Germany Beats Denmark 4-2 to Fight for 5th Place Tomorrow – 08.12.2018

Germany and Denmark have met four times in WFC history and Denmark won all the games. Their last head-to-head encounter was played in Gothenburg in 2014 when Denmark defeated Germany 4-3 in a penalty shootout. However, today the Germans were the happier side. Janos Bröker contributed to the win with two goals and one assist, while on the other side the young Mathias Glass was the only successful goal-scorer for Denmark.

As expected, it was a tight game in the first period. Both Denmark and Germany created a few promising opportunities, but only Denmark eventually managed to score. The 18-year-old Mathias Glass, who already participated at the WFC in Riga two years ago, opened the score at 6:03. It was his third goal at the tournament, which made him the best Danish scorer so far. In the 13th minute, Germany was close to tying the game, but Tino von Pritzbuer only hit the post.

In the second period, the Germans controlled the ball for most of the time but they weren’t able to find a way into the net for a long time. Finally, at 37:22, Niklas Bröker tallied the first German goal. It was a lucky one as one of the Germans accidentally deflected Niklas Bröker’s shot into the net. And just 43 second later, Janos Bröker showed his great individual skills and scored the second German goal and sent his team into the lead.

The last period started off better for Denmark when Mathias Glass tied the game from a great one-timer and added his second goal of the afternoon. But the Germans went ahead again after Erik Schuschwary’s power-play goal. After this moment, the Danes started outplaying their opponents and pushed them deep into their zone. They even managed to score, but the goal was disallowed for high-sticking. Although the Danes kept creating scoring chances, they couldn’t beat the German goalie Mike Dietz. On the contrary, Janos Bröker posted his second goal of the game in the 58th minute to secure a 4-2 victory for Germany. The 24-year-old Janos Bröker recorded three points (2+1) in this match and became his team’s scoring leader at this World Championship with 9 points (5+4).