April 19th to April 25th, 2004 in Madrid



Report of the inspection trip to Madrid October 25th to 27th 2003


Following the application of the Spanish Floorball Federation and the decision taken by the Central Board of IFF to grant the organisation to said Federation, an inspection trip was carried out by the Chairman of the RACC.




The tournament will be played in Leganes, a city “linked” with Madrid.




Two arenas are at disposal, both with the required equipment according to the organisation regulations of IFF. The Olympic arena (for preliminary matches) has a capacity of 700 spectators with the necessary amount of dressing rooms and other facilities, as well as the arena Europa which is of high standard. Capacity 4000 spectators, also with more than sufficient rooms available. The infrastructure is first class.

The competition may be played in one arena! To be decided later on. The organiser will have to deal with  this question with the authorities.




Sufficient hotels (3 to 5 stars) are within the vicinity. 5 minutes from the arena the hotel for officials and referees will be chosen. A Youth Hostel is approximately at 20 minutes from the arenas.




As it is custom for the teams, the referees’ and IFF officials. Coach for teams and cars for the referees’ and officials.




The Federation and the organisation of the World-Cup have very good connections to the local authority and will get the arenas free of charge.


However it is of utmost importance, that a floor, a rink and hopefully also cages will have to be put at disposal.


As far as sponsoring is concerned, floorball is still an “unknown” sport, although already very popular at universities and schools. The support of IFF is therefore essential.




An intensive discussion took place in connection with the organisation of the matches. Support will be given, in particular as far as the secretariat is concerned.




According to the Regulations for competitions for national teams.


1st round Wednesday                  2nd round Thursday                        3rd round Friday

semi-finals and matches for 5th, an 7th places                 Saturday

Final and match for 3rd place                                                     Sunday




In separate meetings all aspects in connection with the organisation of such an event were discussed. A relevant questionnaire was put forward and gone through!





The responsible of the Spanish federation are very keen to promote floorball in Spain and are also competent in staging this IFF-event. Periodically the head of the organisation will be in contact with IFF (Chairman of the RACC and/or General Secretary of IFF) in order to inform about the progress of the preparation work. Support will be given at any time needed.


Just before the beginning of the event a course for referees and referees observer will be staged. The SUHV will be involved and will put the necessary person at disposal!


It is essential that from IFF experienced persons will be present in particular also in view of the (new) nations taking part not being so familiar with the smooth running of an IFF-competition.


I’m convinced that we will enjoy a splendid World Cup.




Berne, November 12th, 2003-12-01



Renato Orlando

Chairman of the RACC