IFF / RC                                                                       January 2004




Report from RC-Chairmain Thomas Gilardi (SUI)




1.      General Remarks


The IFF Referee Committee has gone through fundamental changes due to the CB elections in 2002. The new RC's structure has been set up by Thomas Gilardi and is functioning properly. RC support is being delivered by Axel Wester (until August 2003) and henceforth by Stefan Kratz.


The communication between the committees' members Klaus Koskela, Daniel Würmlin and Thomas Gilardi is efficient and good. Decision-making is an easy task, due to the fact that the philosophy of referee-management lies close together.


IFF RC appreciates the trust in its work by the CB-members and hopes to be able to give the right answers to the challenging tasks set by guaranteeing satisfying referee and observer performances.




2.      U19 WC Men in Prague


U19 WC in Prague has been held without problems. IFF RC tried to find a good mixture between experienced and newcoming referees for the tournament. The organizing federation was given the chance to have two referee pairs in the tournament and one of the referee pairs was even nominated for the final match, well earned by the good performance delivered and fully in line with IFF RC strategy to build up more top-class referee-pairs.


The logistic work carried out by the tournament organizers was excellent and the transport service was near perfect. IFF RC would like to thank the organizers for the nicely arranged Referee Dinner.


·         Teamwork RC - Jury


IFF RC would like to thank head of Jury Renato Orlando and his crew. Teamwork between Jury and RC has developed very positively during the past year and worked very well during the tournament, especially seeing the good balance during the various meetings (including technical meeting and referee meeting).


·         Observation


The fact that IFF RC was only able to provide two (!) official observations during the U19 WC is problematic. Serious referee observation needs at least two game observations per referee pair. If we want to improve referee performances with a lasting effect we would need an average four observers per big tournament.


We are well aware of the fact that this is primarily a matter of funding, but it is nevertheless also a question of setting priorities by the IFF. If we define our task in developing the referees and sending them home to their respective countries and championships with improved skills and worthwile knowledge, then we must take this chance. Only consistent perception of floorball among the international referees can provide improved play all over the floorball world.


·         Outfit


It is embarrassing, when international IFF referees are forced to wear national referee dresses of various brands during international and most important IFF tournaments. Given that, sponsors and spectators are completely unable see uniformity in the IFF world.



  1. Future prospects


IFF RC will only allow the nomination of three male referee pairs (plus one female referee pair) per member nation next year. The nominations shall be valid for the period of two years in order to give IFF RC at least a minimum occasion to conduct referee career planning and appointment planning from low-level to top-class.


IFF RC has no other option but to ask the founder nations for support to make a supplementary observer available during international top events. Costs shall be taken over by the respective founder nation. This makes a consistent referee improvement and assessment possible and aims for better integration of many other IFF member nations in know-how exchange and skills transfer.


An international rules group needs to be founded as soon as possible as an important focus of future development. The coordination of this temporary international work group must be assured by IFF RC and IFF RACC. Work should be started soon if targets shall not be below target.



  1. Wake up ?


How should IFF RC appoint international referees to international games if IFF member nations do not notify the international federation of upcoming matches? Coordination in the IFF world has to be improved strongly if we want to earn more international respect and support for our sport. We should think about how to lead the member nations to a better and more active communication towards the IFF, even if by means of financial  sanctions.





January 2004





The Chairman of the IFF Referee Committee




Thomas Gilardi