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Women´s WFC 2009

7th Women´s World Championships

Västerås, Sweden
5th - 12th of December 2009

A-Division Standings

1. Sweden
2. Switzerland
3. Finland
4. Czech Republic


6. Latvia
7. Norway

9. Denmark
10. USA

Photo: Daniel Lindesjö

Photo: Florian Büchting

B-Division Standings



2. Hungary
3. Germany
4. Singapore
5. Estonia
6. Netherlands
7. Japan

9. Canada
10. Italy

A-division Group A Standings
1.SWE W440061-68
2.CZE W430126-166
3.LAT W411221-223
4.NOR W411223-283
5.USA W400410-690
A-division Group B Standings
1.SUI W440037-78
2.FIN W430122-106
3.RUS W420212-184
4.POL W410310-202
5.DEN W40049-350

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

A-division Placement matches

Final Match
12.12. 15:02 Final: SUI W - SWE W2-6
Bronze Match
12.12. 12:00 Bronze game: CZE W - FIN W1-3
Semifinal 1
11.12. 18:17 Semi-final 1: SWE W - FIN W10-2
Semifinal 2
11.12. 15:17 Semi-final 2: SUI W - CZE W5-1
5th place
10.12. 11:00 5th place: LAT W - RUS W3-4 ot.

7th place
10.12. 20:00 7th place: POL W - NOR W5-6 ps.
9th place
10.12. 19:00 9th place: USA W - DEN W2-3

B-division Group C Standings
1.SGP W430120-186
2.AUS W430120-96
3.NED W420220-144
4.SVK W420225-174
5.ITA W40049-360
B-division Group D Standings
1.GER W431020-77
2.HUN W430128-96
3.EST W421132-115
4.JPN W410310-292
5.CAN W40046-400

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

B-division Placement matches

Final Match (11th place)
11.12. 21:01 11th place: AUS W - HUN W4-2
Bronze Match (13th place)
11.12. 13:00 13th place: GER W - SGP W4-1
B-Semifinal 1
10.12. 14:00 B Semi-final 1: SGP W - HUN W2-5
B-Semifinal 2
10.12. 17:00 B Semi-final 2: GER W - AUS W1-2
15th place
10.12. 16:00 15th place: NED W - EST W1-7
17th place
10.12. 13:00 17th place: JPN W - SVK W6-3
19th place
10.12. 10:00 19th place: ITA W - CAN W3-4

Scoring Leaders

Scoring Leaders All Matches of A-division
1.Emelie LindstromSWE W6176232
2.Victoria WikstromSWE W698170
3.Sara KristofferssonSWE W688160
4.Karolina WidarSWE W6105152
5.Hermine DahlerusSWE W684120
6.Natalie StadelmannSUI W656110
7.Corin RuttimannSUI W691100
8.Mirca AndereggSUI W63580
9.Simone BernerSUI W62682
10.Anna WijkSWE W61780
Scoring Leaders All Matches of B-division
1.Brigitta RadacsiHUN W6125170
2.Merli SuvariEST W5120122
3.Jemima KanervaAUS W673100
4.Jill QuekSGP W673106
5.Jaime CheongSGP W628100
6.Veronika SzarvasHUN W66392
7.Nicole VertesiHUN W64590
8.Lucia JelinkovaSVK W57182
9.Denisa FerencikovaSVK W53582
10.Katrin LallEST W52680

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WFC All Star Team 2009:

Goalkeeper: Laura Tomatis, Switzerland
Right Defender: Simone Berner, Switzerland
Left Defender: Lisah Samuelsson, Sweden
Center: Karolina Widar, Sweden
Right Forward: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
Left Forward: Sara Kristoffersson, Sweden
MVP: Hermine Dahlerus, Sweden

Photo: Daniel Lindesjö

The seven best team from the A-division and the winner of the B-division will be directly qualified to the Women´s World Championships 2011. The remaining eight spots for WFC 2011 will be decided in continental qualification tournaments.

Team presentations and rosters:

Teams ranked 1st-5th: 7th World Championships for Dahlerus & Jurusa - top 5 nations presented
Teams ranked 6th-10th: Norway aiming for the semis & Poland for a direct Qualification spot
Teams ranked 11th-15th: Germany and Singapore determined to win the B-division
Teams ranked 16th-20th:
Canada and Italy aiming for the B-division semi-finals

IFF Athletes Commission player interviews:
4th WFC for IFF Athletes Commission member Melanie Cathie (Australia)
Widyawilis Selamat looking forward to play against Slovakia (Singapore)
Finnish captain Paula Jouhten in her 5th World Championships (Finland)
Linda Andersen happy to be back in Norway´s national team (Norway)

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