Floorball Champions Cup

Slevik resisted in the first period only, then Tatran dominated — 02.10.2015

Despite the unconvincing beginning of the game Tatran comfortably advanced to the Champions Cup semifinals, beating the Norwegian team Slevik by 6:1. The Norwegians went into the lead in the opening period, but it was their first and at the same time last goal. Then the team led by Jakoubek seized control of the game and confirmed their role of favourites. Marek Vávra and Jan Řehoř contributed to Střešovice´s victory with two points each.

Tatran entered the match half-heartedly and halfway through the opening period they were punished for it. Thomas Stræte was left unmarked behind Střešovice´s defence and converted his chance with a flawless finish to open the score. Tatran was struggling in front of the opponent´s goal until the 14th minute; then the Slovak player Martin Kubovič undertook responsibility and tied the score with a well-aimed shot. Late in the first period Mayer appeared in a big chance but his shot from the crease went above the crossbar.

In the second period, Střešovice moved up a gear and went into the lead soon. Marek Vávra passed the ball from behind the goal to Radim Fořt, who easily found the net. From that moment Tatran dominated. In the 32nd minute Vávra himself increased the lead – he waited for Ullmann´s pass and sent the ball just below the bar from a volley. Before the end of the second part, Tatran crowned their dominance. First it was Řehoř, who scored after a pass from the corner, and with one second left in the period Mayer added another goal after Beneš´s smart pass.

Before the third period Slevik changed their goalies and Ottersten was replaced by Tvete. The image of the game remained unchanged though – Tatran kept attacking and creating opportunities, whereas the Norwegians only threatened from sporadic counter-attacks. In the 45th minute, Jiří Kolísko´s shot found only the crossbar and Tatran´s lead, therefore, remained at four goals. What didn´t work for Kolísko, worked for Gruber four minutes later. The young forward came up with a quick shot and didn´t give a chance to the Norwegian goalie.

The Prague team won the quarterfinal game by 6:1 and will face Falun tomorrow in the battle for the final. The only downside of their victory is Milan Fridrich´s injury. He suffered a big hit in the second period, it took him a while to get up from the floor and he didn´t finish the game. The next few hours will show how serious the injury of this Střešovice legend is.

Tatran Omlux Střešovice - Slevik IBK 6:1
goals: 14. Martin Kubovič, 26. Radim Fořt, 32. Marek Vávra, 39. Jan Řehoř, 40. Miroslav Mayer, 49. Jakub Gruber - 10. Thomas Stræte; referees: Thomas Baumgartner - Thomas Kläsi; penalties: 1:1; PP goals: 1:0; attendance: 872; goalie saves: Michal Rebro 17 - Anders Ottersten 11, Vegard Tvete 10; periods: 1:1, 4:0, 1:0;