One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 4/2016

Place: Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija
Elizabetes 55 LV-1010 Riga Latvia

Tomas Eriksson, President
Monica Bakke, Treasurer §1. – 7.d
Jörg Beer
Heiko Jassmann
Martin Klabere
Magdalena Kotikova, ATC Chair §1. – 7.d
Carlos Lopez
Milan Rantakari
Filip Suman, Vice president

Veli Halonen, Operations Coordinator
Stefan Kratz, Competition Manager
John Liljelund, Secretary General

Steve King
Johanna Mikkola


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting and welcomed the CB to the last ordinary CB meeting of the year and mandate period, thanking for a fruitful working session yesterday. Mr. Eriksson is to conclude that the following CB members; Mr. Steve King and Ms. Johanna Mikkola are excused due to personal matters.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson conclude that there are the following updated appendixes for the meeting.

Appendix 7 - Plan of Action 2017 – 2018
Appendix 16 - WFC2016 LOC report
Appendix 19 - CC LOC report
Appendix 35 - FISU WUC 2018 dates
Appendix 36 - NFFR payment plan

CB decided: To approve the agenda and the appendixes.

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:
03/2016 in Prague, Czech Republic (04.09.2016), (Appendix 1),

The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial report by 31.10.2016
Ms. Bakke made a short presentation of the financial report and the balance sheet by the 31.10.2016 (Appendix 2). The outcome for the first ten months is 11.059 CHF, which is somewhat lower than last year at the same time, mainly due to the U19 WFC played in Canada with relating travel and transport costs and a number of investments (GSI Study, marketing and TV) and the absence of new sponsors income. The forecast still points at a possible zero result, if there will be some positive marketing income from the WFC 2016 and we will be able to keep the costs down.
The current assets are lower than in the start of the year, because of payment of bills in advance and the cash situation is almost next to normal.

Mr. Suman asked when we last time had a profitable result. The answer was given by Mr. Kratz that we had a positive result in 2014 and 2015.

Mr. Klabere asked what the financial situation is in relation to the WFC 2016. Mr. Liljelund answered that there is a slight positive impact on the TV incomes, but there will be a major loss of marketing income.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information on IFF claims – October 31st, 2016
Mr. Kratz presented the claims situation 31.10.2016 (Appendix 3), the license system situation (Appendix 4a) and the WFC 2016 and WFC 2017 situation (Appendix 4b) by the 31.10.2016. In accordance with the previous CB decision, all teams registered for the WFC2018, will have to fulfill the License System 2.0 requirements before the WFCQ 2018.
Both Hungary and Slovakia have completed their respective pay-off plan and paid off their debts. A total of 33.000 CHF has been paid since the last meeting. There are no changes concerning the situation of the non-playing members.

Regarding Russia the office has, as decided by the CB in its last meeting, been in contact with NFFR and informed about that a possible suspension would seize all international activities of Russian Floorball. In those contacts Mr. Chernov first said that the debts will be solved in October but later handed in a pay-off plan starting in the first week of November. The NFFR has to present the plan in November and start paying-off the debts in November 2016. The NFFR has handed in a payment plan, in which they will start paying of the IFF debt in November and try to pay off all before the end of the year. (Appendix 36)

The next object is the follow-up of the registration for the WFC 2017.

Mr. Eriksson feels that the situation is going in the right direction, even if there are countries with very high debts.

CB decided: To approve the reports and to continue monitoring the situation with NFFR, in order to secure their participation in the WFCQ2017

c) IFF General Assembly 2016
Mr. Eriksson reported that the 14th IFF the General Assembly will be held during the WFC2016 in Riga, Latvia on the 10th of December at the IFF Official Hotel Radisson Blue Latvia, starting at 08:30 and expected to end until 13:00.

The invitation for the IFF GA has been sent out on September 9th, which is 90 full days prior to the GA. The member associations had time until the 10th of October to hand in their proposals, nominations and motions to the IFF GA. The IFF CB shall send out the Agenda, all proposals and materials of the GA 30 full days before the meeting, latest on the 9th of November 2016.

So far a total of 16 countries have informed that they will participate in the IFF General Assembly, but the dead-line for registration is on the 11th of November. Out of the participating 16 teams only 7 have registered so far. Only one has so far informed that they are not participating at all. The estimation is that we will have more than 40 associations taking part.

The CB was to approve the following documents for the IFF GA, which the IFF Office has prepared for the CB and has been partly discussed during the CB workshop on Saturday 5th.

The CB discussed the proposal for the Agenda for the General Assembly (Appendix 5). Mr. Klabere asked about how the Agenda for the meeting will be changed. Mr. Suman asked what the procedure for the election and Mr. Liljelund answered that the IFF Office will prepare the voting ballots with the names of all candidates for the next CB meeting.

The CB discussed the Annual Report 2014 – 2016 (Appendix 6) and the Plan of Action 2017 – 2018 (Appendix 7) in the CB workshop yesterday and these will be changed accordingly.

Mr. Kratz presented the proposal for the Budget 2017 – 2018 (Appendix 8), which is even, with a risk due to the investment of the World Games and the income of the TV and marketing activities. Mr. Liljelund expressed that in the future we need to invest in the web page and the match statistic software in 2017 – 2018. Mr. Suman felt the investment of the World Games is very important and asked what is included. Mr. Liljelund answered that some marketing, visibility, travel and accommodation, TV, VIP and upgrading of the venue.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that the IFF License System 2.0 (Appendix 9) has been approved by the CB earlier and the implementation will start already with the registration process for the WFC 2018. The new CB will need to start the process of evaluation in 2017.

Mr. Liljelund presented the proposal for changes of IFF Statutes (Appendix 10), which have been needed with the implementation of the IFF License system.

Mr. Kratz presented the proposal for changes of the IFF membership fees (Appendix 11), making it more easy for the smaller associations.

CB decided: To approve the report and the related documents.

Mr. Eriksson presented the Uganda Floorball Association has sent in a proposal to divide Africa in five different zones for competitions, in order to reduce costs (Appendix 12). In addition there was a proposal similar to the IFF EOTO system. The proposal is more related to operational issues and has to be dealt by the RACC and Development function, than the IFF General Assembly.

M. Eriksson informed that the National member associations have handed in their nominations for different positions in the IFF, by the date set by the IFF Statutes, the 10th of October. (Appendix 13) The CB is to confirm the list of nominees.

CB decided: To approve the reports and the documents forward to the IFF General Assembly. In addition to move the Ugandan proposal to the RACC and the Development function and confirm the list of nominees. The CB is to send out the Agenda and materials of the IFF General Assembly 2016.

Mr. Eriksson reported on the situation of the persons being invited to the GA and the WFC 2016. So far representatives from the ARISF, FISU and Wroclaw World Games Organising Committee have confirmed their participation. A number of the invited have responded that they due to other obligations are not in a position to participate. A reminder will be sent in beginning of November who has not answered. The IOC has confirmed that the IOC President is not in position to participate, but that the decision of the IOC Patronage for the WFC2016 will be made in the first part of November.

Mr. Eriksson further informed that the Celebration of the IFF 30th Anniversary will take place on Saturday the 10th of December in the WFC Main Venue Riga Arena, between the two semi-finals in the VIP room. The 30th Anniversary is a short celebration with a speech from the IFF President, with a toast and handing out of service awards.

IFF started to present Service Awards in 2011 and as decided earlier will do so every five years. The Office has prepared a list of potential nominees for Service Awards, to be approved by the CB. (Appendix 14, not official until the 30th Anniversary) The names of the receivers of the service awards, will only be announced in connection to the IFF 30th Anniversary.

CB decided: To approve the reports and the list of the persons receiving the service awards.

c) Daily allowances 2017-2018
Mr. Kratz presented the proposal of daily allowances in the IFF Events, for 2017-2018 where the amounts from 2016 are proposed to be unchanged and still in charge (Appendix 15)

CB decided: To decide according to the proposal.

§ 5. World Championships
a) WFC 2016 Riga, Latvia
Mr. Kratz reported that the preparations of the WFC 2016 are going in to its final stages The IFF has held a joint meeting with the WFC LOC to clarify the present stage of the preparations. There are still a number of issues that are yet to be finalised or arranged. The main issues are relating to the build-up of the venues, the VIP and catering in the arenas. The LOC is working hard with issues relating to marketing and sales, usage of commercials in the arenas and the general promotion of the Event and the ticket sales. (Appendix 16) Today there will be a visit to the arena to check out a few issues, like the VIP rooms, the placement of TV Presenter positions and the IFF seating in the arena.

Number of ticket sold in the end of October are totally 7.608 tickets and 2.425 for the final day. Based on the information approximately 90 per cent of all tickets sold are so far sold abroad, so the ticket sales in Latvia has not yet started really well. (Appendix 17).

There are a surprisingly small number of Swedish fans who have bought tickets so far. The local sales has also not started as expected.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the present situation concerning the TV. The agreement with the producer of the signal PolarHD has been signed. The TV production is set for a total of 29 matches in the Arena Riga, to 11 different broadcasters plus the Olympic Channel and the World Games channel. Discussions are still going on with Singapore, Thailand and Russia. Discussions are also ongoing with SUHV to see what can be done in Switzerland. IFF will also discuss the running of the games for the Olympic Channel with English commentary, through an Australian professional commentator Mr. Matthew Hill, these matches will be run with commentary on the IFF YouTube.

Mr. Suman felt that it was a great step forward, as the TV coverage is growing in both countries and number of matches is growing. Futher the question was raised if we will if we are planning to be active towards the multi-sport news sites like Inside the Games and Around the Rings, in respect to the WFC and our TV visibility.

CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
Mr. Kratz reported that Malaysia applied to register late which give a total of 32 registered teams and that the playing mode for the AOFC qualification has been changed accordingly. The organiser of the WFCQ in New Zealand has agreed to have nine teams in the tournament. The schedules for the AOFC and European qualifications have been published already.

The Americas qualification will be played 03-04.02.2017 in Markham (ON), Canada. Exact schedule is still to be informed, as it has not yet been confirmed.

Mr. Kratz is further to give a short update that the agreement with the LOC WFC2017 has been signed and the preparations have started.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the RACC and the competition department are given the task to prepare an addition to the IFF Regulations, about following the guidelines of the organiser of the qualification tournaments for the next CB meeting.

CB decided: To approve the report and give the task to the RACC

c) U19 WFC 2017 Växjö, Sweden
Mr. Kratz reported that the qualifications in Europe and AOFC have been played, with Estonia and Hungary qualifying from Europe and Australia and Japan from the AOFC qualification. The discussions with the organisers have been held concerning a preliminary schedule for the Final Round and it has been published.

Mr. Kratz further reported that the preparations for the U19 WFC 2017 final round is going on in accordance to plans.
Mr. Klabere informed that they have the test-event during the EFT this week-end in Växjö and ticket sales will start next week and contacts are to be taken to all teams.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) Upcoming organisers - U19 WFC 2019 & 2020 and WFC 2021 & 2022 organisers
Mr. Kratz reported that the bidding for the U19 WFC 2019 is ongoing with Canada and Slovakia in the IFF Event Management Tool. The bidding closes 23rd of November and the evaluation will be made before the IFF CB in December.

Regarding the U19 WFC 2020 China has shown interest to organize the Event.

Mr. Kratz further reported that China has sent a letter of interest to organize the U19 WFC 2020. For the main events it is only China for the WFC 2021 and China, Slovakia and Switzerland have sent letters of interest to organize WFC 2022.
Mr. Suman asked if we could speed up the process for the appointment of the U19 WFC 2020, to be able to already check the organization in advance of the WFC 2021. Mr. Kratz explained that the bid process will start already in November.

CB decided: To approve the report and to prepare the U19 WFC 2019 for decision in the next CB meeting and to continue with the process for the U19 WFC 2020 and WFC 2021 & 2022.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup
a) EuroFloorball Cup 2016
Mr. Kratz reported that the EuroFloorball Cup 2016 was played in Weissenfels, Germany 5-9.10.2016 with 6 teams in both the Men‘s and the Women‘s Cup.

The UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (Germany) won the Men‘s and Sveiva IB (Norway) won the Women‘s EFC, both teams qualifying for the CC 2017 in Seinäjoki. The Weissensfels City was very pleased with the event and they bought the IFF flooring.

The preparations to find organisers for the EuroFloorball Cup and the EuroFloorball Challenge has already started. It should be easier to find organisers, with the EuroFloorball Challenge played last year.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Champions Cup 2016
Mr. Rantakari reported on the outcome of the Borås 2016 Champions Cup and the activation of the public and participating teams. The Event was well organised, with the help of the City of Borås, which was very active and the local club Fristad IBK help. The competition side was well organised and the event was very tight from the semi-finals forward. Storvreta (Sweden) won the Men‘s and Pixbo Wallenstam (Sweden) the Women‘s CC.

Swedish TV 4 showed 8 games in TV and a total of 10 games were shown in Finland on the Elisa Entertainment channel Fanseat. There were no TV in Czech Republic or Switzerland. The main problem was however the lack of spectators, as the total number was just 7.450, during the three days, which is almost 5.000 less than in Mlada Boleslav. (Appendix 19)

The Event Disciplinary function started to function, with the handling of a case from the Men‘s final reported by the IFF jury chairman regarding Henrik Stenberg‘s contact with the opponent goalkeeper‘s helmet. The matter was forward to the IFF Disciplinary Committee which handled and decided upon the case resulting in a suspension for two league matches for Stenberg in the) Swedish league (Appendix 20)

Mr. Rantakari continued to report that the Champions Cup Steering group held their meeting in Borås, discussing mainly the future of the Champions Cup and agreed to present a proposal by the end of October to the stakeholders, which are to seek the opinion of their top clubs. The CCSG is to finalise the proposal by end of November, to bring it to the IFF CB in December. (Appendix 21) The proposal has been sent to the stakeholders and their answers will be discussed by the CCSG in December before the next CB meeting on the 9th of November.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports
a) ExCo reports
Mr. Eriksson reported on the activities of the ExCo after the previous CB meeting, with the Core Country 10 (CC10) meeting held in Wroclaw, Poland in September, where the main topics were the Wroclaw World Games and the Combined Sales and the Euro Cups. The meeting was built to be interactive, to gain more understanding of the importance of Floorball‘s participating in the World Games. The meeting was attended by all ten countries and it seems that all the countries have understood the message.

Mr. Suman thinks that we should have a good feeling that we spent two CB meetings, two CCMNG meetings and the CC 10 meeting discussing the World Games activation and the federations are starting to work with the issue. The participants are understanding that it is an important event, but it is still unclear what has happened in all the national associations. We must use the WFC and the General Assembly.

Mr. Klabere thought that when we know the teams for Wroclaw, we need to have a monthly meetings and template what shall be done. It needs to be a topic of the top management.

Mr. Eriksson felt that we need to get the activation also from the countries not participating in the Event.

In the absence of Mr. King there is no report of the present activities of the AOFC.

In the absence of Ms. Mikkola there is no report about the activities in the Americas.

Mr. Liljelund informed that the IFF Ethics Commission will have its meeting in Riga, Latvia on the 4th of December to discuss the among other things the implementation of the Good Governance rules in IFF and its member associations and discuss the proposal for IFF guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment. All members have confirmed their participation apart from Mr. Lasse Granqvist who is not in position to participate.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations
Mr. Eriksson reported on the general situation in the field of International Sport organisations. IFF has been in contact with the IOC and received an explanation that the IOC is, due to other obligations not in a position to participate in the WFC, but the IOC President will make a decision about a welcome/patronage to the WFC 2016 and the IOC Sport Department is looking forward to visit the WFC 2007 in Bratislava. Mr. Mike Joyce is the new IOC Sports Department officer to service Recognised Federations. (Appendix 22)

Mr. Eriksson further reported that the IFF has been asked to participate in a panel discussion about ways to activate youth during the SportAccord IF Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland from the 9th to 11th of November. Secretary general Mr. Liljelund will make the IFF presentation about Urban Floorball and its usefulness to activate youth. The topic of the IF Forum is Health and each IF has the possibility to send two delegates, from IFF the President and the secretary general will participate.

Mr. Eriksson informed that the ARISF President has somewhat surprisingly started his presidential campaign, even before the invitation to the ARISF AGM has even been sent out, which should be in the end of November. The candidates for the ARIFS council shall be nominated 75 days prior to the AGM, which will be held during the SportAccord Convention in Aarhus, Denmark in beginning of April. IFF will use all the opportunities to nominate a candidate for the ARISF Council.

The preparations towards the Wroclaw World Games are continuing and the IFF Office has made and sent out a shorter member association‘s guide to promoting the World Games to the countries participating in the WFC 2016. (Appendix 23) At the present most activities is towards promotion of the Event in the Floorball Media. Mr. Suman informed that the cooperation between the IOC and the IWGA is improving, which was visible in the meeting to the NOC‘s in Wroclaw in the end of October. The Event is improving a lot.

Mr. Liljelund reminded that the IFF is running a social media campaign for Guessing the MVP of the WFC 2016 and which teams will be qualified for the World Games in 2017. The national associations were asked to use the campaign and activate it in the national social media.

Mr. Liljelund shortly reported that FISU has asked for the IFF confirmation of the dates for the 2018 World University Championships in Lodz, Poland would be 26th of 30th of June, 2018. The IFF CB is to discuss and confirm the dates. (Appendix 35)

CB decided: To approve the reports and confirm the dates for the 2018 WUC

Mr. Klabere reported on the present issues during autumn and proposes that the Events Disciplinary function during the WFC 2016 shall case by case consist of a neutral person each from the Jury, Referee management and IFF staff. The WFC 2016 Disciplinary Function shall deal with matters that are not handled by the referees.

CB decided: To approve the reports and confirm the composition of the WFC 2016 Disciplinary function.

d) RC
Mr. Halonen reported that the RC, in its meeting held in Helsinki, Finland (Appendix 24), nominated 126 international referees (24 countries) and 25 international observers (10 countries) for the upcoming nomination period 2017-2018. The number of referees is bigger than ever before. The number of nominated female referees is still too small. There still is a problem in some of the western-European countries. Out of the 126 referees 30 were nominated to the development group. The IFF referee development group has turned out to be worthwhile and during the last four years the RC has been able to promote more than 30 referees from the development group to the ordinary group. (Appendix 25)

Mr. Klabere asked if there would not be a possible to have all female top pairs in the top country nominated for the development group. Mr. Lopez asked if we can have mixed gender pairs. Mr. Halonen answered that the mixed gender pairs is not possible. The number of female referees is not only a floorball problem.

Mr. Bakke felt that we need to promote the female referees as much as possible. Mr. Eriksson felt that we need first of all have more referees.
The RC also launched a new referee group, which is called the “educator group”. The group consists of very experienced international referees and they will in the future mainly referee in the international weekends‘ tournament and IFF qualifications in order to support and educate the less experienced referees especially those, who don‘t have referee observers in their own member associations.

The RC also discussed about the upcoming IFF way of Refereeing seminar and about the Referee Play Book, which will be introduced to all participants in the seminar during the WFC 2016 in Latvia. The expectation is to have around 20 participants participating in the seminar. The purpose of the Play Book is to unify the procedures of the referees in IFF events and later on the book will also include mutual interpretations of the rules of the game. That process will be carried out in co-operation with the IFF RACC. The Play Book will be actively taken in use from the Women‘s WFC 2017 qualifications forward. (Appendix 26) The idea is to have the same rule interpretation in all countries.

CB decided: To approve the report and the appointment of the International referees and observers for 2017 – 2018.

Mr. Eriksson reported on the incident which has occurred in relation to the nomination of the WFC 2016 referees. It seems that the nomination information has been provided to persons who should not have received it before the publication, even if it was decided and informed not to go public before a set time. The incident has taken very strange forms, as there has figurate a number of negative comments of the RC operations, the IFF as a whole and the decision-making process in specific. There have been too many single incidents during the last years, even if measurements have been taken after discussions of the IFF President and the RC chair. Mr. Eriksson felt that we need a change of the approach here. It is not about making mistakes, but how we move on.

Mr. Klabere felt that all organs of the IFF needs to follow the rules of when information can be released, as the organisation is growing. There is also the problematic that there are a constant communication problem with the referee sector. We need to be much firmer inside the referee sector, as there are problems. The question is quite problematic as there has been accusations towards the IFF Staff.

Mr. Halonen expressed that the key issue is the management of the international referees, as there are too many factors affecting the referees. We need to have an IFF Way of how we treat the referees both on and outside the field of play. The RC are too unknown among the international referees. The problem is in the management of the referees, more than the referees as such.

Mr. Liljelund stressed that it is quite problematic that the matter has not been directed to the respective persons in the IFF, to discuss potential problems and not just spreading rumours around. The second issue is that it is not ok to accuse anyone without addressing the issue with this person, if you hold a position in IFF.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that it is unfortunate that the information has leaked out and will discuss it with the RC chair. It is imperative to communicate that issues shall be discussed internally. The new CB will have to continue the discussion on how to develop the work of the RC.

CB decided: To approve the report

e) Medical committee
Mr. Halonen, in the absence of Ms. Nurminen, informed that Ms. Anna Jacobson has coordinated the in- and out-of-competition testing and reports that it has been conducted in accordance to the test schedule and further tests have been planned and ordered for the last months of 2016 and first months of 2017.
Ms. Minna Nurminen and Ms. Jacobson have been offered a chance to visit the WADA accredited doping laboratory in Helsinki, Finland in beginning of November. This will be a unique opportunity to learn more about testing and the protocols that it includes.

WADA has published the new 2017 Prohibited list. The IFF posted a summary of major modifications and explanatory notes earlier than usual, since there were changes in the BETA-2-AGONISTS which are very common in asthma medications. The list has also been sent to the IFF Medical Committee for review.

Mr. Jassmann felt that the Beta-2-Agonists inclusion on the list might become a big problem, as a lot of players use it as their asthma medicine.

During the Champions Cup, a situation occurred where the player had to visit a hospital and received prohibited substances during the treatment. The player was offered a chance to fill out a retroactive TUE, but the player declined and didn‘t play anymore during the tournament because “The club didn‘t want to risk anything”.
In order to prevent these situations in the future, it should be emphasized during the technical meetings that if a player needs to get treated during a tournament and they still might play during the tournament, they should make sure that the treatment they receive doesn‘t include prohibited substances. Regardless of this it is important to stress that the athlete is always responsible when it comes to prohibited substances and methods.

The IFF received four Injury Forms during the Champions Cup in Borås, Sweden. The information will be updated and send to the researcher Kati Pasanen for the Injury study.

CB decided: To approve the report.

f) Athletes Commission
Mrs. Kotikova shortly reported on the IFF Athletes Committee activities during the autumn.

The nomination for IFF Athletes Committee elections has now ended and we have a total of eight Women and eight Men candidates. The election will be organised for the male representatives in Riga during the WFC 2016 and the Women representatives will be elected during the WFC 2017 qualifications. The idea is that the election will be conducted as one, but in two stages, one during the Men‘s WFC 2016 and one during the Women‘s WFCQ2017. In the future all elections are handled in the WFCQ‘s. The results will be communicated only after the Women‘s qualifications. (Appendix 27)

The folder for the preventing of Match Betting in Floorball will be presented to the Athletes during the WFC 2016.

CB decided: To approve the report

g) Marketing Ad Hoc group
Mr. Rantakari shortly reported about the Combined Sales Project and of the sales activities both in the member associations and on the IFF level.
IFF has contacted many sales companies and followed the process. It is challenging to see that NAs would have an active role in the Combined Sales process as such (as a list of right persons and right contacts is already challenging to be produced). IFF has contacted nine agencies and are contacting even additional ones, but it is a challenge to get answers. The CB needs to carefully evaluate how to move on for 2017.

Mr. Suman further reported on the Core Country Marketing Network Groups meeting held in Borås, Sweden 30th September during the Champions Cup where the main topics were: the current state of floorball in the 10 countries, the Combined Sales process, the NAs plans in respect to the marketing activation towards the World Games and the evaluation of the role of the Network group. (Appendix 28) The meeting was really fruitful, with the information about the marketing and sales. Norway will have the first TV broadcast from the WFC, Slovakia is going through a enormous change jumping from one to six employees and closed a huge marketing deal. The Danish have grown with over 30 per cent of clubs in the last two years. The CCMNG also discussed the future of the group, where we want to go as all members are seeing a added value of the group.
The next Core Country Marketing Network Group meeting will be held in March 3rd, 2017 with main topics being the sales system of the WFC marketing rights and the continuation of the sales process.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF has ongoing discussions about the MoU with the Olympic Channel for the broadcasting of IFF Events on the channel. Discussions are ongoing to start the cooperation already from the WFC 2016.

Mr. Rantakari stressed that the discussion of how to sell the IFF marketing rights in the future.

CB decided: To approve the reports

h) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group
Mr. Liljelund reported that the Equality function is working on a first proposal for a Guidelines for prevention of Sexual Harassment in Floorball. The draft will first be discussed by the IFF Ethics Commission in Latvia and then brought to the IFF CB.

CB decided: To approve the report

i) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group
Nothing to report.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office
Mr. Liljelund informed that the IFF CB will need to ask for nominations for the IFF CB committees (Entourage Committee- ENC, Medical Committee – MC, Referee Committee – RC and the Rules and Competition Committee – RACC) to the member associations. The associations are to be given time until the end of November to hand in their nominations.

Mr. Halonen to report on the present new issues related to the EOTO project and how it will be reported at the IFF General Assembly. Reports have been asked and will be reported in the CB meeting in December. There has been some good results.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide to invite the member associations to nominate for the CB committees by the end of November.

a) Development operations
Mr. Halonen reported on the Floorball Development Seminars, which were organized in Gwalior in India from the 9th to 11th of September 2016 and Douala in Cameroon from the 23rd to 25th of September 2016.
Both seminars were well organized and in India, there were around 70 participants from different parts of India. Almost all the regions in India were represented. Both coaching and refereeing blocks were educated in the seminar. There were also discussions with the Indian Floorball Federation that they should start to participate to the IFF events in the near future. The Indian Federation is also planning an EOTO related co-operation with the Singaporean Association regarding coaching and refereeing by the end of the year 2016 (Appendix 30)

The Floorball Development Seminar in Douala in Cameron was the first ever Floorball Development Seminar organized in Africa. The Cameroon Floorball Association did a good job with the seminar and there were approximately 50 participants from eight different African countries, mainly from the Western parts of Africa. The participants came from Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Cote D‘Ivoire, Nigeria, Republic of Central Africa, Rwanda and Togo. Out of the eight participating nations two are IFF members for the time being. The African nations have also launched a project called “Floorball for Africa”, which is an EOTO related project, where the existing IFF member associations are helping the none members to be able to apply for the membership in the IFF. (Appendix 31)

The IFF has asked from the African member associations if there would be some volunteering to organize African Championships during the first half of the year 2017. The deadline for the applications was the 31st of October 2016. Three countries have informed their interest – Cote d‘Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda. The IFF will prepare a proposal for this for the next meeting

The planned Floorball Development Seminar in Turkey in the beginning of October was cancelled and is at the time planned to take place in spring 2017. Plans for a seminar in Australia and other ones in Africa in Cote d‘Ivoire and Uganda also exists for the year 2017.

Mr. Halonen also reported that the EU funded Erasmus project “Agon” has finally been finalized and the Handbook, which was the outcome of the project has been published. The IFF created the Street Floorball concept and acted as a collector of information from the Floorball sector and IFF also gave the School Curriculum material to be used as part of the handbook. The IFF member associations, which were in the project were Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish associations.

CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) Information operations
Mr. Halonen in the absence of Ms. Nurminen presented the information function report. Since the last CB meeting in September, over 80 news have been posted on the IFF webpage, including news from the Champions Cup and EuroFloorball Cup, during which also the IFF Social Media channels were actively used. The IFF Snapchat gained more followers during the event and the approximate amount of followers at the moment is 1 700.

Currently the IFF Facebook has 36 400 followers, IFF Instagram has 43 600 followers and IFF Twitter has 11 400 followers.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations
Mr. Liljelund reported about the yearly meeting with the SP, discussing the administration of the Testing and Certification of the IFF Approved Floorball materials. IFF continued the cooperation agreement until 2019 and the new collection system for the material for the surveillance tests was agreed upon. Also the problems with the Certification department were discussed and corrective measures agreed upon (Appendix 32)

CB decided: To approve the report.

d) ParaFloorball information
In the absence of Ms. Nurminen, Mr. Halonen informed that the Special Olympics are having a seminar during the final weekend of Men‘s World Floorball Championships in Riga, Latvia for the Special Olympics teams that are taking part in the SO Winter World Games in Austria. The Special Olympics demo match will also be played during the same weekend at Arena Riga.

CB decided: To approve the reports

e) Equality operations
Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF Equality Officer, Ms. Sarah Mitchell is preparing the implementation of the Equality Action Plan and the CB will revert to this in 2017.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations
a) Membership questions
Mr. Liljelund reported that the Floorball clubs in Ukraine have on the 22nd of October agreed to re-organise the Ukraine floorball organisational structure. Out of the 31 Floorball Clubs in Ukraine, a total of 28 participated in the meeting, which formed a new organisation the Ukraine Floorball Federation. The IFF held a good governance seminar before the meeting.
Also the present IFF member the All Ukraine Floorball Federation (AUFF) president Mr. Arthur Kamarytsan participated in the meeting and the AUFF has joined the new organisation. Mr. Tamuz Hidir was elected as the president of the UFF. The UFF will first sort out the recognition of the new organisation and then apply for a change of the membership structure.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Members under suspension
There are no members under suspension

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) New Member Applications
The Somali Floorball Federation (SFF) has applied for IFF membership and has handed in all related documents, apart from the NOC recognition. (Appendix 33) The SFF is at the moment operating out of Sweden, but is also cooperating with the Somali NOC in Mogadishu. The proposal is to approve the Somali Floorball Federation as the provisional IFF member Nr. 63

The Floorball Federation of Hong Kong (HKGFF) has applied for IFF membership and has handed in all related documents, apart from the NOC recognition, which they explain takes quite some time to receive in Hong Kong (Appendix 34). The HKGFF is at the moment mainly focusing on youth and school floorball, but is eagerly looking to enter the International competition activity. The proposal is to approve the Hong Kong Floorball Federation as the provisional IFF member Nr. 64.

CB decided: To approve the report and accept the Somali Floorball Federation as the IFF Provisional member Nr. 63 and to approve the Hong Kong Floorball Federation as the IFF Provisional member Nr. 64.

§ 10. Next CB meeting
Mr. Eriksson conclude that the next CB meeting will be held in Riga, Latvia, on the 9th of December starting at 09:00, the day before the IFF General Assembly.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide the time and place for the next CB meeting

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.25 and thanked the CB members for a positive and good meeting.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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