Sweden to face Finland in the final – 11.12.2015

Sweden took a 7-3 win over Switzerland in the second semi-final. Sweden kept their opponent from scoring on 5-on-5 and frustrated Switzerland by punishing from their defensive mistakes. Sweden faces Finland tomorrow at 3:20 p.m. in a battle for the gold.

Switzerland was able to cut off Sweden’s typical cross-court passes.  As the passes weren’t effective, Iza Rydfjäll decided to take matters in her own hands and fired a heavy slap shot to the top corner to take the lead for Sweden. After 13 minutes of play, Sweden learned from the bottom up that they can not take any penalties against the number three ranked team in the world. Switzerland’s Nina Bärtschi tied the game on power play at 13:12 and the score was 1-1 after the first period.

The game continued to be very tight until a series of bad mistakes in Switzerland’s defense. In 26 seconds Sweden scored two times and after that they started to control the game. At the end of the second period Switzerland took a penalty and was almost able to kill it but only four seconds before the penalty was over, Josefina Eiremo stretched the difference to 3 goals.

In the final 20 minutes Sweden lifted their game tempo to a next level and took the spot in the final.