IFF CB meeting 10.01.2004


Place:              Hotel Schöne Aussicht, Weissenfels, Germany

Participants:      Tomas Eriksson, President

                     John Liljelund, Vice President

                     Renato Orlando, Vice President

                     Tomas Jonsson, Treasurer

                     Thomas Gilardi

                     Per Jansson

                     Risto Kauppinen

                     Martin Vaculik

                     Stefan Kratz, Secretary General


Excused:          Peter Lindström


§   1 Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted the CB welcome to Weissenfels and opened the meeting at 09:00.


§   2 Approval of the agenda

The agenda was scrutinized and approved.


§   3 Minutes from last meeting

The minutes from last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.


§   4 Economy

a)     Preliminary financial report 31.12.2003

Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report where a profit of approximately 25,000 CHF is expected for the calendar year 2003. The reason for the expected surplus is mainly due to lower staff costs, due to the reason that IFF did not employ a replace for Mr Wester from September 1st until December 31st, 2003. The books have been handed over to the auditor for auditing and Mr Jonsson will scrutinize the financial closing of the books for 2002 and 2003 when he visits the IFF headquarters on Friday January 23, 2004.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)     Information on IFF claims  – status December 31st 2003

Mr. Jonsson reported that the total amount of claims is reduced substantially since the last CB meeting on August 30th, 2003. The debts are on December 31st, 56 572 CHF.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)     Poland – information on Appeal Committee decision and ExCo decision

On September 24th, 2003, the Central Board of IFF decided to exclude the Polish Floorball Association from taking part in the U19 World Championships, which took place from November 5th to 9th 2003 in Prague. This decision was based on the fact that the Polish Association had not complied with the financial regulations of IFF.


According to the valid juridical regulations the Polish FA lodged an appeal against the decision. Due to lack of compliance with the appropriate regulations the Appeal Committee of IFF rejected the appeal.


Through its Secretary General, Mr. Potkanski and its President, Mr. Roger Zoltowski, the Polish Floorball Association informed IFF of two payments (Sfr. 2000. —and Sfr. 3000. --) which were made in favour of IFF. Relevant documents were sent to the Headquarters of IFF.


In view of the fact and taking into consideration the payment made by the Polish Floorball Association according to the finance plan set up by IFF, the Executive Committee of IFF consisting of Mr. Tomas Eriksson, President, Mr. Renato Orlando, Vice-President and Mr. John Liljelund, Vice-President decided the following, on October 17th, 2003: The Polish Floorball Association was granted participation at the U19 World Championships for men held in Prague, in the Czech Republic.


This decision was taken by way of exception in the interest of the development of floorball in Poland, thus not closing the actual case.


§   4 c) continuation
The CB decided to approve the report and note the decision taken by the AC and to approve the decision taken by the ExCo.


The CB of IFF noted that it is disappointed regarding Poland’s failure to cooperate with IFF, and to follow the plan set for paying their debts, since PFA were allowed to participate at the U19 in Prague. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated.


The CB decided to give the ExCo the task to handle the CB suspension on Poland for possible further actions.


If failing to pay the remaining dept of 5 852:16 CHF until February 27th, 2004 PFA will not be eligible to take part at the final round in Switzerland at the WFC 2004. The case will be submitted to the Disciplinary Committee for further action, including restitution of costs being carried out by the Swiss Federation for the WC.


d)     Russia – information on status on debts and new management

Mr Kratz reported that there seems to be new management in Russia. Mr Kratz also reported that the debts are 10 000 CHF, from which 6 000 CHF should have been paid on December 31st, 2003, which is not the case. Everything according to the finance plan already decided upon.


The CB decided to approve the report give the ExCo the task to take appropriate actions on Russia for not following the plan set.


§   5 World Championships

a)     WFC 2004 - Report A-, B- and C-Divisions (enclosure 1)
Mr. Orlando reported on the preparations for the A- and B-Division played in Switzerland on the16-23.05.2004. The information letters are sent in due time to all participating associations and the final will be televised by Swiss TV, most probably with starting time on Sunday May 23d at 15.33 hours. The WFC will be played in Schluefweg, the ice hockey venue in Kloten, and at the Saalsportshalle in Zürich.


Further Mr. Orlando reported on the preparations of the C-Division 21-25.04.2004, in Madrid in Spain. Mr Orlando had been to Spain for the inspection trip and there were some concerns concerning the flooring.


The CB decided to approve the report and gave Mr Kratz the task to ask Gerflor for the possibility to provide the flooring. If not the Spanish FA is free to contact any other company in order to provide a good flooring in the best of interest for the WFC C-Division.


b)     WFC Women 2005
Mr Eriksson report that the WFC 2005 for women will be played in Singapore on the 28.05 – 06.06, 2005.


Mr. Liljelund reported that the contract for WFC 2005 is signed.


Mr. Eriksson reported on the preparations, and that 16-18 teams seem to have correctly registered for the WFC 2005. Singapore FA will be officially informed within the coming fortnight.


Mr Kratz reported on applications for delayed payment concerning the participating fee (from Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Spain). The applications had all arrived the IFF office before they should have been paid.


The CB decided to grant delayed payments until 31.05 for the WFC 2005.


c)     WFC U19 Men 2003 concluding report

Mr. Vaculik made a concluding report. From the CFBU point of view it had been a success concerning media and spectators but with a small financial loss.


The CB congratulated the CFBU to their first medal, bronze, in a WFC.


d)     WFC U19 Women 2004

Mr. Kauppinen reported that the SSBL has decided to organize the WFC U19 women in Tampere. The WFC will be played in the Metro-Auto arena with a spectator capacity of 2 500.


The CB decided that the WFC U19 women 2004 to be played according to the Men’s U19, proposed by the RACC, and seeded according to the Women’s WFC, during the period 10-14.11.2004.



§   5 continuation

e)     WFC U19 Men 2005

Latvia has applied for the organization of the Men’s U19 2005.


The CB decided that Mr. Orlando will carry out an inspection trip in connection with internationals on February 6-8.02.2004, and that Mr Liljelund will negotiate the contract between the Latvian Floorball Union and IFF.


§   6  European Cup

a)     EC 2004 final round – report

Mr Orlando reported on the ongoing EC in Germany. He felt that the organization is good but financially problematic.


The CB feels a certain amount of disappointment concerning the flow of information and financial obligations according to the contract.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)     EC 2005 final round

Mr Orlando reported on the ongoing plans for the EC in January 2005. The EC is to be played in Zürich (at the Saalsportshalle) and in Kloten.


The CB discussed the fact that it is not good for the participating teams always to play two matches per day, which might lead to playing very late day 1 and very early day 2.


The CB discussed about the possibilities of prolonging the EC with one day, and the advantages with that.


The CB decided to approve the report and that the EC henceforth, starting from January 2005, shall be played from Wednesday to Sunday.


§   7 Committees – Reports

a)     ExCo

Report on IOC, GAISF, IWGA

Mr. Eriksson reported, with satisfaction, that the GAISF Council has decided to submit the IFF request on full membership to the GAISF General Assembly. The next GAISF GA is held in Lausanne on May 20th, 2004.


Mr Eriksson further reported that ordinary membership of GAISF would enable IFF to be a member also of the IWGA, which means that Floorball can take part fully in the World Games.


Mr Eriksson reported that the IOC recognition application has been handed in by the ExCo on the 15.09, thereafter confirmed by the IOC Sports Department, and completed with the IOC questionnaire on the 14.11. 2003.


Mr. Eriksson expressed that he is very pleased with the work done by NBF, SSBL, SUHV and SIBF of informing their respective IOC members and the lobby-work carried out in order to gain IOC recognition.


Mr Eriksson concluded that the IOC Executive Committee would decide the matter of IOC recognition during the Summer Olympics in August in Athens 2004.


Marketing Manager

Mr Eriksson informed about the discussions held by him and the two vice Presidents, Mr Orlando and Mr Liljelund, and Mr Lindström, Chairman of the MIC, about the position-marketing manager of IFF.


The conclusion drawn was to change direction – postponing the hiring of a marketing manager and instead buy the service to produce the “portfolio” to be made ready during this spring, no later than until next IFF Congress. The main reason for this the uncertainty concerning the financing of the position and the location of the IFF office in the future.


The CB decided to approve the report, and postpone the hiring for marketing manager until after the next IFF Congress on May 21st, 2004, and to put on the agenda at the next CB meeting the future of the IFF office.





§   6 continuation

b)     RACC

Mr Orlando reported that the RACC has for a while discussed its tasks and plan to present a proposal in May for a long-term solution.


Mr Orlando further reported about the process for the Rules of the Game edition 2006 to be started and the RACC proposal is to form a special rules group headed by Mr Martin Johansson, vice chairman of the RACC, and with three members, one each from Finland, Switzerland and Sweden.


The time-table of the process is earlier decided by the CB.


The CB decided to approve the report, and to form a special rules group headed by Mr Johansson.


c)     RC (enclosure 2)

Mr. Gilardi reported on the RC work and the RC views on how to develop their work.


The CB decided to approve the report.


d)     EDC

Mr. Vaculik reported on the EDC work.


The DVD “Floorball Highlights” is ready and was presented during the U19 WFC.

The Youth Start Kit material is delayed but now in its finalising stage and will be ready within a month.


The CB decided to approve the report.


e)     Material questions (enclosure 3 - enclosure 4)

Mr. Liljelund informed of the upcoming meeting with the Development Board where the possible plan for development of Germany and the finances of the material system will be discussed.


The CB discussed about the vital market in Germany, not only for the Germans and Germany but also for all Floorball associations.


The CB decided to approve the report, and to grant a maximum of 25 000 CHF- from the surplus from the material system for the calendar year 2002- for the German plan.


The CB decided to appoint Mr Liljelund and Mr Orlando to be responsible within the CB, on a project management basis, for the plan for Germany.


Mr Liljelund further informed about a next meeting between the manufacturers, i.e. Exel, Fatpipe, Unihoc and Berner, and the German FA in Zürich during the WFC 2004 for men on Saturday May 22nd, 2004.


§   8 Member Associations
a)     Membership application Pakistan

The Pakistan Federation of Floorball (PFF) has applied for membership.


The CB decided to grant PFF provisional membership as member number 32.


§   9 Next CB meeting

02-04.04.2004 at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne. Among other things the future location for the IFF office will be on the agenda.


§ 10 Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB and closed the meeting at 13:30.





Stefan Kratz                                          Tomas Eriksson

Secretary General                                   President