Asociación Española de Unihockey y Floorball.
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Information regarding the planned arena
Actually we have the possibility to organize the WFC in two arenas.
Both of them are avilable for us at the dates of the event from April 19th to April 25th.
Both arenas are situated in the city of Leganes that is 15’ ride  south from Madrid and well comunicated
by bus and subway.
Map of the subway of Madrid. Find the geen marks in the south (Leganes central and Severo Ochoa)
Map taken out due to size
Map of road acces to Leganes
Map taken out due to size
Arena “Alfredo Di Stefano
This arena is placed in the Universitary Campus “Carlos III” . and its characteristics are:
.- Capacity for 1.000 spectators;
.- Floor  made with “Taraflex”;
.- 50 x 35 mts. playing space
.- 4 dressingrooms for players with 60 lockers each one
.- 1 dressingroom for referees
.- Good lighting for T.V.
Arena “Europa”
This arena belongs to the city council and they will lend it to us.
.- Capacity for 4.000 spectators
.- Wooden floor Yunker type;
.- 50 x 32 playing space
.- 3 double dressingrooms for players
.- 2 dressingrooms for referees
.- Good lighting for T.V.
Photo taken out due to size
We are already in contact with two floor makers, one in France (Gerflor) and another in Spain in case
that  we should need to put on the original floor of the arenas a new one for the event.
About the  theme of restaurants and cafeteria there is no problem because there are establishments in the
same block of the sports centre or even crossing the street. Nowadays were are in talks with some of
them to get nice prices for the people involved with the event (players, referees, volunteers…)
There are two hotels at 5’ ride from the arenas (Hotel Parquesur and Hotel NH) and other two at 200 m
from the “Alfredo Di Stefano” centre (Hotel Avenida and Hotel Tryp Leganes.
Prices go from 53 to 132 € /night double room
There is a Youth Hostal 20`from Leganes.The prices are 7,8 € for  younger than 26 and
11,55 € for older than 26. It includes breakfast
We have assured the trasportation of the teams and referees from the airport to the hotel and back to the
airport and from the hotel to the arena with a bus (for the teams) and a car (for referees) at our service
lent by the city of Leganes.
Information regarding financials
As you may know  on May 25th there will be local elections so manny political posts will change.
Thats why we are only dealing with people that sure will not change their job so so the support that we
already have will stay as it is or even increase but in any case it will decrease .
One of these organizations is the Madrid 2010 Office whos goal is making Madrid organize the 2012
Olympic Games. They work for the Comunity of Madrid but are independent of the political party, so all
the support the Comunity of Madrid will give us comes through them.
The city of Leganes will give us a big support. In this town is where spanish floorball was born and they
don´t want to miss the oppotunity to organize the first World Floorball Championship played in
Spain ever.
Brief Budget
.- 4 Helmets                                            4 x 50 € 200
.- 4 goals          4 x 250 €            1.000
.- 500 ballas   500x 1,25 € 625
.- Official Rink            9.000
.- Total          10.825 €
Referees (6)
Flight to Madrid              6 x 300            1.800
.- Spendings     6 x 35 € x 5 days            1.050
.- Lodging and meals     6 x 33 x 5 nights 990
.- Total 3.840 €
.- Bus 55 seats to transport the teams from the airport to the hotel and
    from the hotel to the airport
.- Bus to transport the teams from the hotel to the arena and back to the hotel
.- Car for the referees
Financed by the city of Leganes
.- Trophy for first, second and third qualified   3 x 65 €          195 €
.- Madallas for first, second and third qualified  20 x 5 €       100 €
.- Trophy for best goalkeeper                                                    60 €
.- Trophy for best player                                                           60 €
.- Trophy for fair play                                                                   60 €
.- Total 475
.- Podium (15 people)
.- Publicity
.- Posters
.- Announcements on radio, press and T.V.
.- Communications at schools and institutes of the Comunity of Madrid
Financed by the city of Leganes
Computer support
.-1 or two lent portatil computers
.-Internet conection during the championship lenght of time
Financed by the city of Leganes
.-Catering for referees, oranization and VIP          10.000 €
.-Catering for teams Financed by Madrid 2012
.-Catering for volunteers                           Financed by Madrid 2012
.- Accreditations           5.000 €
.- Cleaning Financed by the city of Leganes
.- Results treatment                                                                             500 €
.- Volunteer coodination                                                                     500 €
    .- General coordination                                                                       500 €
.- Ambulance                                  Financed by the Comunity of Madrid
.- Lodging an transport coordination                                                   500 €
.- Field volunteers                                                                                500 €
.- Lighting                                                  Financed by the city of Leganes
.- Electronic score board                            Financed by the city of Leganes
 .-Floor 12.000 €   
.- Different furniture                                  Financed by the city of Leganes
                                                         Total  44.640 €
We are able to support this budget ¿Could the IFF get in charge of the plane tickets of the referees?