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Ämne: Regarding WFC 2004 C-division
Solna 08.05.2003
Regarding WFC 2004 C-division
Dear floorball friends,
You have both announced an interest to organize the C-division of the Men’s World Championships
It has been discussed, within IFF, that the C-division preferably should be played in April 2004
(the international weekend is 24-25.04 so this weekend should preferably be included).
8 teams has registered participation and the needed days of play are as follows:
Group matches: 3 days, 4 matches per day
Play off matches: 2 days (1 day 4 matches, 1 day 2 matches)
For the IFF to be able to start a negotiation with any of you there is need of some basic information
on how your alternative would look.
1) Information regarding the planned Arena
a) Where is the arena situated (city) ?
b) What spectator capacity has the arena ?
c) What kind of floor ?
d) Other info regarding the arena worth mentioning (restaurant, cafeteria etc.) ?
2) Information regarding possible accommodation for the teams
a) What kind of accommodation possibilities are situated near the arena (hotels, youth hostels etc) ?
3) Information regarding transportation
a) Do you have a solution for transportation from airport/railway station/harbour to hotels ?
b) Do you have a solution for transportation between hotels and arena ?
4) Information regarding financials
a) How would a brief budget look ?
b) Will you get any support from city/region/government for organizing ?
c) Would you expect any financial support from IFF or would you be ready to pay to IFF ?
(if financial support - in what sense ?)
Looking forward to your reply, asap, latest 15.05 at 16:00 CET, I remain with
Kindest regards
Stefan Kratz
IFF Secretary General
International Floorball Federation
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