Floorball Champions Cup

Men´s teams with the ticket to Mladá Boleslav — 01.06.2015

The 2015 Champions Cup in Mladá Boleslav will try to answer the only question: Which floorball team among the winners of the world´s best leagues is the biggest champion?  A total of 12 teams will fight for the title of the champion of the champions, the best of the best. Six men´s and six women´s teams. And this article introduces the participants of the men´s part of the tournament.

A top floorball event, a reward for the season-long efforts, and an icing on the cake for those who have won their respective league titles. That´s how one may define the Champions Cup. And this floorball elite will head to Mladá Boleslav for the second time in four years already. The men´s part of the tournament will even feature the same teams as a few years ago. The Czech champions from Tatran Střešovice will be joined by the home team Florbal Mladá Boleslav, the runner-up in the Czech Superfinal.

Apart from the two Czech teams, fans in Boleslav will of course also see the best teams from Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, who will be joined by a qualifier from the 2014 EuroFloorball Cup. And it was the Norwegian team Slevik IBK who secured their spot last October. Although this year´s Norwegian champions will not be among the favourites, Norwegian floorball players have already shown many times that they must not be underestimated.

Matěj Jendrišák was close to playing in front of the Czech spectators in the jersey of the Swedish champions. However, in the end his Linköping lost against the defending champions IBF Falun by 4:6. And, therefore, Falun players will have a chance in Mladá Boleslav to lift the Champions Cup trophy for the third consecutive time.

The first-ever Swiss Superfinal was won by SV Wiler-Ersigen. The best-known Swiss team, still led by the ageless Hofbauer brothers, had a very tough job with the other finalists, the UHC Alligator Malans. Despite the final pressure from the Alligators, Wiler players managed to defend their one-goal lead until the final horn. And thanks to that they will play in the Champions Cup.

The last representatives of the elite tournament are the winners of the Finnish Salibandyliiga. SPV Seinäjoki came out as winners from their final series against Happee Jyväskylä and will thus repeat their participation in the Champions Cup from 2012. 

Photo: Per Wiklund, www.perwiklund.se