Slovakia to face Sweden, Norway to miss the quarter-finals – 08.12.2015

This afternoon Slovakia and Norway battled in a tight playoff game in Hakametsä Arena. Slovakia took a convincing win over Norway, the game ended with a 4-2 score. In the next playoff round the winner faces Sweden.

The tempo of the game was slow from the beginning. Norway wanted to start scoring early and so after six minutes of play Hege Oiseth put the ball in the net. Slovakia kept pressuring until the end of first and tied the game. By the first intermission the game was 1-1.

Both teams increased the tempo in the second period. The ball was going end to end, and both teams had many scoring chances. Due to good goalkeeping, neither of the teams could capitalize. This left an exciting setting to the third period, still even.

Slovakia brought a new team to the third period. They started to give pressure deep on Norway’s side of the court. Their aggressive style worked and Slovakia’s Paulina Hudakova, Lucia Kosturiakova and Romana Janegova scored three goals. The fast goals took Norway by surprise and they went into shock. Nevertheless Norway fought until the end never giving up. Needless to say, one broken hearted team was seen exiting the court.