Di Nardo scores Denmark´s overtime winner against Russia – 09.12.2015

Denmark and Russia fought for positions 9 to 12. In an exciting game Denmark settled the score on overtime and won 7-6 over Russia. The first period started with a medium tempo and the ball was going from end to end.

Russia couldn’t quite keep their defense formation and had trouble against Denmark. After 10 minutes played the Danish star, Cecilia Di Nardo, shot from a ten-meter distance and put the ball in the net. Shortly after Denmark was given a delayed penalty. Russia kept the ball and with 6 against 5 they managed to even the score. The teams went to the first intermission in a 1-1 tie.

The second period continued like the first. Both teams played inconsistently and from a counter attack Denmark managed to score. After the goal Russia started pressuring more but suffered from too many turnovers and after ten minutes of play Denmark was already leading 3-1. Russia wanted to stay in the game and by the second intermission had narrowed the lead to a one-goal difference.

Denmark had a lighting fast start to the third. At 40:24 Caroline Christoffersen stretched Denmark’s lead to 4-2. Not long after Russia took a two-minute penalty for high sticking. Denmark was given a penalty shot but Di Nardo moved the ball backwards so the goal was denied. On the man advantage, Maria Olausson shot an accurate cannonball to the roof of Russia’s goal. When the score was 6-2 for Denmark, Russia started an amazing comeback and scored four goals in ten minutes. Di Nardo snapped Russia’s backbone by scoring on overtime.  

“In the third period I don’t know what happened, I guess we thought it was a sure game. Luckily we won”, says Caroline Christoffersen.