FAQs about Tickets

General Information

When will the tickets go on sale?
The ticket‘s sale start - Thursday, March 15th 10 a.m. CET. Tickets available online at www.ticketportal.cz

What are the ticket prices?
There are four different price categories for the O2 arena tickets as well as one price category for Arena Sparta Podvinný Mlýn tickets. The price of a daily ticket for group games starts from 14 EUR, play-off games from 16 EUR, semi-final day from 22 EUR and final day from 26 EUR. The price list HERE

How many tickets can I buy?
You can buy 6 tickets for each day and 6 packages for group matches.

What should I do if I want to buy more tickets than the daily limit?
You can make a so-called group order with Ticketportal as soon as official ticket sale is launched using the email address rezervace@ticketportal.cz or at +420 723 085 485 on work days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How does it work?

Where and how can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be bought through Ticketportal, the official ticket seller on www.ticketportal.cz.

Can I book a ticket online and pick it up at a Ticketportal point of sale?
Yes. Online reservations are valid for 24 hours.


I am planning to come to the WFC with a small child. Does he/she need a ticket?
Yes. Everybody entering the arena needs to have their own ticket. The ticket prices are uniform.

Are discounts available for persons with severe health disability requiring assistance?
Yes. Discount for wheelchair bound spectators is available. You can order tickets at rezervace@ticketportal.cz.
You can find information about barrier-free access to O2 arena HERE

Does the ticket allow entrance for the whole day or a specific match only?
Weekend tickets to O2 arena (Sat, Dec 1; Sun, Dec 2; Sat, Dec 8; Sun, Dec 9) allow entrance for the whole days, i.e. three matches. On work days, tickets to O2 arena allow entrance for a halfday, morning or afternoon, and you will see two matches. Tickets to Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn are always valid for the day.

What is VIP upgrade and what services does it include?
VIP upgrade is for everybody, who wants to make a different WFC 2018 experience and enjoy the tournament in a very special way. It is a VIP service that can be purchased together with specific daily tickets to O2 arena. It is also possible to purchase VIP upgrade later on.
VIP upgrade includes:
· Access to the VIP zone
· Buffet-style catering
· Open bar service including complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks
· Open 60 minutes before each session
Note: The entrance to the O2 arena is allowed only together with a valid match ticket.

Venues and Match Schedule

What is the Match Schedule?
The preliminary match schedule can be found HERE

Can times of the matches change?
Yes, it is possible that the times and match order will change due to TV broadcast (always within one day). The times given on tickets are informational. Exact times will be announced shortly before the tournament starts.

Will I be able to access Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn with a ticket to O2 arena?
Yes. A valid ticket to O2 arena will allow you to access matches in Arena Sparta free of charge. However, a ticket to Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn will not allow access to O2 arena.

Is repeated entry allowed?
Yes, the ticket allows you to enter O2 arena repeatedly. At the same time, a valid ticket to O2 arena allows you to see the matches played in Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn free of charge on the same day. Similarly, a ticket to Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn entitles you to repeated entry to the venue.

When will O2 arena open?
Both venues will open 60 minutes before the first match of the day starts.


May I change my seat?
If you have concluded the process of purchase of the ticket, your seat in the O2 arena has been confirmed and you cannot change it anymore.
In Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn, seating is not numbered. Thus, you can choose your seat upon arrival based on your preference and availability.

Are there any special sectors for fans?
Yes, there are 3 fan sectors. The official website recommends fans to use the following sectors for Friday 7.12. and the final weekend (8.-9.12.):
Sectors: 107,108 Finnish fans
Sectors: 118,119 Swedish fans
Sectors: 116, 117 Swiss fans

Can I request a refund if I cannot come to WFC 2018?
Unfortunately, none of the tickets can be refunded.

Can I buy tickets from another seller?
The organiser cannot guarantee that tickets bought from sellers other than the authorised sellers (Ticketportal, Czech Floorball, Official Fan Trips) are valid and their holder will be admitted to O2 arena or Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn. The organizer does not distribute tickets to other sellers and does not recommend spectators to purchase tickets from them. In case these tickets turn out to be invalid, the organiser is not bound to allow admission to the arena or reimburse the costs.

I am interested in accommodation services in Prague during WFC. Will there be an offer?
Yes, the offer will be published soon. It is a separate complementary service for fans.

In case you have further questions, please contact ticketing@prague2018.com.
Your questions and answers will be published to help other spectators.