Education and Development Committee (EDC)




Minutes from the second meeting in 2003,  Helsinki the 29th of March

Place: Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä


Participants:          Martin Vaculik          chairman

                             Per Jansson          member

                             Risto Kauppinen          member

                             Ewa Zoltowska          member


                             Axel Wester          officer

                             John Liljelund          IFF CB, IFF DB, second  part of the meeting

                             Tanja Kari             director of youth Sport, Finnish Floorball Federation




1.          Opening the meeting

Mr Vaculik opened the first meeting with a warm thank you to Risto Kauppinen for arranging the meeting. Also an excuse to Ewa Zoltowska for changing the meeting place from Poland to Finland


2.          Approval of the Agenda

The  agenda was approved.


3.       Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes from the meeting 10 th of January 2003  was scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.


4.       Topics for the coming year

The EDC continued the discussion about developing projects to which the manufacturer have a constructive attitude. (using Dev. Board money).


Promotion DVD/video and other promotion material

Responsible from EDC Martin Vaculik                   

Martin Vaculik presented a production plan with connecting costs (attached).

The DVD/Video should be characterised by happiness.

Deadline end of June 2003.


School-kit, a youth start up kit

Responsible from EDC Risto Kauppinen

Tanja Kari informed about how do the Finnish Floorball Federation work with this activity. Risto Kauppinen presented a plan for the project (attached).

Ewa Zoltowska presented a Polish investigation concerning what’s missing

today in Polish Floorball (attached).

First draft of the kit will be ready to the next meeting in Bern, May 2003.


Education material for Coaches

Responsible from EDC Ewa Zoltowska/John Liljelund   in a year

Try to collect all basic education material from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland,

Czech Republic, Norway, Poland and Denmark, and send it to John Liljelund

before summer this year.

Plan and costs for the material ready next meeting in Bern, May 2003.


for referees

Responsible from EDC Axel Wester                  

Norway, Finland and Sweden are producing this kind of material. IFF

translate it to English and produce it. Per Jansson agreed to that.


for Clubs and Federations         

Responsible from EDC Per Jansson              

Per Jansson informed about the situation around the Floorball world. Some


How to start a club!

Axel Wester contacts “SISU Idrotsböcker” in Sweden to find some material.


International seminar weekend in middle Europe         

Responsible from EDC Martin Vaculik and IFF office         

Moved in time to January 2004 in Germany in connection with European Cup.



International Magazin together with MIC

Responsible from EDC Axel Wester                  

Start discussions with responsible persons from “Innebandymagasinet” in Sweden to produce one number a year in March/April each year.


IFF homepage on Internet.

Responsible MIC and Axel Wester and Stefan Kratz.

Try to develop the homepages in the future.


5.       Others

John Liljelund will inform Development Board at their next meeting about

today’s discussions.


6.       Next meeting

Next meeting will be held on Friday the 23rd of May 2003 in Bern at 0900.


7.       End of the meeting

Mr Vaculik declared the meeting over and thanked the participants  for a good




Martin Vaculik/Axel Wester
















Floorball promotion material – attractive video clips


The target:

The floorball attractivity presentation for public (sport clubs, schools, shops…)


Content:                                   10 minutes

The best moments 1. part                    1,30

Highlights WFC 2002 male              2.00

Highlights WFC 2003 female            2.00

Club leagues, tournaments

Play offs, EC 2003, Czech Open  2.00

Youth, fitness, special groups                    1.00

The best moments 2. part                    1.30


The material:

CD/DVD/video          10 minutes          digital

A4 sheet                b&w




Subtitles: D, F, SP, RUS, …..


The production:

Czech TV, sport department, the best Czech sport experts


Costs approximately:

TV rights                                            0

Script, director                                       2000

Music                                                 1000

Cutting, effects                                       2000

Translation                                          1000

Dubbing, subtitles                                    1000

Other, cover design                              1000


Total                                                  8000 EUR


How many copies?




Deadline for master copy production: 2003-06-30




















Floorball guide for the teachers/instructors of children under 15 years


Contents                                                                                  number of pages


  1. Appendix                                                            2


  1. Describtion of the nature of floorball                            2

-         floorball is a sports of skills

-         the requirements of the player


  1. Floorball equipment                                              4

-         field player: stick, ball, shoes, clothes, shields

-         goalkeeper’s equipment

-         goal gages, rink, floors


  1. Practising floorball                                                 4

-         learning to play / comparison to other sports

                                                               i.      understanding the game / pelikäsitys

                                                             ii.      small games

                                                            iii.      learning by playing -method

-         developing the floorball technics                      4

                                                               i.      splitting the technical performances

                                                             ii.      the hot spots of performances


  1. Model practises                                                     24

-         practises that develope the playing

-         practises that develope the technics

-         practises that develope skills and motorics


  1. Floorball rules shortly                                                   2


  1. Ethical basics of coaching                                        4

-         Roles and responsibilities of coach and instructor

-         ”Name of the game” or ”The spirit of the game”


                                                                                                Total  48 pages


The material


Printed guide (A4, 48 pages, 4 colours?)


-          photos af floorball technics

-          photos of floorball equipment

-          drawings

-          all practises (used symbols should be defined by EDC)





Costs approximately:


Planning and writing          3000 €

Pictures                           1000 €

makeup                            1000 €

Translation into English          2000 €


          total             ~7000 €                    Printing? How many copies?