin Skau Jansson score the sixth for his team, but unfortunately for Tunet they ran out of time and Slevik won the Final 8-6 and will play in the 2015 Champions Cup.

Best Players
Tunet: Ole Mossin Olesen
Slevik: Thomas Straete