Floorball Champions Cup

CC 2015 Team Lists published — 15.09.2015

The final list of teams that will play in the Men´s and Women´s Champions Cup 2015 are now published. The Champions Cup is played in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, October 2-4.

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the European Top Club teams. The tournament will be played with 12 teams (6 men´s teams and 6 women´s teams).

The winner of the Champions Cup receives 10 000 CHF of prize money and the runer-up receives 5 000 CHF of prize money. Also the reigning EuroFloorball Champion receives EFC of 5 000 CHF, if participating in the CC.

Team lists from the links below:

Men´s CC

Florbal MB (CZE)
IBF Falun (SWE)
Slevik IBK (NOR)
SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI)
Tatran Střešovice (CZE)

Women´s CC

Classic (FIN)
Florbal Chodov (CZE)
Herbadent Praha 11 SJM (CZE)
Sveiva IB (NOR)
Piranha Chur (SUI)

The Champions Cup tournament model is found in the Champions Cup Regulations