One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 5/2016

Place: Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija

Tomas Eriksson, President
Monica Bakke, Treasurer
Jörg Beer
Martin Klabere
Steve King
Carlos Lopez
Milan Rantakari
Filip Suman, Vice president

Veli Halonen, Operations Coordinator
Stefan Kratz, Competition Manager
John Liljelund, Secretary General

Heiko Jassmann
Magdalena Kotikova, ATC Chair
Johanna Mikkola


§ 1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting and welcome the CB to the last CB meeting of this election period. Mr. Eriksson is to conclude that the following CB members; Mr. Heiko Jassmann, Ms. Magdalena Kotikova and Ms. Johanna Mikkola are excused due to personal matters.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda
Mr. Eriksson to conclude if there are any updated appendixes for the meeting

Appendix 11 - Only orally
Appendix 13 - CCSG meeting Report
Appendix 19 - New IFF logo only for view
Appendix 23a-d - Ukraine Floorball Federation application

CB decided: to approve the agenda for the meeting and update the appendixes accordingly

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:
04/2016 in Riga, Latvia (06.11.2016), (
Appendix 1),

The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial report by 30.11.2016
Mrs. Bakke made a short presentation of the financial report and the balance sheet by the 30.11.2016 (
Appendix 2).

The outcome per 30th of November is 15.132 CHF. The forecast of a possible zero result is depending on a good outcome of the marketing and TV income from the WFC. The possible problems could be related to the TV for China and the difficulties to get the signal there. Overall the outcome is quite good and even if the balance is a bit down for November, it is a normal situation.

Mr. Liljelund explained the situation and the possible problems, when Latvia went out in the tournament early.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information on IFF claims – November 30th, 2016
Mr. Kratz presented the claims situation 30.11.2016 (
Appendix 3), the license system situation (Appendix 4a) and the WFC 2016 and 2017 situation by the 30.11.2016 (Appendix 4b). Some 10.000 CHF has been paid in November and with most associations on track.

Regarding the situation of Russia, the office has continued to monitor their debts situation. NFFR has not managed to solve their debts but only paid 2000 CHF to IFF by 30 November - despite the signed payment plan by Mr. Chernov stating that the major part of the debts to IFF should be paid in November and the debt to Slovakia in December. Mr. Chernov claims that they are waiting for a promised financial support from their new partners which is needed to solve the debts. The IFF Office has had discussions with the NFFR up until the IFF CB meeting. The NFFR has promised to pay off the debt to the Slovaks by the end of the year and the IFF before the end of January.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the IFF CB will suspend the NFFR if they have not paid the debt to the Slovak federation by the end of the year and the IFF until the 31st of January. The suspension takes effect from the 6th of February 2017, if they have not paid the debts. This decision is to be made to not harm the organiser of the WFCQ tournament.

CB decided: To approve the report and decided to suspend the NFFR, if they have not paid the debt to the Slovak federation by the end of the year and the IFF until the 31st of January. The suspensions takes effect from the 6th of February 2017 in the case they have not paid the debts. This decision is made to not harm the organiser of the WFCQ tournament.

c) IFF General Assembly 2016
Mr. Eriksson reported that the 14th IFF the General Assembly has a total of 43 registered participants (33 ordinary members and 10 provisional) and we are waiting for still some possible countries to register. The General Assembly will be held at the IFF Official Hotel Radisson Blue Latvia, starting at 08:30 and expected to end until 13:00.

The CB approved the final Agenda for the General Assembly (Appendix 5), which will be updated until the CB meeting, concerning the number of participating countries and the CB needs to make a proposal on the voting roll, based on the decision concerning the membership status of Russia. (Appendix 6)

The CB is further to approve the proposed voting system and election form for the CB election, to be presented to the IF General Assembly. (Appendix 7) Mr. Eriksson reported that Mr. Heiko Jassmann has confirmed that he is running for the CB elections and the Floorball Deutschland has confirmed this. Each candidate can have a one minute presentation of themselves to the IFF General Assembly. The Floorball Germany representative has the opportunity to present Mr. Jassmann

CB decided: To approve the reports and approve the Agenda for the GA, the voting roll and the election form.

Mr. Eriksson reported that the following invited persons have registered:
- Mr. Raffaele Chiulli, ARISF President
- Mr. Niels Nygaard, Danish NOC President, EOC EB member
- Mr. Risto Nieminen, Beijing 2022 Coordination Committee member
- Mr. Volker Bernardi, WFDF secretary general
- Mr. Adam Rozeck, EUSA Chairman
- Ms. Ewa Jaszek, Wroclaw World Games Floorball coordinator

During the WFC Mr. Bernardi has cancelled his participation in the WFC, due to an emergency meeting of the WFDF Council.

Mr. Eriksson further informed that the Celebration of the IFF 30th Anniversary will take place on Saturday the 10th of December at 15:15 in the WFC Main Venue Riga Arena, between the two semi-finals in the VIP room. The 30th Anniversary is a short celebration with a speech from the IFF President, with a toast and handing out of service awards. A total of seven out of 11 service award receivers have inform to participate. The others have had other obligations which have prevented them from participating.
IFF will arrange the photography of the Service Awards receivers.

CB decided: To approve the reports

§ 5. World Championships
a) WFC 2016 Riga, Latvia
Mr. Klabere gave a report on behalf of the WFC Jury on the ongoing WFC. The LOC has organised a great event with a very good crowd, which has astonished the Latvian Sports Community. The Event has been in all Medias and this has been a great event putting Floorball on the map in Latvia.
There has been a certain number of communication problems in beginning of the tournament. The Arena has been really good for playing the WFC. There have been some discussions around the media operations, security and VIP‘s. The loss of Latvia against Denmark will have a great financial risk to the organiser, which would happen in any country in Floorball. IFF has helped to play the last Latvian game on Saturday. There have been big problems with the goal video refereeing system in the first day of use. The records for the first day opening game (8011 spectators) and the first day with over 13.300 has been broken.

Mr. Kratz gave some additional comments upon the running of the Event, from a broader perspective. The reasons for the problems with Media and VIP is due to the difference expectation of the LOC and the IFF, when it comes to the number of persons. The LOC has tried to adopt to the advised given by the IFF.

Mr. Suman felt that we shall high-light that we are organising the event and the spectator records broken shows that we took the right decision to organise the Event in Latvia. The media interest is very big also here. This step is important for the future.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the ticketing situation, based on the daily reports from the organiser. The present situation, based on the sales from the 8th of December, shows a total sales of 28.924 for the whole Event and 3.992 tickets for the final day. (Appendix 8).

Mr. Liljelund reported on the present situation concerning the TV. The WFC is now being broadcasted into 13 different markets and 23 broadcasters, negotiations are ongoing with some additional 4-6 territories. In addition to that 13 matches will be broadcasted on the Olympic Channel, with English commentary and all matches are streamed on the IFF YouTube channels and the World Games channel. (Appendix 9)

Mr. Eriksson informed that the TV production is very good and he has got a lot of positive information. The CB felt that we need look over the whole TV production.

Mr. Rantakari additionally informed about the sponsorship situation for the WFC. (Appendix 10) The sales have been good during the November and December and gives IFF a better result than estimated.

Mr. Suman felt that the CB needs to discuss the issues that has come up during the WFC.
Mr. Liljelund proposed that the CB will discuss this in a workshop in 2017.

CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
Mr. Kratz reported that the preparations for the WFC 2017 qualifications are ongoing and the LOC have finalized their logo for the Event and are discussing the TV production

CB decided: To approve the report

c) U19 WFC 2017 Växjö, Sweden
Mr. Kratz reported that the preparations for the U19 WFC 2017 final round qualifications is ongoing.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) Upcoming organisers - U19 WFC 2019 & 2020 and WFC 2021 & 2022 organisers
Mr. Klabere reported that the bidding for the U19 WFC 2019 with Canada and Slovakia is closed and that the bids have been evaluated by the panel, consisting of the IFF ExCo members, RACC members and the IFF Competition Office. The dead-line for the evaluation of the bids is by the 4th of December.
Mr. Klabere made a proposal based on the evaluation of the bids propose where the U19 WFC 2019 shall be played (Appendix 11) the Canadian proposal was clearly better than the Slovak proposal and the fact that the Floorball has made the Event a national Event much better. The RACC proposes to have the Event in Canada.

Mr. King expressed that there is a problem, when the countries doesn‘t answer the questions given. Mr. Klabere stressed that you can see how ready the applicants are in the process. Mr. Halonen expressed that we will add and update the questionnaire.

Mr. Suman felt that we will need to build a two way bid system, where we will include their promises in the organisers agreement and to motivate them to higher the level through a double bidding system where we will discuss with the organiser after the bid and give them a possible to update it.

Mr. Kratz reported that the bidding process for the U19 WFC 2020 is going on with China and will close 31st of December.
The evaluation will take place after that, meaning that a possible CB decision can be made in the first CB meeting 2017. IFF will discuss the bid with the China Floorball Federation.

CB decided: that the U19 WFC 2019 shall be played in Canada and to continue with the process for the U19 WFC 2020 aiming for a CB decision in the first meeting 2017 and to approve the report.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup
a) EuroFloorball Cup 2016
Mr. Kratz reported that the process of looking for organisers of the EuroFloorball Cup and EuroFloorball Challenge 2017 has started.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Champions Cup 2016
Mr. Rantakari reported on the proposal made by the Champions Cup steering group for the continuation of the Champions Cup after 2018. The proposal was based on the outcome of the CCSG meeting held in Borås 2016. In order to find a balance between the objectives and a financially viable solution, the appointed working group presented to play the Champions Cup as a final four tournament. (
Appendix 12). The financial outcome of the Champions Cup in Borås was very closed to the budgeted.
The four main countries were asked to give their feedback and until the preparation of the CB Agenda three had done so. Based on the feedback it was clear that the national associations are looking for the possibility to move the project even further. The CCSG discussed the options and feedback was provided in the meeting on the 8th of December and the following proposal was brought to the IFF CB.

There is a joint agreement that the Champions Cup should be played for a certain time as a Final4 in January.
The organization could be made in the following way SIBF are ready to organize the Event in January 2019, CFbU 2020, SUHV 2021 and SSBL 2022. Starting the process for home and away games immediately in 2017 and the possibility to switch to a home-away base with the approval of the clubs within the term, but at least 18 months in advance. The countries need to make a balance for the team costs (board and lodging), if not all countries will organize the Event.

The CCSG will have to discuss the proposal of the Champions Cup agreement for 2019-2022, the Champions Cup Regulations 2019 – 2022 and starting the planning documents for the Home-Away base in the first meeting in March, 2017.

Mr. Suman explained that we are now ending the 2nd version of the Champions Cup and it was a huge improvement in organization from the first version. But the pressure to reach the financial black figures for the events. There are now ideas by the club to finally combining the competition for whole Europe, if they are interested to play home and away basis. This proposal is a great step forward.

Mr. Klabere sees a problem in the schedule, as we need to play in the week-days, which could be very problematic. It was discussed that this is a topic which shall be discussed in the future.

Mr. Kratz feels that this might be problematic for the EuroFloorball Cup. The idea is to keep the prize money for the EFC.

Mr. Suman stressed that the club competition must be in the hands of the clubs.

Mr. King feels that this is a really good position being reached and we have the possibility to go forward. It is not a problem that we have a Top4 tournament.

Mr. Liljelund feels that this is a really good joint agreement reached.

Mr. Rantakari further reported on the CCSG meeting held during the WFC (Appendix 13)

CB decided: To approve the report and approve the CCSG proposal for the Champions Cup

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports
a) ExCo reports
Mr. Eriksson reported on the activities of the ExCo after the previous CB meeting, which has mostly been related with the IFF General Assembly.

Mr. Eriksson further reported on the SportAccord IF Forum and the meetings held in connection to this event in Lausanne in November. The IF Forum concentrated on the Athletes health and IFF made a presentation of our Urban Floorball during one of the panel sessions. (Appendix 14) It was a giant leap forward to be included on a panel in the IF Forum and Floorball was mentioned in a number of other presentations during the IF Forum. This was ones again a great step forward.

The IOC President Mr. Tomas Bach has given his personal patronage to the Event by sending a personal greeting to the Event. (Appendix 15)

Mr. Liljelund made a short report from the IF Ethics Commission meeting held in Riga, Latvia on the 4th of December. (Appendix 16) It was a really good working meeting, where the EC evaluated the IFF Good Governance operations and found them to be very good.

Mr. King reported of the present activities of the AOFC, where development seminar has been held in India and China in the last months. There are a total of nine teams taking part in the Women‘s WFCQ in Wellington, New Zealand which is a really good thing. There will be an AOFC CB meeting during the WFCQ, where both China and Hong Kong will apply for AOFC membership. There are also plans to open the AOFC Office in Thailand and build the idea to play an Asian Cup to promote the sport. There will be a strategic seminar for the AOFC in Wellington, in cooperation with the IFF. There are ongoing discussions for the AOFC Development Officer. It seems that the AOFC will start slowly to work.

Mr. Eriksson felt that things are moving forward under the work of Mr. Chaiyapak Siriwat

In the absence of Ms. Mikkola there is no report about the activities in the Americas.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations
Mr. Eriksson reported on the preparations for the World Games, where we move in the next phase after the teams have been qualified for the World Games in the WFC2016. The first burning question is of course the number of extra officials for the national teams participating, as these needs to be informed already in January.

The CB discussed how the national associations have included the World Games in their WFC preparations. Overall the visibility has been quite good with promotion to athletes and the general and we have achieved quite a lot. Mr. Suman concluded that we need to push in two different ways so that we have the six who plays and then the ones who will not play there. IFF is collecting some media information from the Wroclaw LOC.

Mr. Eriksson further reported that the Indonesian federation is in process to negotiate with the organiser of the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia about the possibility to play some kind of demo-tournament in connection to the Event. The IFF is supporting the initiative on the political level and looking for support for the initiative.

Mr. Liljelund informed about the actions taken towards other multi-sport events. Floorball has been in discussion with the International Master Games Association, to include Floorball in the organisation contract in for the Torino European Master Games 2019.

Mr. Suman asked if there have been any implications concerning Minsk EuroGames.

CB decided: To approve the reports

Mr. Klabere proposed some updates on the regulations concerning the following of guidelines from organisers and IFF by the participating teams (
Appendix 17a).

Mr. Klabere further informed that in the WFC 2016, there will be use a video checking by a jury member in the case of an unclear goal situation, in the playoffs, where all teams then have the same conditions. (Appendix 17b) There has been quite some problems with the system, but it is finally working well showing if the ball is in or not.

CB decided: To approve the reports and approve the proposed changes of the regulations and the guidelines for the video checking of goals.

d) RC
Mr. Halonen reported that the IFF Way of Refereeing seminar was carried out during the first weekend of the WFC 2016 in Riga, Latvia. There were 28 participants from 13 IFF member associations in the two days´ seminar. The IFF “Referee Playbook” was launched and educated to the participants and it was decided that the IFF referees will start to follow the Playbook from the Women‘s 2017 WFC qualifications on. The reception of the playbook was really good and the process will continue.

The Playbook was also updated after group works during the seminar. The Playbook will be evaluated and updated annually by the group, which originally created the Playbook. The next step will also be to start the process to unify the rules interpretations globally. That work will be carried out in a close co-operation with the IFF RACC.

CB decided: To approve the report

Mr. Eriksson reported on the actions taken during the WFC and meetings held in connection to the present situation of the RC. There has been a follow-up and discussions with the concerned parties, which will also continue during the week. The whole process has been handled badly overall, but we now need to solve this and then to move on.

CB decided: To approve the report

e) Medical committee
Mr. Halonen, in the absence of Ms. Nurminen, informed that Ms. Anna Jacobson has prepared the proposal for IFF Doping Test Guidelines for 2017. (
Appendix 18a and 18b)

The main changes are related to the Club teams‘ responsibility to inform if schedule trainings are change, so that there will not be missed test due to these reasons. As the Clubs/National Associations are to pay for the missed tests and it leads to filing failures, it is important to have this under control.

CB decided: To approve the report and the Testing guidelines for 2017.

f) Athletes Commission
Mr. Eriksson shortly reported on the IFF Athletes Committee election activity and outcome. The official result of the election will only be announced after the female athletes have voted during the WFCQ 2017 in the different qualification tournaments. In the elections all teams participated and the total 300 valid election forms have been returned and approved (94.3% of WFC players), which is a good result. The previous voting results were 2015: 310, 2014: 294, 2013: 180, 2012: 163, 2011: 73 & 2010: 58.

CB decided: To approve the report

g) Marketing Ad Hoc group
Mr. Rantakari shortly reported about the Combined Sales Project and of the sales activities both in the member associations and on the IFF level.
IFF has contacted many sales companies and spoken to a number of parties. The plan for 2017 was shortly discussed. The question is how much time and resources can be used to sell the IFF.

Mr. Eriksson understands that it is not easy to sell Floorball, but we need to be careful in this process towards our stakeholders.

Mr. Klabere asked if we have got any income through the sales activities made by IFF. The question is also connected to the sales of the Champions Cup. Mr. Rantakari explained that most activities have been given to secure sales of the WFC, through which IFF got some 18.000 EUR out of which some was done based on the lead by the IFF. So IFF has not gain any own sales.

Mr. Rantakari further reported that IFF has started a test in connection to the WFC for a Floorball Fantasy Manager Game. The idea is to see how active the community is and then start a closer cooperation after the WFC.

Mr. Suman shortly present the updated presentation of the new IFF logo and Corporate Identity in connection to the IFF Events. (Appendix 19a)

The idea is to run with the present IFF logo until the U19 WFC 2017 in Växjö, Sweden, where the new logo and the new Corporate Identity will be launched. The idea is to try to talk with the Slovak WFC 2017 organiser, if they could incorporate the new IFF logo in their version of the WFC 2017 logo, during the process after May 2017.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the Women‘s WFC2015 26 minute high-lights program produced and marketed by BroadReach Media to maximise new broadcast partnerships has been well received by the takers, because it is easy to understand, fast-moving and the crowd is good in the spectators stands. Some of the broadcasters have repeated the episode up to 10 times. It has been broadcasted by FoxSport (Pan Europe), Setanta Sports (Ireland), Dubai Sports Channel (Pan Middle East), Fox Sports (Africa) and Eurosport Asia Pacific (Pan Asia). The program has been broadcasted in 134 countries, with a reach of close to 190 million households. (Appendix 19b)

CB decided: To approve the reports

h) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group
Mr. Liljelund report that the Equality function has by Ms. Sarah Mitchell prepared a first proposal for a Guidelines for prevention of Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse in Floorball. The draft was first be discussed by the IFF Ethics Commission in Latvia and then brought to the IFF CB. (
Appendix 20a and 20b)

Ms. Bakke feels that the document is really good, but there needs to be a mentioning that the target of the assault has the right to raise a legal case.

CB decided: To approve the report

i) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group
Nothing to report.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office
Mr. Liljelund informed that a total of 20 IFF member countries have nominated persons for the IFF CB committees Entourage Committee- ENC, Medical Committee – MC, Referee Committee – RC and the Rules and Competition Committee – RACC (
Appendix 21)
The new CB will have to make the decisions in beginning of 2017.

CB decided: To approve the report

a) Development operations
Mr. Halonen reported that after the Floorball Development Seminars in India and Africa in September 2016 there has not been any seminars held, apart from a two hour Good Governance seminar in connection to the Ukraine Floorball AGM in October. The plan is to have one seminar in Uganda in the beginning of March 2017 with participants mainly from the Eastern African nations. The seminars in Australia and Turkey are also under planning, but no details have been agreed so far.

There are several ongoing projects in the EOTO. In Europe for example broad co-operation between Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland and Slovakia and the objective for this process is to create a working tournament mode to be played once a year between these countries. The tournament will also be an educational forum especially in the referee block. The objective is to play the first tournament in November 2017.

In Africa related to EOTO it is expected to have some new member applications to be sent to the IFF during the first half of 2017.

The existing IFF members in Africa are helping the new ones to apply and to collect the right documents and recognitions for the applying countries. The preparations for the African 3vs.3 will continue in the first half of 2017.

In Asia there are joint projects for example between India and Singapore, which will have a coaching and refereeing camp with two Indian teams playing in Singapore. There are also other projects planned between Malaysia and Singapore. The target in Asia is still to activate the members to mainly start new and to complete the existing projects. There are some challenges to make everyone understand the EOTO slogans: “Every Step Counts” and “Keep it Simple”.

The Denmark, German, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish and Slovak member associations have signed an agreement to start a yearly tournament for these six countries with the teams in the WFC.

CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) Information operations
Mr. Halonen is in the absence of Ms. Nurminen to report that the IFF Event App has been updated for the WFC and that all IFF media channels have been prepared for the Event. (
Appendix 22)
The number of users of the IFF Mobile application is close to 9.000 and has been downloaded for more than 30.000 in the app stores. People start to learn to use the app.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations
Mr. Liljelund report that discussions have started with SP concerning the development of a 2nd generation Floorball ball. IFF has with SP worked hard to get every manufacturer to pay their debts up until the WFC 2016, in order not to have to exclude any brands from the list of certified products.

CB decided: To approve the report.

d) ParaFloorball information
In the absence of Ms. Nurminen, Mr. Halonen informed that the Special Olympics are having a seminar during the final weekend of Men‘s World Floorball Championships in Riga, Latvia for the Special Olympics teams that are taking part in the SO Winter World Games in Austria. The Special Olympics demo match will also be played during the same weekend at Arena Riga. The Special Olympics presently has close to 40 countries playing Floorball.

CB decided: To approve the reports

e) Equality operations
Nothing to report.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations
a) Membership questions
Mr. Liljelund reported that the Ukraine Floorball Federation has had a meeting with the Ukrainian Sports Council during this week and has then approached the IFF for a change of membership from AUFF to UFF. As the AUFF are a part of the new UFF, there are no issues of conflict here and the proposal was that if and when the UFF hands in the documents, IFF will change the membership to the UFF, taking all the present responsibilities of the AUFF. The UFF has handed in the application with supportive documents from the Sports Committee of Ukraine (
Appendix 23a, 23b, 23c and 23d) The UFF has promised to come in with a plan for how to deal with their debts in beginning of January.

CB decided: To approve the report and change the Ukrainian membership to the Ukrainian Floorball Federation

b) Members under suspension
There are no members under suspension

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) New Member Applications
Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are no membership applications at the moment, but the Venezuelan Floorball Federation has indicated that they will hand in the membership application before the General Assembly.
There are also information that Rwanda and Kenya are on the way in, but the Rwandan application is still lacking a number of documents and the situation in Kenya is a bit problematic, with a number of groups not yet cooperating.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 10. Next CB meeting
Mr. Eriksson conclude that the next CB meeting, with the elected new members will be held at 09:00 in Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija on the 11th of December starting at 09:00.

Mr. Suman thanked all the members for a good work, during which we achieved a lot. The President agreed with this.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide the time and place for the next CB meeting accordingly.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB for this efficient and good meeting and closed it at 12:55.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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