Floorball Champions Cup

Mora enters Champions Cup with a confident win — 03.10.2015

Already the opening period decided about the winner of the first semifinal game. The Swedish team Mora won it by 6:2 and built a base for its triumph. Regardless of how Chodov will play in the second semifinal, the home country will definitely have its representative in the final thanks to the Czech national team player Tereza Urbánková, who plays for Mora.

The Swedish team entered the game in high style and after 9 minutes they were already leading by 4:0. With only 38 seconds into the game, Malin Andreason opened the score with a hard shot. Three minutes later, the Swedish scorer added another goal after showing her strength in front of the goal. Mora players were quicker, stronger and more alert in the crease. They supported their superiority with further goals and added two more accurate shots within 40 seconds.

The Swiss players then pulled themselves together after the bad start of the game and managed to score their first goal. It was Flurina Marti who scored from a distance following a pass from behind the goal. However, Mora didn´t lose their composure after conceding and confirmed their great performance in the first period with two more goals. Chur only reduced the score one more time before the break when Rickenbach successfully finished a quick counter-attack.

The second period was rich in goals too and both teams managed to score twice. Czech fans were surely happy to see the goal by Hana Lacková, who waited for Putzi´s great pass in front of the goal. The scoreboard was showing the score 8:4 after two periods.

The Swiss team had a great chance to get back into the game early in the third period, but they couldn´t profit from a two-player advantage. It needs to be said that Mora played very well when short-handed. So, another reduction of the score came only in the 47th minute from a long-distance shot by Seraina Ulber. Chur players were slightly better in the first half of the third period but it was beyond their strength to close the three-goal gap. Quite the opposite – as the end of the game was approaching, they allowed two more goals. Hence, Mora defeated Chur by 10:5.

KAIS Mora IF - Piranha Chur 10:5
goals: 1. Malin Andréason, 4. Malin Andréason, 8. Amanda Wall, 9. Seraina Ulber, 13. Ingela Hansson, 15. Malin Andréason, 21. Anna Wijk, 26. Johanna Holmbom, 55. Johanna Holmbom, 56. Malin Andréason - 12. Flurina Marti, 18. Priska von Rickenbach, 25. Flurina Marti, 35. Hanka Lacková, 47. Seraina Ulber; referees: Mārtiņš Gross - Mārtiņš Larinovs; penalties: 4:1; PP goals: 1:0; attendance: 552; goalie saves: Amanda Hill 16 - Lara Heini 30; periods: 6:2, 2:2, 2:1;