Finland Defeats Czech Republic Thanks to Brilliant Scoring Efficiency – 08.12.2018

Since 2006, the Czech Republic and Finland have played against each other at every single world championship. The last encounter, in 2016, was a very tight one that the Finns decided with just seven seconds left in the regulation to win 4-3. The winner remained the same this year as well and Finland became the first finalist.

Both teams started the match very carefully in an attempt not to make any easy mistakes. The Czechs were a bit more active, but they couldn’t turn their efforts into a goal. In the 12th minute, Lastikka found his teammate after a great run with the ball and Joonas Pylsy scored opened the score. From that moment, the Finns controlled the game and the score 1-0 remained till the end of the first period.

The first half of the second period resembled the first twenty minutes. Both teams preferred deliberate possession of the ball and build up play, rather than quick attacks. And the Finns were again more successful in their efforts. Mikko Leikkanen found a bit of space for a second in the middle of the offensive zone and fired a rocket over Souček’s left shoulder. And just five minutes later, basically from the same spot, Joonas Pylsy made it 3-0.

After a small skirmish in the 47th minute, both teams had one player penalized for roughing and the Czech team finally found the way into the net. Matěj Jendrišák scored after a well-played free hit. With 12 minutes left in the regulation and the score at 1-3, the Czechs sensed a chance to get back into the match. The Finns, however, slowed down the pace and after a short spell when they almost didn’t cross the half-line, they showed two quick attacks that sent them four goals ahead. The Czech team decided to pull their goalie and when Salin was sent to the penalty box, Daniel Šebek’s power-play goal provided the last glimmer of hope for the home team. But it was quickly dashed by two Finnish empty-netters that set the final score at 7-2 for the defending champions.