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Team presentation: Les Dahuts Du Lac (FRA)

Name of team: Les Dahuts Du Lac (FRA)
Short name: Les Dahuts
Chairman of club: Jean-Francois Desbiolles
Contact person: Loic Manetti
Contact persons e-mail: info@dahutsdulac.org
Team Card Last Updated: 07.08.2023

Current team
nr Player Position
2 Duchez Andre Defender
3 Colicchio Enzo Forward
7 Richard Clement Defender
8 Degrange Axel Forward
10 Postel Thomas Forward
12 Morand Louis Forward
13 Tsogtbaatar Telmen Forward
14 Richard Timothee Forward
15 Mayran Ludovic Defender
16 Manetti Loic Forward
17 Spata-Marin Jules Defender
21 Davy Nicolas Forward
30 Basset Thomas Forward
31 Bot Emile Goalkeeper
50 Goncharov Vitaliy Forward
74 Avoledo Bastien Defender

Les Dahuts Du Lac (FRA)

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