Floorball Champions Cup

Official invitation to the Champions Cup 2015 — 22.04.2015

The International Floorball Federation has invited the Men’s and Women’s Champions from the Top 4 IFF Member Associations in Europe, and the reigning EFC Champions, to the 5th Champions Cup.

The tournament, consisting of 6 teams in each the Men’s and the Women´s tournament will be played in Czech Republic (Mlada Boleslav), October 02-04.2015 (Friday-Sunday). The technical meetings (compulsory) are held 1st October for the quarterfinal teams and 2nd October for the semi-final teams.

If correctly registered, and with the approval of the National Association, the following teams are entitled to participate:

Men’s Champions Cup: The Champions of Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slevik IBK (Norway, qualified from EFC 2014) and a 2nd team from Czech Republic (organiser).

Women’s Champions Cup: The Champions of Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sveiva IB (Norway, qualified from EFC 2014) and a 2nd team from Czech Republic (organiser).

Extract of the teams responsibilities:
6.1 A team is entitled to have advertisements on the player´s outfit, but shall leave space for possible IFF advertisement according to 6.2. The main colour of the outfit must be dominating.

6.2 IFF is entitled to have advertisements on the player´s outfit. The space reserved for the IFF shall not exceed 10 x 15 cm. IFF shall inform about any possible advertisements no later than 60 days prior to the event. IFF is to bear all costs related to the attaching of the advertisement to the teams outfits, based on the best possible solution.

6.3 The stakeholders of the CC have agreed to a minimum standard for the accommodation and food for the participating teams arriving from abroad. The board and lodging shall preferably take place in one venue, organised by the organiser. The organiser is to build an accommodation and food package.

6.4. The duties of the participating teams are to pay the participation fee for the CC and the travel to the arrival city airport, harbour or railway station on their own costs.
The arrival city is defined, in accordance with the IFF WFC standards and the EuroFloorball Tour requirements.

The registration form shall be sent via email to International Floorball Federation:
competition@floorball.org (PDF or image file)

The participation fee of 3000 CHF shall be paid to the IFF account:
Bank: Credit Suisse, CH-8700 Küsnacht
IBAN: CH52 0483 5055 9200 1100 0
Swift Code: CRESCHZZ80A

The registration and receipt of participation fee payment must be received by the IFF no later than 15th May 2015.