Floorball Champions Cup

Battle for the ticket to Mladá Boleslav — 18.03.2015

Four years ago, Mladá Boleslav hosted the Champions Cup, which started its new era. In 2015, it is time for some changes again and Czech Republic will organise the Champions Cup with a new model.

Czech Republic and Mladá Boleslav will welcome the top players and the best teams in the World.

At this point three CC 2015 teams are known:  The EuroFloorball Cup 2014 champions Sveiva IBK  women (NOR), Slevik IBK men (NOR) and Mladá Boleslav (CZE) as the host team. But Mladá Boleslav can also participate at the CC 2015 as Czech champion after an easy advance to the semi-final in the Czech League.

Five more participants will be known at the same day - 18th April, when the Superfinals will be played in  Czech Republic, Sweden and also in Switzerland for the first time! We will also follow up on how the final series in Finland will proceed.

Follow the finals and watch the battle of the best, the battle for the ticket to Mladá Boleslav!