One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 2/2014

Mansion & Spa Kaisankoti, Bodomintie 37, 02740 Espoo, Finland

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke Treasurer
Daniel Bollinger
Risto Kauppinen
Stephen King
Magdalena Kotikova ASC Chair
Johanna Mikkola
Filip Suman Vice president
Martin Wolmhed

Merita Bruun Information Manager
Stefan Kratz Competition Manager
Veli Halonen Office Coordinator
John Liljelund Secretary General

Carlos Lopez
Oliver Stoll


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 09:00 and wished everyone welcomed to the second CB meeting of the year in Espoo, Finland and thanked for a fruitful working session the previous day.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are a number of updated appendixes for the meeting.
Appendix 3def- Answers of the Member Associations in danger
Appendix 9a - SSBL answer to Champions Cup proposal
Appendix 9b - SUHV answer to Champions Cup
Appendix 9c - SUHV proposal for new Champions Cup
Appendix 9d - SIBF answer CC
Appendix 9e - CFbU answer for new Champions Cup
Appendix 11 - AOFC Report
Appendix 12 - Americas report
Appendix 30 - Athletes Commission meeting report

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:01/2014 in Madrid, (09.02.2014), (Appendix 1),

The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy

a) Financial report by the 31.12.2013 (Appendix 2a)

Mrs. Bakke presented the financial report and the balance sheet for the financial year 2013, per 31.12.2013. Since the last meeting there has not been any major change. The loss of the fiscal year 2013 was CHF 9.800,-.

Mr. Wolmhed asked why the real number for the transfers and temporary play are way below the budgeted. The fact that there is a problem with the budgeting.

Mr. Kratz made an explanation of the process for the budgeting.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

Ms. Bakke presented the financial report and the balance sheet for the present financial year by the 30th of April. (Appendix 2b) The situation is better than in the same time the last year. We are looking forward to an equal result for 2014.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status May 15th, 2014 (Appendix 3a)

Mr. Kratz firstly presented the claims situation by the 15.05.2014 (Appendix 3a). A total of CHF 90.000, has been paid, out of which CHF 45.000,- is from the old debts.

The CB is to discuss what actions need to be taken in respect to the IFF Licence System implication for the Men‘s WFC 2014. (Appendix 3b).
Based on the discussions of the IFF ExCo a letter has been sent to the three Association, which are in danger to not fulfil the License System requirements. The Associations have been asked to provide an answer by the 23rd of May of how they will sort out the debts. (Appendix 3c)

We have received the answer from Germany, Russia and Slovakia (Appendix 3d, 3e and 3f), in which they have all presented their plan for clearing the debts. Mr. Liljelund went through the answers from the member associations. In the cases of Germany and Slovakia the plan is in accordance with the requirements. The Russian plan is also in line, but the Russian Federation needs to pay the membership fee for 2013, since they were given membership in 2013 and have actively participated in the IFF activities in 2013.

Mr. Wolmhed asked when we will start to discuss the other countries debts, since there are a number of countries with quite big debts.

Mr. Suman proposed to move to the system to use the licence system already for the Men‘s WFC Qualifications 2016, so that the Association can‘t register.

Mr. Eriksson proposed to answer the associations concerned about the situation. The IFF is also to send a letter to the other countries with debts for the WFC 2014.

Mr. Kauppinen felt that the proposal of Mr. Suman is really good and we can avoid problems in the future.

The CB decided: To approve the report and to send the associations concerned a letter. For the future the Associations participating in the WFCQ have to cleared the debts.

§ 5. World Championships

a) WFC 2014 Sweden

Mr. Wolmhed reported on the preparations for the Men‘s 10th WFC 2014 to be played in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 5th to 14th of December 2014.

The LOC has started the ticket sales with the sales of ticket packages, after the conducted ballot and the finalisation of the match schedule. The sales of the final week-end package has been going really well, with only some 1700 tickets left. The plan is to start the sales of single tickets in a second phase by the 25th of August. There will be an Ambassadors meeting with the ambassadors of the participating countries. The FunZone will be an activity zone outside the venue, in cooperation with the local clubs.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the situation concerning the TV negotiations with the host broadcaster TV4, where a total of 16 TV matches have been planned. The IFF has asked for an answer from the National Associations by the 31st of May for their interest towards the TV matches. IFF has also sent a separate offer towards the countries in the A and B groups, which usually haven‘t taken TV matches to secure some broadcasts in this countries. IFF will start the negotiations with Eurosport as soon as we receive the final information of which matches will be televised.

Mr. Wolmhed further reported on the sales situation of the marketing rights and sponsors, conducted by the LOC. There has been a change of the sales responsibilities and the LOC has contracted an outside company. Therefore there is no sales report handed in to the meeting.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) U19 WFC 2014 Poland

Mr. Kratz reported on the U19 WFC 2014 played in Babimost, Rakoniewice and Zbaszyn in Poland.

Sweden defeated Finland in the final to regain the title and Norway won the B-division and qualified to the the A-division 2016. The U19 WFC 2014 was a well organised championship, with strong participation of the three Cities concerned.

The late withdrawal of the Jamaican team, due to issues with the players‘ examinations, reduced the B-division to only 5 teams. As the CB had been informed earlier the IFF Office tried to secure the participation to the end, in good cooperation with the Polish organiser.

In order to move forward in the case Mr. Kratz proposes that the Jamaican Association shall cover the cost (CHF 5.250) of the unused hotels to the Polish organiser and in addition shall
be sanctioned by a fine for the late withdrawal with a fine of 4.750 CHF, in accordance to the IFF Juridical Regulations article 8a), point 8 shall be imposed.

The CB decided: To approve the report and Jamaica to be sanctioned with a total fine of CHF 10.000.

c) WFC 2015 Finland

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the preparations of the Women‘s WFC 2015. The visual image has been built and will be launched during the summer. The venues for the event has been selected. The budget is EUR 900.000, with a target to make a zero result. The secretary will be chosen during the spring and this person will start working in September/October.

Mr. Liljelund informed that the negotiations with the Finnish Federation, concerning the organisers agreement have started in March and the Finnish association has informed that they are ready to sign the agreement.

Mr. Suman asked what the time table for the negotiations of the agreements for the coming WFC‘s. Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF is to start the discussion in the autumn.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) U19 WFC 2015 Sweden

Mr. Wolmhed reported on the preparations for the U19 WFC in Helsingborg, Sweden. IFF has sent a proposal for the organiser agreement to the SIBF and some negotiations have been held. The agreement will be signed by end of May. The preparations has started and the local project management team has started. There is a first proposal for the U19 WFC logo.

Mr. Kratz reported that the complete European qualification, due to the situation in Ukraine will be played in Madrid, Spain 03-07.09.2014 with 10 teams in two separate groups of five teams. The AOFC qualification will be played in Sydney, Australia 10-11.10.2014, in connection to the Northern Beaches Open.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

e) Upcoming organisers

Mr. Liljelund reported on the situation for the appointment of organisers for the World Floorball Championships for 2017, in accordance with the discussions made by the IFF ExCo.

Women‘s WFC 2017
Only the Slovak Association has applied for the WFC 2017, by the set dead line (Appendix 5). However the situation of the Slovak Association is quite problematic with the high level of debts. The Swedish Association has during the spring indicated that they could be interested to apply for the organisation of the WFC 2017. (Appendix 14)
The ExCo proposes to await the discussion of the CB and the possible solution related to how Slovakia will handle the License System issue and then act accordingly.

Men U19 WFC 2017
Slovakia (Appendix 6a), Sweden and Switzerland (Appendix 6b and 6c) have all applied for the organisation of the U19 WFC 2017. In the applications Switzerland has indicated that they are only able to organise either the U19 2017 or the U19 2018 WFC and has indicated that their main interest might lie more towards the U19 WFC 2018. (Appendix 7b) The overall situation is of course dependent on the decision made in connection to the WFC 2017, so no decision can be made before the organiser of the WFC 2017 has been settled, since also Sweden has indicated that they want just one Event for 2017.

Mr. Liljelund made a proposal to play the 11th Women‘s WFC 2017 in Slovakia, if the Slovak Association will fulfil the set requirements for the IFF Licence system by the last of August and grant the Men‘s U19 WFC 2017 to Sweden.

Mr. Wolmhed supported the proposal.

Mr. Suman supported the proposal and proposed to stress the fact that Slovakia needs to fulfil the set requirements, so that the CB will grant the organisation on a conditional basis in the start..

The CB decided: To grant the organisation of the 11th Women‘s WFC to Slovakia, if they can fulfil the set requirements for the IFF Licence system by the end of August 2014. The IFF also granted the Swedish Association the organisation of the Men‘s U19 WFC 2017.

Women U19 WFC 2018
Depending on the decision taken in the relation to the WFC 2017 and the U19 WFC 2017, the CB might be able to take a decision concerning the Women‘s U19 WFC 2018, where the Swiss Association is the only remaining applicant. (Appendix 7a)

Mr. Bollinger informed that the Swiss Association is very keen to organise the U19 WFC 2018.

The CB decided: To grant the organisation of the U19 Women‘s WFC 2018 to Switzerland.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup

a) EuroFloorball Cup 2014

Mr. Kratz reported that the EFC final round will be played in Fredrikstad, Norway 08. -12.10.2014. The decision has not yet been published, since the question relating the qualifications is still open, since a number of potential organisers have informed that they are not in position to organise the qualifications. There are some hooks out to organise a qualification. We might end up in a situation, where we will only play the final round. The time table is to have the decision in May.

The RACC has been given the task to start the discussion on how to move forward with the EFC competition and especially the qualifications in the future.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Champions Cup 2014

Mr. Bollinger reported on the preparation of the 4th edition of the Champions Cup to be played in Zürich from the 1st to 5th of October 2014 in the Saalsporthalle. The IFF has held already two preparatory meetings with the organiser and the preparations are ongoing as planned. The financial issue is still quite strained.

The decision about the match schedule has been made after the registration of all teams. The Swiss are pleased with the schedule. The decision of theTV production will be made in the coming weeks. Mr. Kratz reported on the situation of the registration, which ended on the 15th of May and that all teams registered.

The CB decided:To approve the report.

c) Future of the Champions Cup

Mr. Suman reported on the situation in connection to how to continue with the playing of the Champions Cup after the present agreement runs out in the end of 2014. The target of the Champions Cup project was to raise the sporting level which has been reached, to increase the spectator attendance, which has partly been reached, but on the financial level the objective has not yet been met.

The Champions Cup Steering group held their meeting on the 23rd of April (Appendix 8) to discuss the proposal the IFF Administration had made based on the stakeholders inputs, as asked for in December. Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden were all in n favour of proposed playing system, with a three day tournament, with the same number of teams as now. Switzerland was not in favour of the proposal and felt that IFF should have made the basic research proposed by SUHV.
This forced the CCSG to make a proposal only for the years 2015-2017 with three organisers. (Appendix 9)

The CCSG has sent the proposal to the four stakeholders and now the countries have the time until the 22nd of May to either confirm or deny their participation and their principal agreement to organise the tournament with the present build-up.
If there is a positive decision by CZE, FIN and SWE and the IFF CB, then the preparation of the Contract for the CC (August) and the CC Regulation (October) will continue, in order to make it possible for the CFbU to start the preparations already now. The discussions is ongoing how to secure the participation of the Swiss Club teams, regardless of the Swiss decision. In addition to this IFF is to start the process for a discussion related to the 2018 forward and the Swiss proposal of a broader investigation on how to develop the Top European Competition.

The Czech, Finnish and Swedish Associations has submitted their answer to the CCSG proposal and informed that they are positive to the laid proposal (Appendix 9a, 9d, and 9e). The Swiss Association has informed that they are not willing to participate as a full stakeholder for the proposal. However they are interested to secure the participation of the Swiss Club teams. (Appendix 9b and 9c)

Mr. Bollinger expressed that the Swiss Association is not content with the development of the European Club Competitions. The fact that the targets have not been met is serious and therefore SUHV has made a number of proposals on how to secure the continuation of the Champions Cup

Mr. Kauppinen felt that the stakeholders need to work much more with the project, in order to strengthen the project. There needs to be more cooperation between the stakeholders.

Mr. Wolmhed felt that the SUHV wants to move the costs from the Association, to be quite frank. The idea was from the beginning to move costs from the clubs to the associations, which now would be returned to the clubs. Mr. Wolmhed felt that a country shall either be in or out in the project, but not be on the side of the project.

Mr. Suman explained that the Champions Cup is the only project were the cooperation is on the highest possible level, having held three full days‘ meetings. It is about how the attitude of the National Association will prioritise the Champions Cup. It is good that Switzerland brought a concrete proposal on the table.

Mr. King felt that the Champions Cup will be driven forward based on the vision of the Czech, Finnish and Swedish. It is not a good thing to not participate fully.

Ms. Bakke felt that it should be an ongoing discussion of how to secure the process.

Mr. Bollinger explained that the SUHV is not agreeing that this is not the right way to develop the club competitions. SUHV is willing to work with the development, but the return on investment is not the best for the Champions Cup. The question is not about the money, but not in the present form of the Champions Cup.

Mr. Eriksson stressed that we have already had a special solution for the Swiss clubs for the period 2011-2014. It is complicated, as Mr. King stated, to have a number of exceptions. The question is if we are ready to move forward.

Ms. Mikkola felt that five days feels like a really long tournament. There seems to be some major financial burdens for the organisers. There are not that many persons that know the objective of the Champions Cup.

Mr. Suman felt that the importance is to move forward with the top clubs to build a culture of the sport, even though the finances will not grow that fast.

Ms. Kotikova felt that it is important to have an agreed format for the coming three years to have stable European club competitions. It is important to have the Swiss teams participating. There is a number of sports which are wrestling with the format of the system for European Cup Competitions.

Mr. Kauppinen felt that there are a number of ways how the Swiss teams can qualify for the Champions Cup. For example through the EuroFloorball Cup Final Round or a fourth country can become a stakeholder.

The CB decided: To approve the reports and decided to run the Champions Cup for 2015-2017 based on the proposal of the CCSG. The IFF is to prepare the agreement for the CC 2015 – 2017, by end of August and prepare the regulation for the Champions Cup accordingly for October. In addition the process of the how to move forward for the European Club competitions shall be started in beginning of 2015. The stakeholders needs to find a solution for how to deal with the Swiss participation in the 2015 – 2017.

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported shortly on the ExCo meeting held in Kastrup on the 9th of May to prepare for the IFF CB and to plan the IOC Short List Project and the implementation of the EOTO bi-lateral mentoring program. (Appendix 10)

Mr. King reported on the present activities of the AOFC and the upcoming tasks for next year. (Appendix 11) The World University Championships are being played in Singapore and Floorball is a medal sport in the SEA Games. There has been a discussion to hold a pre-tournament in Singapore, to secure the participation of the countries in the SEA Games 2015 by having them participating on the International field. In connection to this a plan for a Development Seminar is planned.

Mr. Eriksson commented that the NOC‘s have started to wake up, which is really good.

Mrs. Mikkola reported on the present activities in the Americas and possible discussions held in Canada during the Americas WFCQ. (Appendix 12) There has been some school and university activity in Brazil and Jamaica had a team at the Canada Cup. The Canada had a first National Championship, with five participating team and tournaments in Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto, with the Final played during the Canada Cup. There was a total of 63 teams participating in the Canada Cup.
The Floorball Canada held their AGM during the Canada Cup and the main news is that the membership number is 1786. The situation in the USA is developing and they had a tournament in California and they are preparing for the U19 WFC 2015.

Mr. Eriksson asked some clarifying questions on the Canadian AGM and the structure of Floorball Canada.

Ms. Mikkola gave an answer clarifying the structure and the way Floorball Canada works.

Mr. Eriksson to report on the discussions held in respect to the formation of the IFF Ethics Commission. The IFF needs to form an Ethics Commission, in order to fulfil the IOC requirements. The idea is to form a Commission consisting of 5 members, out of which 2-3 will come from CAS members, 1-2 from IOC members and one IFF representative. The discussions are ongoing with the possible candidates and the list should be ready by end of August. Mr. Eriksson proposes that the IFF CB decides to constitute the IFF Ethics Commission and return to the appointment of the members in the next CB meeting.

The CB decided: To approve the reports and to constitute the IFF Ethics Commission and return to the appointment of the member in the next CB meeting.

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Eriksson first reported on the Annual General Meetings of International Sport Organisations and the bi-lateral meetings held by IFF during the yearly SportAccord Convention in Belek, Turkey from the 7th to 11th of April. (Appendix 13)
During the SportAccord IFF received the confirmation that Floorball will be on the program of the SportAccord Urban Games in 2016 or 2017.

Mr. Eriksson continued to report on the discussions held during the Sochi Olympic Games and the actions taken upon these (Appendix 14a)

In the field of the International Lobbying the main focus was to bring forward the awareness of IFF with-in the International Sports Community.

Mr. Eriksson then further informed about the IWGA AGM, where the long serving president Mr. Ron Froehlich step down and was replaced by the Spanish IOC member Mr. Jose Peruena (Canoe president) after a clear victory against Mr. Harald Vervaecke (Lifesaving).

For the Wroclaw World games 2017 Floorball was given a small opportunity to participate, if Netball would not in a position to bring the best athletes to the games, Floorball will be given the place for the Men category. Netball has been given a dead-line of 15th of May.
IFF received the information from the IWGA CEO Mr. Gossow that the IWGA Executive Committee has given Floorball a place at the Wroclaw World Games for 6 men‘s teams, with a quota of 90 athletes and coaches for a four day event with 11 matches.

Mr. Liljelund reported that he has had a meeting with CEO Mr. Gossow concerning the Floorball participation. The participating teams can then in a later stage ask for the possibility to have extra 2-3 technical officials (coaches or other team staff). IFF is to send in the answer to IWGA by June 6th. The CB has earlier decided to have the top three from the WFC 2017, the best ranked neighbouring country, the best non-European country, if qualified among the top 10 and the host country Poland.

Mr. Suman wanted to stress how big the success was. There will not be many the same level of steps we can be taken forward. This is the right time to open the champagne bottle. It is very important how we present the sport in Wroclaw, it has to be made in the best possible way to use it as a showcase for the sport towards the IOC. Mr. Suman felt that we need to take contact with the City as soon as possible.

Mr. Eriksson also reported on the ARISF AGM, where a lot of focus was paid to the enhancement of the relations between ARISF and the IOC and SportAccord.

Mr. Eriksson in addition reports that the IOC Sport Department has changed the application process for the IOC support to the Recognised IF‘s. Now the IF‘s have to fill in a questionnaire for the application for a sports development project and for an Anti-Doping project. The IFF has handed in the applications on the 13th of May. (Appendix 15a and 15b)

The work with the consultancy firm AdviSport has continued and the process has now been concentrating on the documents that needs to be prepared before the IOC Short List application. Now the focus is on the Equality Commission documents and the IFF prepared Athletes Career documentation. AdviSport has been extremely helpful in the discussions with the secretary general of Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS), to assist to find members for the IFF Ethics Commission.

Mr. Liljelund reported that a total of 10 men‘s teams and six women‘s teams are taking part in the FISU World Floorball University Championships in Singapore from the 18th to the 22nd of June. IFF will organise a meeting with FISU vice president Stefan Bergh during WUC to discuss the way forward.

Mr. Eriksson reported on the upcoming SEA Games 2015 in Singapore and the fact that Thailand and Myanmar are planning to send a hockey team to compete in the Floorball competition. In addition the Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore is to take part. Floorball Philippines have received provisional recognition from their NOC, to be able to participate. IFF is to have a meeting with the SEA Games organiser Singaporean NOC during WUC to discuss the situation.

In addition Mr. Liljelund also reported on the discussions held with FISU to continue the Collaboration Convention signed with FISU in 2006. FISU has proposed to sign it for the years 2014 – 2016. (Appendix 16)

The CB decided: To approve the reports.


Mr. Wolmhed reported on the preparations made by the RACC, in connection to the coming season and the IFF Events. The RACC will have its meeting in end of June, in order to prepare all needed instruments to measure that the member associations are following the requirements of the IFF Licence System, for the Men‘s WFC 2014.

Mr. Wolmhed is further to report on the decision the RACC has taken during the time being, before the committee meeting, in relation to the changes made in regulations and the U19 WFC. (Appendix 17) The main changes in the regulations are related to practical issues and the transfer regulation was approved by the ExCo.

Ms. Mikkola asked the reasons for the raise of the Transfer fees. Mr. Eriksson answered that there is a lot of work related to each transfer and the fact that it has not been raised for a long period.

Mr. Wolmhed further reported on the new document the IFF Office has prepared for each of the participants in the IFF Events, called the IFF Event Participant Acknowledgement and Agreement. The document has been produced to better be in line with the requirements of the IOC. (Appendix 18).

In addition to this the IFF Office has prepared a new guidelines document for the Team Leaders, in order to be able to secure the correct behavior of each participating team in the Events. The reason for this has been the growing number of cases where the teams have made their own interpretations and not followed the instructions of the organisers. (Appendix 19)

Mr. Suman commented that we need in the future to include the rules for the accredited persons use of social media during the competitions.

Mr. Mikkola feels that it is important to look upon this question, but we need to look carefully to look at this in the future.

Mr. Kratz also reported that the number of incidents that has occurred where the organiser of a Friendly International has not reminded the IFF about the organization has again increased. The RACC is to discuss about how to act in these cases and find a better formulation of the Friendly Internationals to cover all type of matches between National Teams.

The CB decided: To approve the reports, approve the proposed changes to the regulations and adopt the new participant and team leader documents. In addition the RACC was given the task to clarify the Regulation for Friendly Internationals and the system of the National Team Ranking.

d) RC

Mr. Bollinger reported on the RC meeting held on 8th to 9th of March in Upplands Väsby, Sweden to discuss the upcoming season and the work needed to be done in the referee sector. (Appendix 20)
The RC will send out the information to the IFF member associations by the 15th of June 2014, in order for the IFF Member Associations can submit their proposals of the international referees for the period 2015-2016 by the 15th of September. The RC will handle the proposals in its meeting in the end of September 2014 and then take the RC proposal to the CB for approval before the end of the year.

The RC discussed the possibility of collecting feedback from the teams, during the Events. The RC chairman Mr. Koskela will study the possibilities for this together with the IFF Athletes Commission chairman Mrs. Kotikova and Ms. Brigitta Radacsi, the ATC representative in the RC.

The RC proposes to the IFF CB to approve the nomination of the following new International Referees. A new international referee pair from Slovenia: Mr. Alez Krzic and Mr. Davor Matijasevic (Category All), which has been promoted from the IFF Referee Development Group and a new international referee pair from Spain with Mr. Jose Maria Gonzales as a substitution for Mr. Aaron Ferrusca together with Mr. Jose Manuel Galvez Martin (already nominated earlier) in the Category All.

Further the RC proposes to the CB that the CB would grant 12.500 CHF for the 2015 budget to purchase 4 full sets of headsets for the use of the IFF referees for the IFF events.

There is a plan to organise an education for referees during the WFC 2014. During the WFC we will for the first time have gold level referees from six countries.

Mr. King informed that the two international referee pairs from Singapore will participate in the Australian Open in Perth in July.

The CB decided: To approve the report and approve the proposed new International Referee pairs and approve the purchase of the proposed headsets for 2015.

e) Medical committee

Ms. Bruun reported on the preparations of the new IFF Anti-Doping regulation, in order to incorporate the new WADA 2015 Code before the end of the year.
WADA has now prepared the first version of the technical document, in order to establish the level of sample analysis methods and substances to be analysed for each sport. The IFF will need to look closer into it and send possible feedback by May 30th. IFF has provided the IFF Risk Assessment document (Appendix 21) to WADA. WADA is also now asked taking into account non-physiological demands in each sports (skill, technique, tactics, team strategy, psychology, coordination, equipment) and IFF has sent its own evaluation on how important these factors are to WADA.

The WADA IF Symposium was held in March in Lausanne, Switzerland and the WADA Education Committee meeting in April (Appendix 22). There is much more focus on Education in the new Code and IFF has put a plan in place on what the IFF Information & Education activities will look like in 2014, which also prepares for future (Appendix 23).

IFF will need to conduct more Anti-Doping Education. The participating teams will have to take part in the Outreach program during the WFC‘s to answer the WADA Quiz.

The Medical Committee will have its meeting in October during the Champions Cup and then the Medical Committee will discuss the proposal for the IFF Anti-Doping Regulations.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

f) Athletes Commission

Mrs. Kotikova shortly reported on the Athletes Commission meeting held the previous day and the action points from there. The ATC discussed the role of ATC, as well as Key responsibilities & activities for its operations. Primarily the ATC will start to promote the new WADA Anti-Doping education tool to the athletes and help the process of the Anti-Doping Education.

In addition the ATC will also to start support and to be involved in running of IFF Athletes Career Programme. Further it was agreed that a plan will be made how efficiently spread needed information within Floorball community to the players and share the experiences with representatives from other committees (RC, RACC, MC). (Appendix 30)

Mr. Liljelund presented the IFF Athletes Career Program prepared by Ms. Sarah Mitchell for approval by the IFF CB. (Appendix 24)

The CB decided: To approve the report and the IFF Athletes Career Program.

g) Marketing Ad Hoc group

Mr. Suman reported on the meeting held by the Core Country Marketing Network Group in Berlin, Germany on the 28th of April and the discussions held there. (Appendix 25) It was really good that all seven countries invited participated and the group made an in-depth analysis of the highest leagues and the selling system of the marketing rights.

The group discussed the possible creation of a TV Magazine and the building of a common sales system for the Core Countries. These proposals will be presented in the autumn.
TV visibility is still limited to a too small number of countries, so there is a need to enlarge the visibility.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

h) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the plans the Equality function has made together with the Finnish Federation to present and promote Floorball at the International Network for Women in Sport.
Mr. Kauppinen expressed his gratitude to the IFF Office for preparing the work. SSBL and IFF have sent in submissions to make a presentation during the Conference and talk about what our sport can do to activate Women in Sport. SSBL will make an intervention about the preparation path for the WFC 2015, supported by the IFF GoGirls project wall presentation.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

i) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group

Mr. King reported on the continued plans for the lobbying work and the printed IFF Lobby Folder. A distribution plan will be worked out together with the Office.
We will need to work with the NOC‘s of the countries participating in the Urban Games and the World Games.

Mr. Bollinger gave a short information about the SUHV action group Olympic Vision 202x

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office

Mr. Eriksson is to conclude upon the action plans agreed in the IFF CB working session held on Saturday the 24th of May, on how to start with the implementation of the bi-lateral EOTO-projects.

The CB decided: To approve the report and to postpone the launch of the bi-lateral projects and seek the answers of the Association which participated in the Audit. In addition the Office will prepare the materials accordingly.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF trainee Mr. Philipp Hamann has ended his internship in beginning of May. The IFF Office has however made an agreement with Mr. Hamann to continue as a freelance to take care of the member association news flow on our web page and an active surveillance of all Floorball Social Media news in all IFF channels.

The IFF Office will employ a new trainee Ms. Minna Nurminen during the summer months, to help with the preparations of the IFF Event Management Tool and other office tasks. Ms. Nurminen is a 2nd year student at the IIHF Academy at the Vierumäki Sports Institute in Finland.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

a) Development operations

Mr.Liljelund report on the development activities to be carried out during the rest of the year 2014.
- IFF has organised a Floorball Clinic for Coaches and Referees in Toronto, Canada in connection to the Canada Cup together with Floorball Canada from the 16th to 18th of May.
- IFF is organising a three day Floorball Development Seminar in Innsbruck, Austria during the first week-end in June. Participants will be invited from the region.
- IFF will organise a Coaching and Refereeing seminar in Beijing, China in July
- IFF will organise a Floorball Development Seminar in Himalayan Pradesh in September
- IFF will organise a Seminar for Coaching and Refereeing in Teheran, Iran in October.
- Additional discussions are being carried out with Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

Mr. King informed about the activities AOFC is planning, in order to organise a full scale development programme seminar in the region during 2014 in Singapore for the pre-tournament.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information operations

Ms. Bruun reported that the Athletes Commission members Players´ Blogs have been launched on the IFF web page. IFF has also launched a FB competition with a prize of two tickets for the WFC semi-finals in the WFC 2014 in Gothenburg.

The IFF Social Media plan has been prepared by the information function and is to be discussed by the IFF CB. (Appendix 26). IFF has also started to work with analytics for the content on Facebook and the rating has raised for the IFF FB after some alterations.

Ms. Mikkola proposed to prepare a guideline for how to publish content in the IFF Social Media.

Mr. Kauppinen made a comment about the Twitter that it is important to add to favorities.

The CB decided: To approve the report and to discuss the IFF Social Media Plan in its next meeting working session more in detail.

c) Material operations

Mr. Liljelund report that the yearly meeting has been held with the IFF Test Institute SP in February, to discuss the present issues of Floorball Materials and the statistics for the sales of IFF approved equipment in 2013. (Appendix 27)

The IFF Development Board, the cooperation body between the IFF and the leading Floorball Material manufacturers, has held its yearly meeting to start the preparations for the changes of the Material Regulation 2016, to evaluate the 2013 development projects and to grant the 2014 support to the projects in Canada, Germany and Spain. (Appendix 28)

The test for the oversize sticks will continue also for the season 2014 – 2015. In addition it was reported that the Swiss Court has approved a new company to take over the bankruptcy estate for Lexx Floorball and this company has already approached the SP.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) ParaFloorball information

Ms. Bruun informed that the Special Olympics Board of Directors have granted Floorball the Official Special recognition and this means that Floorball will be an official sport in the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria, between March 14th to 25th.
The Special Olympics EE organised a Floorball seminar in connection to the tournament held in Liechtenstein and Austria in end of April, with 16 countries participating. The cooperation with Special Olympic helps us to enter new countries in Asia and South America.

The 3rd IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championship will be played in Munich, Germany, in August 2014 (Appendix 29).

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations

a) Membership questions

Nothing to report.

b) Members under suspension

There are no members under suspension.

c) New Member Applications

Mr. Kratz reported that the Croatian Floorball Federation has informed that they are trying to collect all the needed documents to hand in the membership application and that they need help to start the operations in Croatia.

In addition Mr. Liljelund informed that there has been no contact from the Myanmar Hockey Federation, in relation to the membership application. The item will brought up with the SFA in discussions held during the WUC in Singapore.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 10. Next CB meeting
The next CB meeting will be held in in September from the 6th to the 7th of September, in Madrid, Spain, in connection to the U19 WFC 2015 qualifications.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB members for a good and fruitful meeting, wishing all safe trips back home and closed the meeting.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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