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Ämne: Info on IOC meeting April 14, 2003






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Dear friends,

















Vice President Mr Orlando and myself meet with IOC administration Olympic



Games Executive Director Mr Felli in Lausanne on April 14, 2003.












See enclosed letter to IOC and Mr Felli.















The advice mentioned in the letter were as follows, in short:














Develop the present existing member associations, do not have a lot


of members "on paper". (remark, this is now the case, i.e. we do not have



members on paper, practically all want to register, presently 28, for WFC 2004)












Make sure that the sport is showed and broadcast on TV, not only


nationally (remark, carry on to enable broadcasting from "all" WFC even outside the


organising country. Now e.g. SUHV in cooperation with IFF Axel Wester coodinates TV


broadcasting  from playoffs in Suisse. We are also working on Eurosport)













Make sure that the sport attracts the youth! (remark, this is floorball!)












Keep the sport available and fairly cheap (remark, this is also floorball!)












Work on international recognition from other sport bodies (remark, WADA, GAISF etc)










The conclusion, said also frankly from Mr Felli was that we ought to wait for applying for IOC

recognition until later this year 2003. This because the IOC is rewriting its guidlines for


(not the actual IOC § 39 charter law concerning IOC recognition) the recognition process as such.



















Looking forward to your response and meeting you all in Switzerland I remain,




















Yours sincerely,








Tomas Eriksson














International Floorball Federation (IFF)






Svenska Innebandyförbundet (SIBF)






Postal adress: Box 1047, SE- 171 21 Solna, Sweden











Phone: +46 -8 -27 32 50







Fax: +46- 8- 82 22 14







cellularphone: +46- 70- 594 30 71





















<<IOC MR Felli Olympic Games Executive Director.doc>>






                                                                                        Sweden Solna April 25, 2003





International Olympic Committee

Mr Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games Executive Director

Chateau de Vidy





Dear Mr Felli,


On behalf of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and myself and vice President Mr Orlando I would like to convey many thanks for the opportunity to visit you, and Mr Lenglet, in Lausanne on April 14, 2003.


It was very important for us to be able to meet with you in order to inform you about the present status of floorball worldwide and about our future plans. The advice given to us, dear Sir was highly appreciated and is to be considered carefully, in order to, in the near future, achieve IOC recognition.


I am happy to state that the IWGA has already given us a positive answer in order to achieve observer status at the World Games in Duisburg 2005 in Germany. This with our application of ordinary membership in GAISF and adopting the WADA protocol on anti- doping work enables us to achieve further international recognition.


As Mr Orlando and I informed you, Sir, the World Floorball Championships (WFC) for women in May 2003, as well as the WFC for men in May 2004 are played in Switzerland.


Looking forward to meeting you I remain,



Yours sincerely,





Tomas Eriksson

IFF President




cc: Mr Olivier Lenglet, Manager Sports Operation, Department of Sports- IOC