Data Analysis: Sweden vs Norway 9-1 – 06.12.2018

Sweden was as expected dominant against Norway creating shot attempts differential of 75-22 in the game. Other data only confirms the quality gap between both teams.

Following graph summarizes form which areas on offensive half were shot attempts made from at even strength.

As much as 46 shot attempts for Sweden were released in the dangerous area in front of the goal. 7 goals scored from this area are not even that many. Look at following gif. How easy does that look?

Not surprisingly even dangerous possessions such as odd man rush situations or clear path opportunities ended with a big advantage for team Sweden. Next graph shows their distribution in each of three periods.

First period ended with 3-0 score and Sweden had comfortable advantage in both types of mentioned possessions.

Second period though showcased much competitive Norway that was able to minimize clear path opportunities for Sweden. It did not stop opponent from scoring as Sweden added another four goals to set the score to 7-0.

Sweden had strong start to the third period creating more clear path opportunities but goals did not come this time. Norway battled and surprised Swedish defence with two dangerous odd man rushes. One of them is displayed in next gif.

That individual effort from Lindgjerdet (no. 29) is a thing of beauty.

While shifting focus to players look at who was able to create the most dangerous possessions in the game.

All Swedish players ended with positive differential in creating of dangerous possessions. Some Norwegian players deserve a praise here. Frederiksen, Bjerknes or Norstrom all played significant portion of the game and recorded respectable dangerous possessions differential.

To conclude this one-sided game we show the most active finishers in the game.

You should not be surprised with Swedish flags stretching out right and up in the graph. Rudd was able to set up his teammates 10 times in the game which is crazily high number. In the other spectrum we can see Enström, Galante Carlström (both 9), Sjögren and Nilsson (both 8) as frequent shooters.

By Petr Malina