Finland ran over Germany to face Czech Republic – 09.12.2015

Finland’s tempo was on a different level and the final score, 16-0, reflected the actions in the game.

From the very beginning it was clear which team was going to control the game. Finland started the scoring fest after three minutes of play when Finland’s youngest player, Veera Kauppi, was forgotten all alone at the back post and had an easy job to tap the ball in. After the first period, the score was 4-0 and Finland could turn the autopilot mode on.

Finland continued to score as a result of many fast pass combinations and won the game with crushing numbers. Finland will face Czech Republic in the semi-final on Friday evening.

Eliisa Alanko scored three goals and became the top scorer in Finnish national team history beating Katriina Saarinen’s former record 56 with her present number 58.