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New Women´s WFC spectator record & WFC players break records also

A new attendance record was reached in the Women´s WFC 2011 and also other Women´s WFC records were reached during the 8th ... — 12.12.2011

WFC 2011 All Star Team has been elected

The media present elected the Women´s Floorball Championship All Star team. Three Swedish players, one Finnish player, o... — 11.12.2011

Finland´s and Sweden´s WFC 2011 teams published

Sweden published the WFC squad on Friday and the Finnish team was made public on Saturday. The IFF will publish all ... — 14.11.2011

Women´s WFC 2011

8th Women´s World Championships

St. Gallen, Switzerland
4th - 11th of December 2011

Top scorers, statistics etc.: IFF WFC 2011 website
Official WFC 2011 website:

The 5 best teams are directly qualified for the Women´s WFC 2013
played in Czech Republic in December.

Final Standings WFC 2011

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Norway


6. Poland
7. Latvia
8. Denmark
9. USA
10. Russia
11. Germany
12. Slovakia
13. Netherlands
14. Hungary
15. Australia
16. Japan

Group A Standings
1.SUI W330049-26
2.POL W320112-124
3.RUS W31029-302
4.NED W30035-310
Group B Standings
1.FIN W330026-26
2.LAT W320119-114
3.GER W310214-152
4.AUS W30033-340

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

Group C Standings

1.CZE W330030-46
2.NOR W320112-54
3.SVK W310213-242
4.HUN W30035-270

Group D Standings
1.SWE W330068-16
2.DEN W320114-224
3.USA W310212-392
4.JPN W30035-370

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

Placement matches

Final Match
11.12. 15:00 Final: SWE W - FIN W4-2
Bronze Match
11.12. 12:00 Bronze game: SUI W - CZE W2-3
Semi-final 1
10.12. 16:10 Semi-final 1: SUI W - SWE W2-11
Semi-final 2
10.12. 19:10 Semi-final 2: CZE W - FIN W0-6
Quarter-final 1
08.12. 19:30 Quarter-final 1: SUI W - LAT W12-1
Quarter-final 2
09.12. 19:30 Quarter-final 2: CZE W - DEN W5-1
Quarter-final 3
09.12. 16:30 Quarter-final 3: FIN W - POL W13-2
Quarter-final 4
08.12. 16:30 Quarter-final 4: SWE W - NOR W19-0
5th place
11.12. 09:00 5th place: NOR W - POL W5-4 ps.
5th-8th place match 1
10.12. 10:00 Match 5th-8th 1: LAT W - NOR W3-4
5th-8th place match 2
10.12. 13:00 Match 5th-8th 2: DEN W - POL W1-4
9th place
09.12. 13:30 9th place: RUS W - USA W2-4
11th place
09.12. 19:30 11th place: GER W - SVK W4-3 ot.
9th-12th place match 1
08.12. 19:30 Match 9th-12th 1: RUS W - GER W7-6 ot.
9th-12th place match 2
08.12. 13:30 Match 9th-12th 2: SVK W - USA W3-6
13th place
09.12. 16:30 13th place: NED W - HUN W5-3
15th place
09.12. 13:30 15th place: AUS W - JPN W5-2
13th-16th place match 1
08.12. 13:30 Match 13th-16th 1: NED W - AUS W2-1 ot.
13th-16th place match 2
08.12. 16:30 Match 13th-16th 2: HUN W - JPN W5-3

Scoring Leaders All Matches
1.Emelie LindstromSWE W6916252
2.Sara KristofferssonSWE W6139222
3.Therese KarlssonSWE W6138210
4.Julia SuterSUI W688162
5.Mirca AndereggSUI W679162
6.Amanda LarssonSWE W6123150
7.Josefina EiremoSWE W6105152
8.Emelie WibronSWE W677142
9.Victoria WikstromSWE W659140
10.Corin RuttimannSUI W694130

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WFC 2011 All Star Team:

Goalkeeper: Jana Christianova CZE
Left Defender: Emelie Wibron SWE
Right Defender: Tiia Ukkonen FIN
Center: Corin Rüttimann SUI
Left Forward: Sara Kristoffersson SWE
Right Forward: Emelie Lindström SWE

Tournament Mode:

The Women‘s WFC2011 is the first time Women´s WFC is played with the new system were a total of 16 teams play in four groups. Every team will play 5 to 6 games. The 5 best teams in the WFC 2011 will be directly qualified for the WFC 2013 played in Czech Republic.

The group´s two best-placed teams will move on to Quarter-finals. The winners of the Quarter-finals continue to the Semi-finals. The losers of the Semi-finals will play two games and the winners of these games will play for 5th and 6th place and for the losers of these two matches the tournament is over. The 7th team will be the team losing to the team which achieves the 5th place on the tournament.

Places from 9th to 12th
Teams placed 3rd in the group will play two games to decide places from 9th to 12th.

Places from 13th to 16th
Teams placed 4th in the group will play two games to decide places from 13th to 16th.

Semi-finals and Medal matches
The winners of Semi-finals will play in the Final and the losers of Semi-finals will play in Bronze match.

Qualification tournaments in January/February 2011

Qualifications to the Women´s WFC 2011 will be played in January/February 2011 in four continental tournaments. The three best teams from both the European qualification tournaments (EUR 1 & EUR 2) and the winners of the AOFC and the American qualification will be qualified to the Women´s WFC 2011 Final Round.

Women´s WFCQ Europe 1 in Spain

Women´s WFCQ Europe 2 in Poland

Women´s WFCQ AOFC in Australia

Women´s WFCQ Americas in Canada

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