Floorball Champions Cup

CC 2015 Team Presentations Women — 24.09.2015

The best club teams in Europe will play in the Women’s Champions Cup 2015.

The reigning national champions Florbal Chodov (CZE), Classic (FIN), KAIS Mora (SWE) and Piranha Chur (SUI) together with the Czech silver medallist, Herbadent, and the EFC winner Sveiva (NOR), will battle for the Cup title.

The Champions Cup playing format has changed for CC 2015 and instead of a five-day tournament, the Champions Cup is now a three-day tournament.

The CC 2015 is played in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic 2-4.10.2015. All matches will be streamed live on the IFF YouTube channel.

Team presentations:

Classic: Finland’s national champion Classic has a good mixture of experience and youth in their team. The main goal of the team is to make it to the final game.
Players to watch:
Nina Rantala: A very skilful player who fights for her team.
Hanna Sipiläinen: One of the top defenders in Finland, whose game reading is on top level.
Eliisa Alanko: World class shooter.

 #21 N. Rantala
 #22 H. Sipiläinen
 #6 E. Alanko

Florbal Chodov: Czech national champion Florbal Chodov is young, ambitious and steadfast. Florbal Chodov promises to challenge other teams in front of the home crowd and hopes to make it to the final.
Players to watch:
Anet Jarolímová: Experienced player and the guiding spirit of the team who fights with great enthusiasm.
Lucie Paulovičová: Calm strength of the team and always very reliable. Creating chances and ready to play wherever needed.
Martina Řepková: One of the youngsters of the team. Tireless, fast and goes straight towards the goal. 

 #6 A. Jarolimova
 #25 L. Paulovicova
 #22 M. Repkova

Piranha Chur: Switzerland’s national champions have a great mixture of experienced players and youngsters. The team’s aim is to be in the Champions Cup.
Players to watch:
Seraina Ulber: Strong personality in the team who has an excellent eye for the game and good scoring qualities.
Ramona Ludwig: From a newcomer to a top performer during last season. Fast, agile and naughty.
Lara Heini: Strong at reading and influencing the game. Quiet, stylish and fast.


 #22 S. Ulber

 #15 R. Ludwig

 #94 L. Heini

KAIS Mora: Sweden’s national champion. This is the team’s first time in the CC and they are looking forward to it. They have a lot of respect towards the other teams, and they are going to work hard to fulfil their goal: Leaving the CC with gold medals around their necks.
Players to watch:
Anna Wijk: One of the best floorball players. She has all the elements a good player needs and always produces points.
Moa Tschöp: A defender with great offensive skills who is always a threat to the opponent no matter where she is on the court.
Therése Karlsson: Ms. Mora! Born and raised in the city. Watch her skills with the ball and her coolness when she has the opportunity to score.


 #5 A. Wíjk


 #14 M. Tschöp


 #4 T. Karlsson

Sveiva: Sveiva is coming to Czech Republic to play tough games while playing their own game. The Norwegian champion’s aim is to reach the semi-final.
Players to watch:
Luize Bilinska: A young and skilful player. With her determination and unpredictability she finds the best scoring positions.
Malin Dahler: Her experience saves the team. A goalkeeper with great experience of high level matches.
Jenny Vestin: She builds up the game with her great experience and brings calmness to everybody. She can also lead and push the team towards great performances.


 #31 L. Bilinska


 #32 M. Dahler


 #6 J. Vestin

Herbadent: Czech silver medallist, Herbadent is a young and perspective team that went through a lot of changes during last year. Herbadent goes to CC 2015 as the second Czech team but wants to play as the best.
Players to watch:
Dominika Šteglová: Herbadent captain, who helps out younger players. Clever and strong player with a great game reading.
Martina Čapková: Has grown up to a great defender with a really good ball control. She is in her best physical condition ever at the moment.
Lucia Košturiaková: Fast, experienced, universal player with the perfect ball control. Number one scorer in the team.


 #27 D. Steglova


 #25 M. Capkova


 #24 L. Kosturiakova

Women´s CC 2015 schedule & statistics found here.