Floorball Champions Cup

IBF Falun is the world´s best team after a tough job with Wiler — 04.10.2015

The final match between SV Wiler-Ersigen and IBF Falun offered a spectacular climax of this year´s Champions Cup. The game didn´t lack emotions, suspense or goals and 1420 spectators saw a tight battle, in which the star-studded IBF Falun decided about their triumph only in the 3rd period.

Although in the yesterday´s semifinal the Swiss giant club SV Wiler-Ersigen caught the favourites from SPV by surprise and reached the final after a penalty shoot-out, on paper they weren´t supposed to cause much trouble to the Swedish team IBF Falun. But the reverse was true. The favourites, who were trying to win their third consecutive Champions Cup trophy, had to work like dogs on their way to the triumph.

Wiler survived Falun´s initial crushing pressure with only two conceded goals. The first one came in the 5th minute when Rasmus Enström tipped in a rebound ball into the net. After Skog´s quick shot Falun was up by two goals.
Wiler could only thank to their excellent goalie Nicolas Wolf, who was saving one Falun´s chance after another, that the score was just 0:2 following the initial pressure.

The game became more balanced mainly in the second half of the first period, and Wiler was keeping Falun´s goalie Rehn very busy. The second period sent the audience into raptures – it brought emotions, a big battle and, above all, goals by Mendelin and Väänänen that levelled the score.

With a disciplined defence and timely blocking of the opponents´ shots Wiler managed to eliminate Falun´s biggest offensive strength, the duo Galante-Carlström – Enström. But at 47:15 Wiler´s defenders were caught unawares and the former of the two Swedes scored what would later prove to be a game-winning goal. Despite the final pressure and a one-man advantage after pulling their goalie, SV Wiler-Ersigen could not beat the reliable goalie Rehn anymore. IBF Falun won this year´s Champions Cup final by 3:2 and completed a hat-trick of triumphs, as it has been sitting on the throne for the world´s best team for the third consecutive year.

SV Wiler-Ersigen - IBF Falun 2:3
29. Patrick Mendelin, 36. Tatu Väänänen - 5. Rasmus Enström, 13. Johannes Skog, 48. Alexander Galante Carlström; referees: Henri Heinola - Manu Marttinen; penalties: 0:1; PP goals: 1:0; attendance: 1420; goalie saves: Nicolas Wolf 19 - Johan Rehn 19; periods: 0:2, 2:0, 0:1;