Australia Defeats Thailand to Reach Elimination Stage – 04.12.2018

More than six and a half thousand mostly children fans created an electrifying atmosphere at the O2 Arena and saw a tight Australian victory 4–3 over Thailand.

Even though the play of both teams was quite careful in the opening period, there were two goals scored. Daniel Gartner netted the first one for Australia after six minutes of the match and Alexander Rinefalk equalized two minutes later on a rebound hit from the air. As no other balls went in the score remained tied 1–1 after twenty minutes.

The Thais tried hard and hoped to approach their first tournament victory but the second period was grabbed by the Australians who went up by three to make it 4–1 before the second break. Especially the last three minutes of the period were successful for Australia as they scored two goals at that part.

Thailand made the last part of the match dramatic and exciting by scoring two goals and pulling down the difference. However, they didn’t manage to add the equalizer in the end. Australia survived the final Thai pressure, won 4–3 and advanced to the elimination stage from the second place of group C.