Canada Outplays Japan, Earns Comfortable Win and Qualifies for Play-Offs – 04.12.2018

The Canadian team needed to win and score as many goals as possible in order to qualify for the play-offs. To fulfill this goal the Canadians started very offensively and turned Japan’s net into a shooting range. After the 1st period, the winner was already clear and after winning 14-2 Canada replaced Singapore on the second position of group D to qualify for the play-offs.

From the first minute it was a really one-sided affair at Arena Sparta. Canada kept shooting at Japan’s net and the goals kept coming one after another. During the first seven minutes of the game, the spectators saw a total of 7 goals, which means one goal per minute on average. And most of them were scored by the North Americans. After the 1st period, the score stopped at 8-1 for team Canada.

Japan improved their performance in the second period but the Canadian goals kept coming. Of course there was not as many of them as in the first period, but the fans at Arena Sparta saw the magical „ten“. This special tenth goal was scored with exactly 31 minutes on the clock by Mytchell Brush. The Canadians then added yet another goal to make it 11-1 after 40 minutes.

The last part of the match was played basically just for the fans. Canada had the much wanted lead and tried to please the 636 amazing fans at Arena Sparta. The spectators showed great sportsmanship – with 1-12 on the scoreboard the whole arena started supporting Japan. Even people with Canadian flags were rooting for them. The much wanted Japanese goal came ten seconds before the end of the match. Kaimu Abe pleased the fans and the game ended with the Canadian win 14-2.