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Sveiva wins the EFC Final – 12.10.2014

In the Norwegian national league Sveiva has been the better team for a few years already, but an EFC final is naturally a totally different issue. Both teams had their own thoughts about the upcoming match and how they will play it.

An easy and calm beginning of the match was expected, because both teams were waiting for the other to make their moves and finally at 12.15 Luize Billinska from Sveiva was able to score the first goal for her team. Tunet tried to increase the speed after that and they were able to create a few interesting moments in front of the Sveiva goal, but were not able to score.

Half way into the game, Tunet was awarded a power play and after just five seconds of the power play was gone Emma Lunde passed the ball from the corner to Kristine Naess, who just turned and shot the ball into the Sveiva net, 1-1.

It took nine seconds for Sveiva to recover. Hilma Thofte gave the ball directly to Victoria Hansen, who shot with the wrist and it was 2-1 for Sveiva. Some 40 seconds before the end of the period Sveiva increased the lead with a goal scored by Liga Garklava. Tunet definitely needed some new approach for the remaining period.

Sveiva still controlled and were awarded a penalty shot and Jenny Vestin didn’t miss. 4-1 already fro Sveiva and Tunet would need a super-fast goal and that obviously was part of their plan, because a bit more than one minute later Siri Havre score the second for Tunet. When there were ten minutes remaining Tunet succeeded during a power play and suddenly the score was only 4-3 for Sveiva, but at 56.36 Oda Kristine Langaker scored the fifth for Sveiva and that was the straw which finally broke the camel’s back. 6-3 was final score, he last goal was scored into an empty net. Sveiva wins the EFC 2014 and qualifies to the Champions Cup next year.  

Best Players

Tunet: Siri Havre
Sveiva:Henriette Knudsen