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WFCQ AMER - All Star Team

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WFCQ AMER - Jamaica´s mission completed

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WFCQ 2014 AMER team presentaions: CAN, USA, JAM

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Men´s WFCQ 2014 - AMERICAS - Canada

Men´s World Championships 2014 Qualifications

Americas Qualification
Markham, Ontario, Canada
31st January - 2nd February 2014
Cornell Community Centre

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Match schedule
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Canada (11)
USA (19)
Jamaica (-)*

Numbers in brackets show the current ranking, which is based on results from the last two World Championships.
*Teams listed without a ranking are participating in their first Men´s World Floorball Championships and will receive a ranking after the final round event is played.

Match schedule

31.01. 19:18 AMER: JAM M - USA M0-27
01.02. 15:01 AMER: CAN M - JAM M31-1
02.02. 13:04 AMER: USA M - CAN M5-2


1.USA M220032-24
2.CAN M210133-62
3.JAM M20021-580

Results & Statistics

Scoring leaders

1.Eric Ulli-VanasseCAN M249130
2.Karl ForareUSA M273102
3.Ryan WinklerUSA M24590
4.Bill PetrieCAN M26282
5.Stefan ZimmermannUSA M24480
6.Jesse AnderssonUSA M22680
7.Jakob BrandstromCAN M24260
8.Michael BinderUSA M23362
9.Cal SmithCAN M250512
10.Mack SaundersCAN M23250

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Michael AdamekUSA M260100.00
2.Jeremy PetersCAN M28188.88
3.Keven GlanzmannUSA M214287.50
4.Taylor ShippCAN M223582.14
5.Nicholas SmithJAM M2555848.67

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Qualification system

Starting from 2014, all teams, apart from the organiser, must qualify for the Final Round. In 2014, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Men´s WFC 2014. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In Americas there is one qualification group and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2014 according to the following:

i) The two best teams from this qualification group will qualify.

Other regional qualification events will be held in Asia-Oceania & Europe:

Asia-Oceania - New Zealand
EUR1 - Poland
EUR2 - Slovakia
EUR3 - Netherlands
EUR4 - Latvia

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