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Transfer list 2017

NC = Not Completed (Normally the fee 200 CHF is not yet paid, or only partly paid or the transfer is waiting for the approval day)
Transfers are not published until signed by the national Association of the giving Club.

Transfer to Czech Republic
Player To Club From Club Valid
Peter Rybar FC Astra SK 1. FBC Trencin/Slovakia 20.1.2017*

Transfer to Norway
Player To Club From Club Valid
Elise Alexandersson SK Djerv Innebandy Rottne IF/Sweden 17.1.2017*
Joakim Palmkvist Sveiva Innebandy FC Helsingborg/Sweden 19.1.2017*
Hans Mellsund Sandefjord Innebandy Humle IBK/Sweden 9.2.2017*

* The player has not had a license / played for at least two years
** The player is under 15 years old
*** Overseas student
**** Can play in Swiss Cup before 1st of July 2017

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