WFC2015 is an official EcoCompass Event! – 10.12.2015

The 10th IFF Women´s World Floorball Championships has been assessed by an independent auditor and is now an official EcoCompass Event. The tournament met all ten criteria of the EcoCompass Event environmental management system and will be awarded an environmental certification.

Environmentally friendly practices have been considered in planning and organizing the tournament, for example in transportation, food services, tournament products and waste management at the venues. 

The tournament was complimented by the auditor for including sub-contractors in the planning and implementation of the event in an environmentally friendly way. Sorting of the waste, helped by Eco-Guides, is exceptional in sports events. Members of the public can take part in a competition and increase their environmental awareness during the event at the EcoCompass infopoint.

Our aim is to create ways to take the environment into consideration in future sports events. We also want to set an example for the international sports community!

EcoCompass Event is an environmental management system. It provides tools to arrange environmentally friendly events. EcoCompass Event project is coordinated by tthe Finnish Olympic Committee and Finnish Sports Confederation VALO and funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Olympic Solidarity.

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