CC 2016 Women´s All Star team – 02.10.2016

The Champions Cup 2016 All Star team has been chosen. The election was done by the media representatives and the local organisers.

The Women´s All Star team was chosen at the Champions Cup 2016. One player from IKSU (SWE), two players from Classic (FIN) and three players from the winning team Pixbo Wallenstam (SWE) were elected.

All Star team:
Best Goalkeeper: Laura Loisa #30 (Classic)
Best Defender: Ida Sundberg #24 (Pixbo Wallenstam)
Best Defender:  Isabell Krantz #44 (Pixbo Wallenstam)
Best Centre: Eliska Krupnova #5 (Pixbo Wallenstam)
Best Forward: Nina Rantala #21 (Classic)
Best Forward: Emelie Wibron #26 (IKSU)