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Team presentation: Olimp Fryazino (RUS)

Name of team: Olimp Fryazino (RUS)
Short name: Olimp Fryazino
Tournament: Men´s EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications
Home town: Moscow region town Fryazino
Club founded (year): 1905
Chairman of club: Kazikov Alexander
The achievements in IFF events:
Contact person: Andrey Bogdanyuk
Contact persons e-mail: floorball.moy@mail.ru

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Olimp Fryazino (RUS)

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29.08.2010 Olimp Fryazino - SK Augur 1 - 6
28.08.2010 Olimp Fryazino - FBC Dragons 11 - 7
27.08.2010 Krokodilok - Olimp Fryazino 1 - 12
25.08.2010 Olimp Fryazino - FBC Borovnica 11 - 1
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