Floorball Champions Cup

SV Wiler-Ersigen claim their place in the Final on penalty shots — 03.10.2015

The first Men’s Semi final between SPV and SV Wiler-Ersigen was a true nail biter. Both teams had their time in the lead but in the end the score was equal at 6-6 to the end of overtime and the match had to be decided with penalty shots. SV Wiler-Ersigen won the penalty shot competition 2-1 and took their place in the Final.

Almost seven minutes had been played when Wiler-Ersigen’s player Daniel Sesulka got a two minute penalty for incorrect pushing. SPV took advantage of their power play when Mika Kohonen, who has been named the best floorball player in the world five times, received a nice cross-court pass from Sami Koski and scored.  Six minutes later Koski’s bouncy shot went past Wiler-Ersigen’s keeper and the score was 2-0. Unfortunately for SPV, Petri Hakonen’s comments to one of the Wiler players right after the goal earned him a 2+10 minute penalty. From the powerplay, Wiler-Ersigen reduced the score to 2-1 with a goal to Swiss national team player Adrian Zimmermann

SV Wiler-Ersigen came back from the break energetic and when four minutes had been played, one of their key transfer signings, Jami Manninen, put the ball behind SPV’s goalkeeper Jarno Ihme. Only four minutes after evening the score, Swiss floorball legend Matthias Hofbauer took the ball past several SPV players and gave Wiler-Ersigen a 3-2 lead. SPV evened the game a few minutes later and at the end of the second period took the lead when Koski gave a lifted pass to Ville Kuusela in front of the goal, who shot the ball past Wiler´s keeper straight from the air.

In the final period, a SPV mistake in their own defensive zone, allowed Wiler-Ersigen to even the score once again. Wiler-Ersigen’s joy was cut short when only thirty seconds later Koski again provided a beautiful breakaway pass to Mikko Kohonen who shot the ball on the half-volley into the net. SPV furthered their lead when Petri Hakonen took a strong shot from the midline and scored. Time was running out and therefore SV Wiler-Ersigen started to play with empty net. This was proven to be effective when they scored two goals in 36 seconds and evened the score.

Overtime didn’t bring any result, despite the many scoring chances and the encouragement of the loud crowd. SPV started with the penalty shots and unfortunately every one of them, except Mika Kohonen, was blocked by Nicolas Wolf. Deny Kanzig and Patrick Mendelin were successful and won the place in the Final for SV Wiler-Ersigen. The Final is played tomorrow 15:15 (CET)

SPV v SV Wiler-Ersigen

1 - 0   08.21 29. Mika Kohonen
2 - 0 14.16 94. Sami Koski
2 - 1   14.57 18. Adrian Zimmermann 
2 - 2 24.19 81. Jami Manninen
2 - 3 28.12 19. Matthias Hofbauer
3 - 3 30.13 94. Sami Koski 
4 - 3   38.59 85. Ville Kuusela
4 - 4 44.00 3.  Daniel Sebek 
5 - 4 44.32 17. Mikko Kohonen
6 - 4 47.56 50. Petri Hakonen
6 - 5   57.30 23. Philipp Fankhauser
6 - 6   58.07 81. Jami Manninen

Referees: Hakan Soderman, Glenn Boström
Penalties: 3-2
PP Goals: 2-1
Saves: 19-16
Periods: 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
Attendance: 1253