IFF CB meeting 22.05.2003



Place:         Hotel Bären-Ostermundigen, Switzerland


Present:      Tomas Eriksson, President

                   John Liljelund, Vice President

                   Renato Orlando, Vice President

                   Tomas Jonsson, Treasurer

                   Thomas Gilardi

                   Per Jansson

                   Risto Kauppinen

                   Martin Vaculik

                   Stefan Kratz, Secretary General

                   Axel Wester, Marketing Director


Excused:     Peter Lindström


§   1   Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted the CB welcome and opened the meeting at 09:00.


§   2   Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.


§   3   Minutes from last meeting

Mr Eriksson stressed amongst other things that the work to accomplish the IFF Vision goes on and that there was an important meeting with IOC in Lausanne on April 14, 2003.

The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.


§   4   Economy

a)       Preliminary financial reports 30.04.2003 (enclosure 1)

Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report per 30.04.2003, showing a surplus of 63,899 CHF.

Mr. Jonsson informed that the income on organizers fee will be only 48% compared to budget and the budgeted income on sponsoring will most probably not be reached (today the reached outcome is 29 % of the budgeted 120 000 CHF).


The outcome for the entire year 2003 could point towards a deficit of approximately –30 000 CHF.


Mr Jonsson reported that the implications of this is, in short, that on the one hand all committees and IFF administration must not only hold their own budgets, but there could also be a need for cuts in the budget for the year 2003.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)       Information on IFF Claims (enclosure 2)

Mr. Jonsson reported on IFF claims per 15.05.2003. Total claims are 63 712 CHF.


Mr Jonsson stressed the fact that as many as seven countries are in debt to IFF with at least 4 000 CHF or more, out of which only one country has a plan which is followed for handling of debts, i.e. Hungary.


Mr Jonsson draw the conclusion that the CB decision from Prague at January 11, 2003, is even more important how to handle the actual debts according to IFF regulations.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)       Debt of Poland (enclosure 3, enclosure 4)

Mr Kratz reported that he meet with the Polish FA during the EC in Prague in January 2003, and discussed the handling of the Polish debts consisting of 10 852 CHF.


Mr. Kratz further reported that he has prepared and sent (on 21.03.2003) a proposal for Poland to settle their debts to IFF but that they have not reacted at all to the proposal. A reminder has also been sent to both the Polish FA as well as the Polish FA President.


§   4 c) continuation

In the last CB meeting the CB decided that:


Member Federations that has a debt to IFF, and has not made an agreement with IFF how to handle the payment will get a warning where the consequences of not paying within in a given time are stated. If the payment or an acceptable plan for the payment does not exist at the time stated, the warning/ suspension are automatically imposed for a given time or until the dept is paid. If the debt is not paid off within 6 months the case will be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee for further prosecution.


The CB decided to warn Poland urging them to accept the updated proposal latest 30.06.2003. The CB further decided that if a plan to settle the debts is not fixed by 30.06.2003 Poland will be suspended from 01.08.2003.

d)       Debts of Russia

Mr Kratz reported on the mutual exchange of information on the status in Russia and the resent debts arising from 2002 and 2003. The ExCo has received a report on the status from the RFU Secretary General.


A potential plan to handle debts is on its way.


The CB decided to approve the report.


e)       Upcoming competitions upon IFF invitation starting from U19 women 2004,and WFC 2005 for Women
          and so forth

The CB discussed and elaborated upon the implications on debts to IFF. The CB fully understands that the associations have a lot of problems with the development of the sport from the financial point of view. The CB is also of the opinion that the IFF will not help the associations by allowing an association to be in debt to IFF for a longer period of time.


The only exception, on a transfusion period of time, is an IFF accepted plan to handle debts, which has been decided upon until latest May 22, 2003.


The CB decided that from the next invitation to a Championship, which is the Women’s U19 World Championships (deadline for registration and payment is 30.06.2003), and the WFC for women 2005 (deadline for registration and payment is 31.12.2003), the Financial Regulations will be followed strictly meaning that a registration to participate will not be considered valid if the member Association has a debt to the IFF.


The CB decided to inform all associations on the upcoming Presidential Meeting May 23, 2003, and to inform by circular letter all associations.


§   5   World Championships

a)       WFC 2003 update

Mr. Orlando reported on the ongoing WFC. Except from some obstacles (i.e. Russia cancelled hotel rooms very late) the WFC has this far been running smoothly.


Australia as well as Russia did not participate at the compulsory technical meeting in Gümligen on May 17, 2003.


The CB decided to approve the report and to give the Secretary General Mr Kratz the task to ask the association why they did not attend. If there are no unforeseen circumstances the associations will be fined with each 1 000 CHF for not attending according to IFF regulations and praxis.


b)       WFC 2004 confirmation contract and report

Mr. Liljelund reported that the contract for WFC 2004 is still under negotiation but will be signed before the end of this WFC.


Mr. Orlando reported that the WFC 2004 will be played in Zurich and or possibly in Basel, and that the order of play within the groups will be drawn during the Presidents’ meeting.


The CB decided to approve the report.






§   5 continuation

c)       WFC 2004 C-Division (enclosure 5, enclosure 6)

Mr. Orlando reported that both Belgium and Spain show interest to organize the C-division and that they have been asked to present their view on how to organize it. Spain has presented their solution in a written report (distributed to CB in the meeting) and that Belgium has informed the IFF orally that they support the Spanish FA.


The CB decided that the C-Division should be played in Madrid during the period 19-25.04.2004 in two groups of four teams each, followed by semi-finals and placing matches (21st, 23rd, 25th and 27th place), the winner will be promoted to B-Division, and to put forward to Mr. Liljelund to negotiate about the contract.


The CB decided that the future organizers and the financial impact for IFF have to be looked into. The task, financially, was given to Mr Jonsson, the treasurer.


d)       WFC U19 Men 2003 report (enclosure 7, enclosure 8)

Mr. Vaculik reported that the organizer will use the same organizing structure as used in the EC 2003 Final round and that the first information has already been sent to the participants.


Mr. Orlando reported that the drawing of playing order within the groups has been carried out.


The CB decided to approve the report.


e)       WFC U19 for Women 2004

The WFC U19 2004 was discussed from organizing and financial point-of-views.


The CB concluded that there are two possible decisions to make:


Either 1) or 2).


1)       According to the earlier taken decision; to invite to the first edition, with the addition that an experienced and financially stable organizer is needed and that the registration requires that the Association have no debts to IFF.

2)       To postpone the first edition to 2006


Mr. Kauppinen informed that SSBL is interested to organize and Mr. Vaculik informed that CFBU is interested to organize.


The CB decided, in a voting 5 in favour and 3 against, to invite to the first WFC U19 2004.

The CB decided that the ExCo decides upon the eventual organizers from Finnish FA and Czech FA, and upon registrations latest 30.06.2003, if the WFC for Women in November 2004 will be played.


f)        WFC Women 2005

Mr. Eriksson reported on a meeting he had with the Singapore Floorball Association (SFA) on 21.05.2003.

SFA has reserved the National Indoor Stadium where all matches will be played.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   6   European Cups

a)              EC January 2004 final round – report

Mr. Orlando reported on the contacts with the organizer of the EC 2003/2004 Final round.

The tournament will be played in a new arena in Weissenfels and in one additional arena.

Mr. Orlando will visit the organizer in June 2003 and the contract will be signed accordingly.


The CB decided to approve the report.










§   7   Committees – Reports and Constitution

a)       ExCo (enclosure 9, enclosure 10, enclosure 11, enclosure 12, enclosure 13, enclosure 14)

Mr. Eriksson reported that the application for ordinary membership of GAISF and the application for observer status at the IWGA World Games in Duisburg 2005 are sent.


Further Mr. Eriksson reported that the IFF acceptance of the WADA Anti-doping code is sent.


Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Orlando reported from the meeting they had with the IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Mr. Felli in Lausanne 14.04.2003.


Mr. Liljelund reported from the meeting he had with the office staff 10.02.2003 and presented the documents on the Office Workload and the time-table worked out.

The CB decided to approve the reports and the decisions taken by the ExCo.


b)       RACC

Mr. Orlando informed that RACC would have a meeting 24.05.2003 where the tasks of the RACC will be discussed and thereafter proposed to the CB.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)       RC

Mr. Gilardi reported on the work going on during the ongoing WFC and on new guidelines worked out.


A request regarding a stronger budget for 2004, taking into consideration the new tournaments 2004, will be handed in to the CB


The CB decided to approve the report.


d)       EDC (enclosure 15-17)

Mr. Vaculik reported on the last EDC meeting and that the next meeting will be held on 24.05.2003.


The CB decided to approve the report.


e)       MIC (enclosure 18)

Mr. Wester reported on the MIC work and on the seminar concerning TV and sponsoring in Madrid 15.05.2003.


The CB decided to approve the report.


f)        Material questions (enclosure 19)

Mr. Liljelund reported on meetings held with SP and on the upcoming meeting with the Development Board (DB) later today (22.05.2003).


Mr. Liljelund informed that i.e. the length of the certificates, replacing the sticker with a logo and changes of the fees will be discussed. Further the need of following-up the regulations i.e. concerning the mixing of shaft and blade will be discussed.


The DB will also be informed on the status of the application from ITC.


Mr Liljelund informed that Mr Eriksson, Mr Liljelund, and Mr Orlando will meet with the manufacturers in the DB with the German FA (DUB), represented by Mr Robert Blanke later this day on May 22, 2003, concerning the important development in Germany.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   8   Member Associations
a)       Application ordinary membership Singapore (enclosure 20)

The CB notes with appreciation that Singapore Floorball Association has applied for ordinary membership, to be decided by the IFF Congress in 2004.





§   8 continuation

b)       Report of possible applicants

Mr. Kratz reported that Ireland has sent in an application for membership of IFF.


The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Kratz to prepare the application according to earlier decided standards and thereafter hand it over to the Executive Committee for revising.


§   9   External Congresses/meetings
a)       World Conference on Doping in Sports 03-05.03.2003 - report

Mr. Orlando reported on the World Conference on Doping in Sports held in Copenhagen 03-05.03.2003 he attended together with Mr. Kratz.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)       GAISF Congress Sports Accord in Madrid – report

Mr. Liljelund reported on the GAISF Congress he attended together with Mr. Wester.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§ 10   Presidents’ meeting (enclosures 21, enclosure 22)

The schedule of the Presidents’ meeting was discussed.


The CB decided to approve the agenda, and complete it with the information on the guidelines in the financial regulations (Mr Jonsson responsible), and with information on Material issues (Mr Liljelund responsible), i.e. how IFF approved material is handled by the associations.


§ 11 Next CB meeting

The next CB meeting will be held in Solna on the 30-31.08. 2003 with arrivals on the 29.08.2003.
According to the timetable earlier decided information on arrivals and departures etc, items for the agenda should be the office by hand latest 25.07.2003 and documents latest 08.08.2003.


§ 12 Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked for an effective meeting and closed the meeting at 13:15.





Stefan Kratz                                                         Tomas Eriksson

Secretary General                                               President