Floorball Champions Cup

Wiler-Ersigen beats Mladá Boleslav and goes to the semifinals — 02.10.2015

The home players of Mladá Boleslav did not face an easy opponent in the quarterfinal. They encountered the Swiss giant club with a rich history, SV Wiler-Ersigen. Before the game, the odds were slightly in favour of the Swiss team, but Mladá Boleslav players were giving them a very hard time mainly in the second and third period. Nevertheless, after winning the game by 6:2 it is SV Wiler-Ersigen who advances to the semifinals.

Were it not for the first period, it is possible that the home players would be now celebrating their advancement to the Champions Cup semifinals. But there are no “maybes” or “ifs” in floorball – it´s the whole 60 minutes on the court that decide about the winner. And this time, all in all, the Swiss team SV Wiler-Ersigen was better.

The first minutes of the match were rather careful from both sides. Were it not for Radek Gwuźdź´s slashing in the 7th minute, Mladá Boleslav wouldn´t have to play short-handed. At that moment, Wiler-Ersigen sensed their chance to put their opponents under pressure, from which Mladá Boleslav couldn´t find their way out basically until the end of the first period. The Swiss champions turned their pressure into a two-goal lead and controlled the game confidently.

It was clear that a different team of Mladá Boleslav would have to come from the dressing room for the second period. Wiler could not continue with their pressure, and, quite the opposite, the Swiss defenders had to work hard in front of their goal. However, they had their goalie Nicolas Wolf who was showing great goalkeeping skills along with a fair amount of luck. On the other side of the court, in the 25th minute, the national team goalie David Rytych was made even sadder by Mendelin, who found a spot above his leg with a slapshot after a quick cross pass – 3:0.

Despite the third conceded goal, Boleslav kept trying to conquer the Swiss defence and goal, but couldn´t find a way to score. The pressure led to Wiler´s penalty, but the perfectly organized Swiss formation didn´t allow Boleslav players to score. Reduction of the score, therefore, came only in the 29th minute when the team captain Jelínek sent the ball into an empty net after Petr Salát´s pass.

The third period didn´t change the image of the game from the second part. Boleslav players were pushing their way in front of their opponent´s goal and were trying to find a way to beat Wolf. But the alert Swiss goalie was virtually unbeatable. But in the end he conceded one more time when Curney came up with yet another brilliant goal from his scoring portfolio and hit the top corner of the Swiss goal with a wonderful backhand shot. Mladá Boleslav players were boosted by the reduction of the score. But, unfortunately for them, also in the negative sense – in the 50th minute, Jan Natov kicked one of the Swiss players and was awarded a five-minute penalty. Although Mladá Boleslav allowed only one goal in this long power play, it still cut a significant portion of the time that was left for them to correct the score.

And when they offered a penalty shot to Wiler after hitting the ball with a high stick, the Finn Tatu Väänänen secured Wiler´s victory by 6:2. Therefore, the Swiss champions SV Wiler-Ersigen advance to the semifinal and will face the Finnish team Seinäjoen Peliveljet tomorrow from 15:15.

SV Wiler-Ersigen - Florbal MB 6:2
goals: 10. Deny Känzig, 17. Adrian Zimmermann, 25. Patrick Mendelin, 44. Philipp Fankhauser, 55. Dave Wittwer, 60. Tatu Väänänen - 29. Jan Jelínek, 47. Jiří Curney; refrees: Mārtiņš Gross - Mārtiņš Larinovs; penalties: 2:1 + Jan Natov 5; PP goals: 1:0; attendance: 1372; goalie saves: Nicolas Wolf 20 - David Rytych 17; periods: 2:0, 1:1, 3:1;