Development board meeting 11.01.2004



Dear friends,


Below you will find the prel. Agenda and enclosures for the DB meeting in Weissenfels 11.01.2004.


If there is something you would want to add to the agenda, please send an email with possible attachment to latest Thursday 18.12.2003, thereafter possible completions will be emailed to the DB.



Looking forward seeing you soon again, I remain


Yours sincerely


John Liljelund

IFF Vice President



/Stefan Kratz, bd.

Secretary general



Place:          Hotel Schöne Aussicht

                    Naumburger landstraße 1, Weissenfels

                    Phone +49-344 347 07 90, Fax +49-344 380 54 10

Time:           10:00-11:30 DB meeting, 11:30-12:30 DB meeting DUB



Prel. agenda


1.       Welcome


2.       General info


3.       Prel. Financials


4.          Development of the material approval system

          a) Stickers

          b) ITC, Czech Republic – report on status


5.       Projects – report (enclosures)

          a) Floorball Joy: Promotion DVD/video and other promotion material

          b) School-kit, a youth start up kit


6.       Germany project 2004-2006 (enclosure)


7.       Next meeting













Floorball promotion material – attractive video clips


The target:

The floorball attractivity presentation for public (sport clubs, schools, shops…)


Content:                                   10 minutes

The best moments 1. part                    1,30

Highlights WFC 2002 male              2.00

Highlights WFC 2003 female            2.00

Club leagues, tournaments

Play offs, EC 2003, Czech Open  2.00

Youth, fitness, special groups                    1.00

The best moments 2. part                    1.30


The material:

CD/DVD/video          10 minutes          digital

A4 sheet                b&w




Subtitles: D, F, SP, RUS, …..


The production:

Czech TV, sport department, the best Czech sport experts


Costs approximately:

TV rights                                            0

Script, director                                       2000

Music                                                 1000

Cutting, effects                                       2000

Translation                                          1000

Dubbing, subtitles                                    1000

Other, cover design                              1000


Total                                                  8000 EUR


How many copies?




Deadline for master copy production: 2003-06-30



Fact:          Production costs 8400 EUR

          500 copies 2000 EUR

          Taxes 2650 EUR

          Delivery etc costs 263 EUR                      TOTAL COST: 13313 EUR (20961 CHF)














Floorball guide for the teachers/instructors of children under 15 years


Contents                                                                                  number of pages


  1. Appendix                                                            2


  1. Describtion of the nature of floorball                            2

-         floorball is a sports of skills

-         the requirements of the player


  1. Floorball equipment                                              4

-         field player: stick, ball, shoes, clothes, shields

-         goalkeeper’s equipment

-         goal gages, rink, floors


  1. Practising floorball                                                 4

-         learning to play / comparison to other sports

                                                               i.      understanding the game / pelikäsitys

                                                             ii.      small games

                                                            iii.      learning by playing -method

-         developing the floorball technics                      4

                                                               i.      splitting the technical performances

                                                             ii.      the hot spots of performances


  1. Model practises                                                     24

-         practises that develope the playing

-         practises that develope the technics

-         practises that develope skills and motorics


  1. Floorball rules shortly                                                   2


  1. Ethical basics of coaching                                        4

-         Roles and responsibilities of coach and instructor

-         ”Name of the game” or ”The spirit of the game”


                                                                                                Total  48 pages


The material


Printed guide (A4, 48 pages, 4 colours?)


-          photos af floorball technics

-          photos of floorball equipment

-          drawings

-          all practises (used symbols should be defined by EDC)





Costs approximately:


Planning and writing          3000 €

Pictures                           1000 €

makeup                            1000 €

Translation into English          2000 €


          total             ~7000 €                    Printing? How many copies?