One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 4/2018

Meeting at Holiday Inn Prague, Na Pankráci 15/1684, 140 00 PRAGUE

Tomas Eriksson, President
Jörg Beer
Monica Birdal, Treasurer
Stephen King By Skype §§ 1. – 7b.
Martin Klabere
Carlos Lopez
Thorbjörn Ovedal
Filip Suman, Vice President

Veli Halonen, Operations Manager
John Liljelund, Secretary General

Kimmo Nurminen
Lidwien Reehuis, ATC Chair
Ron Spence

Stefan Kratz, Competition Manager


§ 1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 09:00 and welcome the members to the fourth and last meeting before the WFC 2018 in Prague and thanked the Czech Floorball for the dinner last night. Mr. Eriksson further summarized the discussions of the IFF workshop which will be decided upon today.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 2. Approval of the agenda
Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are the following updated appendixes for the meeting.

Appendix 2b - IFF Financial Report 2018, sent on 26.10.2018
Appendix 3 - IFF Claims sent on 26.10.2018
Appendix 4 - IFF Claims sent on 26.10.2018
Appendix 12b - IFF recommendation concerning Euro Championships
Appendix 13 - WFC 2018 Reports and Ticket Sales
Appendix 14 - WFC 2018 TV Takers
Appendix 19 - Champions Cup concept 2023 –
Appendix 25 - UPDATED: Video review guidelines
Appendix 40 - Resignation letter of Mr. Johan Samuelsson
Appendix 41 - Letter from Finland and Sweden

CB decided: To approve the CB Agenda with the updated appendixes

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:
03/2018 in Helsinki, Finland 02.09.2018 (Appendix 1)
The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial report 2018, by 25.10. 2018
Mrs. Birdal presented the financial report and the balance sheet by the 25.10.2018 (Appendix 2). As we speak the outcome is some 260,000 CHF which is around 95,000 CHF better than on the same time last year, but the liquidity is down by around 104,000 on 25.10.2018. If the comparison would have been made 27.10 the liquidity would have been about the same as last year. Mrs. Birdal concluded that financially IFF is on line.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status October 25th, 2018
Mrs. Birdal presented the claims situation by the 25.10.2018 for the associations in WFC 2018 and those not participating (Appendix 3 and 4).

The reduction of debts has continued to be slow during autumn and Latvia is still the Association to have the most difficulties to reduce their debt. The Latvian President has stated that they aim to pay about 10000-15000 CHF before the end of this year, to keep to their payment plan.

Slovakia made a large payment near the last CB meeting and still aims to pay the remaining part of their debt before the last of December this year. Mr. Kratz has been in contact with the member associations in debt and been very clear about the fact that the updated license system will be in full force from the registrations to the WFC 2020 and U19 2020 in the end of this year.

The following actions needs to be taken in connection to the registration of the teams for the WFC 2020, as the dead-line for registration is in the end of December 2018, in accordance of the IFF License System 2.0. The association must be without debts to IFF by the time of the registration to be guaranteed participation but also associations following a set up plan to pay off their debts may be given the possibility to participate. For the WFC 2019 the association must be without debts by the end of year 2018, to be able to participate in the qualifications.

Mr. Suman asked if there is a plan how to implement the IFF License System for the countries that have registered. Mr. Liljelund answered that only those who have no debts, following a payment plan or the countries which have now handed in a new payment plan it has to be followed and debts cleared within the year after registration until the start of the WFC qualification. Mr. Lopez asked about the increasing debt of Slovenia and Mr. Klabere expressed his concern about the Latvian situation. Mr. Eriksson explained that the number of countries in debt is decreasing, but there are some which have not been able to clear their debts.
The IFF auditor has provided the IFF with a written statement concerning old and overdue debts (Appendix 5), stating that in order to be able to implement the IFF License System 2.0 successfully, the IFF must start to write off the very old claims. Mr. Eriksson stresses that even if all is in order from an bookkeeping point of view, it is important to act in relation to the recommendation made by the Auditor.

The suggestion to the CB is to write off all claims before 2013 and, in addition, the claims on Jamaica for the non-participation 2014, all in all 155.866:58 CHF which then will be booked as a loss on claims in the Final Report for 2018. The issue will be informed to the General Assembly. Mrs. Birdal proposes to take this action for the result for the financial year 2018.

Mr. Eriksson pointed out that this will be done for the financial year 2018.

CB decided: To approve the reports and to take the decision to write off debts according to the proposal in the 2018 final financial report.

c) IFF General Assembly 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Mr. Eriksson reported that the 15th IFF the General Assembly will be held during the WFC2018 in Prague, Czech Republic on the 8th of December at the IFF Official Hotel Clarion Congress Hotel , starting at 08:30 and expected to end until 13:00.

The invitation has been sent out 90 full days prior to the GA, which was on the 7th of September 2018. The member associations have only sent in one motion to the IFF GA the required 60 full days prior to the IFF GA, which was the 7th of October 2018, namely the EFT countries motion of the Euro Floorball Championships. The IFF CB shall send out all proposals and materials of the GA 30 full days before the meeting, latest on the 7th of November 2018.

The CB is to approve the following documents for the IFF GA and shall be sent out until the 7th of November. The normal documents are:

The Agenda for the IFF GA (Appendix 6)
The Annual Report 2017 – 2018 draft version (Appendix 7),
The Plan of Action 2019 – 2020 draft version (Appendix 8),
both these documents will be illustrated and spell checked after the CB meeting.
The proposed Budget 2019 – 2020 (Appendix 9), which has been prepared by the IFF Office.

Mrs. Birdal asked if we in the future have a system for checking the students playing abroad. Mr. Halonen explained that we have already created a special system for student transfers, were today you can have a student transfer for 60 days twice during the season.
Mr. Suman expressed that we are more relying on the sponsor income and asked about the IOC development support, to which Mr. Liljelund answered that this is the development support.

The Special Topics are for this GA are the following:

The proposed Statutes change, updated with Ethics Commission additions Art 42 (Appendix 10) The proposed new Playing System of the IFF Major Events (Appendix 11)
The IFF CB had received a letter from the Finnish and Swedish associations in relation to the CB proposals (Appendix 41). The IFF CB discussed the content of the letter and had a extensive discussion on the topic during the CB workshop. Based on this discussion the CB made a new and revised proposal to the IFF General Assembly.
Mr. Suman felt that we need to promote the positive fact of the proposal of the new playing system. We need to collect the views of the coaches, players and federations to promote the proposal. The CB discussed how we can communicate the main message, that we are postponing the final decision with at least four years, based on the overall feedback.

Mr. Beer felt that we only have to communicate why we are wanting to test these changes. Mr. Ovedal felt that we need to explain the different aspects of why we are wanting to conduct this test. Mr. King felt that the whole process started from the experience of The World Games and the process in the Association Meeting.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that the IFF will publish the CB news on Monday the 29th of October, the minutes on the 31st of October as usually. Then we need to support the proposal with arguments in the press.

The motion of the EFT Countries to create an Euro Floorball Championships (Appendix 12a) and the IFF CB recommendation to this motion (Appendix 12b) was discussed next.

The CB discussed the motion from the EFT Countries of a Euro Floorball Championships. Mrs. Birdal asked if there will be enough organisers, to which Mr. Liljelund answered that the EFT countries have actually started with the assumption that they will have to organise the event in the beginning. The CB approved the RACC proposal with a small technical change.

The IFF invited a number of central persons in the International Sports movement and the
following have kindly declined their participation due to other obligations:
IOC Sport Director Mr. Kit McConnell, ANOC Secretary general/IOC member Ms. Gunilla Lindberg, IOC Member the GAISF President Mr. Patrick Baumann (passed away in Buenos Aires), ARISF President Mr. Raffaele Chiulli, IMGA CET Jens V. Holm, FIH President Mr. Bathra, FIH CEO Mr. Weil, IWGA President Mr. Jose Perurena, ASOIF secretary general Mr. Andrew Ryan and IIHF President Mr. Rene Fasel.
At the moment we might have two guests the WFDF secretary general/IWGA ExCo member Mr. Volker Bernardi and the FIH Foundation Director Mr. Mike Joyce.

Mr. Eriksson felt that it is very important that almost all have answered the invitation.

IFF has applied for the IOC Patronage for the WFC2018 and invited IOC President Thomas Bach. The IOC has decided to grant an IOC patronage for our upcoming Men‘s World Championships in Prague, which was informed by the IOC Sports Department. Due to the amount of work on the IOC side with the IOC Executive Board meeting, IOC session, Olympism in Action Forum and YOG taking place in the coming weeks, the IOC will be able to deliver a message on behalf of President Bach by the end of October.

CB decided: To approve the reports and the Agenda and documents for the IFF General Assembly 2018 to be sent out to the member associations, in accordance with the stipulated dead lines.

§ 5. World Championships
a) WFC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
Mr. Suman gave an update on the WFC 2018 preparations and the actions taken by the Czech Floorball and the WFC LOC. (Appendix 13a) So far over 26.000 daily and session tickets are sold and the school campaign for the morning matches in the beginning of the tournament is still going on, with the estimation of over 15.000 school pupils for the morning matches during the group stage. The preparations are ongoing very well and the cooperation with the IFF has been very good. In accordance to the Project Health Card (Appendix 13b) all the parts are on track and the team is well organised.

Concerning the financials, on the income side will be on balance, but the investment of the Czech Floorball is going to be very huge and there are still challenges with the financial out come. The aim is still to have an WFC which will create enough income to make it possible to develop the position of floorball in Czech Republic. The CF is planning to publish a book after the WFC.

One of the key success points is the number of spectators, where the forecast is to be able to break the overall record. The last thirty days are key to attract the local audience and it is important to remind the local sport audience when the WFC has started. There will be a really good opening day and the final week-end will be close to sold-out. There are some issues with some of the days. CF will run the biggest guest operation ever and there can be some 1.500 guests on the opening day. The biggest addition to the Event will be the twelve Floorball festivals in the district capitals. There have also been new contacts created to the participating countries ambassadors.

Further Mr. Liljelund reported on the TV situation. The final agreements with Czech TV have been made and Czech TV will produce all matches and transfer the signal to satellite of IFF‘s, from where IFF will distribute the signal. (Appendix 14) IFF has secured a satellite for the broadcasts and is working on securing the 2nd signal for the matches played in the Sparta Arena.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) U19 WFC 2019, Halifax, Canada
On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that all the U19 WFC 2019 qualifications have been played and that the following teams qualified to the B-division; Germany, Slovenia, Russia, Japan and New Zealand, with New Zealand participating in the final round for the first time.
The preliminary schedule of the final round has been prepared (Appendix 15)

The U19 WFC 2019 LOC are running the preparations of the Event in accordance with plans and have started marketing locally and sponsor sales. IFF has had a meeting with the TV/Stream production company and all seems to be in order.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) WFC 2019
Mr. Beer gave a status report of the preparations of the WFC 2019 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. There will be a press conference and the launch of the WFC 2019 web-page during the EFT tournament in Neuchatel in the WFC B-venue, during the Women‘s WFC international week-end. The WFC is a major investment of the SUHV into spreading the The City has financial issues and therefore the City support might decrease and the SUHV will approach the Swiss Olympic for additional support. The ballot will be organised in mid of February and the ticket sales will start after that. The overall cost for the WFC will be just over one million.

On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported on that the schedules of the qualifications have since the last CB been finalised and published. In Europe there will be two groups in Gdansk, Poland and Trencin, Slovakia and the groups are played at the same time. The AOFC will be played with two groups in Bangkok, Thailand and the Americas in beginning of February in Detroit.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the negotiations with Polar HD for the production of the TV-signal/stream is ongoing. The Swiss TV SRF will show Swiss games on web-TV from the groups stage and in TV in the play-off face.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) Upcoming organisers
WFC 2020, Helsinki, Finland
Mr. Halonen is on behalf of Mr. Nurminen reported on the preparations of the SSBL for the WFC 2020. The tournament director Ms. Hanne Pirkola has started last week and the preparations will now start.

On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that the invitation to the WFC 2020, with 31st
December 2018 as last date to register, has been sent to all member Associations (Appendix 16).

IFF will contract PolarHD as the production company and do the production for YLE. YLE will still act as Host Broadcaster.

CB decided: To approve the reports

U19 WFC 2020, 2021 and 2022
On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that the invitation to the U19 WFC 2020, with 31st December 2018 as last date to register, has been sent to all member Associations (Appendix 17). Further to be reported is that a letter asking for organisers of the U19 WFC 2021 and 2022 has been sent to the member Associations. The date to send in the interest to organize has been set to 15th of November 2018 with the aim to start bidding procedures thereafter.

CB decided: To approve the report.

WFC 2022
On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that the bidding procedure for the WFC 2022, to be played in the period 20.10-13.11.2022, has started and the Eventello bid tool has been sent out to Latvia, Slovakia and Switzerland. The last date to hand in the bid, which is done in Eventello, is 16th of November 2018. After this date the evaluation will start with the aim to propose the organiser to the CB meeting in Prague 7th of December 2018.

CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup
a) EuroFloorball Cup 2018
On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that discussions are going on regarding organising the EuroFloorball Cup 2019 in Russia in the St. Petersburg area.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) EuroFloorball Challenge 2018
On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that the search for an organiser of the EFCh 2019 is ongoing. There has been some interest from some teams or countries to organise.

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) Champions Cup 2019
Mr. Liljelund reported on behalf of Mr. Nurminen on the CCSG meeting held in Uppsala Sweden on the 19.10.2018 and status of the preparations of the Home & Away concept for the Champions Cup in a very good meeting. (Appendix 18). The CCS discussed the proposal for the CC-concept, prepared by Mr. Zoss and made a number of changes, clarifications and additions to it. The CCSG will in the coming week finalise the proposal and then send to the CCSG stakeholders for approval. The aim is to have the concept approved in the next IFF CB meeting, during the WFC in Prague. (Appendix 19)

Mr. Klabere further report on the preparations of the Champions Cup 2019 – Final Four, to be played in Gävle, Sweden on the 3rd and 4th of January 2019. The tournament is played in connection to the Swedish Association Youth tournament and the preparations are ongoing

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports
a) ExCo reports
Mr. Eriksson reported on the ExCo activities during the last two months and the preparations in advance of the CB meeting and the preparation of the IFF General Assembly, especially in relation to the Future of Floorball.

The IFF has through the President and secretary general conveyed the IFF condolences to the family and friends of the deceased GAISF President Mr. Patrick Baumann, after his unexpected death during the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games 2018.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF Ethics Commission (ETC) has proposed some changes to the IFF Statutes, which has been included in the CB proposal and has started the creation of the IFF Ethics Commission working guidelines, which will be brought to the IFF CB for the December meeting.

Mr. Liljelund reported that Mr. Kalsta has prepared and collected the necessary documents for the IFF registration and there will be a visit to the Vaud Commercial Registry with Mr Eriksson and Mr Liljelund in November to verify some signatures As the registration process will also entail changes to the IFF Statutes this is also being prepared in order to have the suggested changes ready when the Material for the General Assembly is due. If everything runs smoothly the registration can be finalized once the appeal period for the GA Minutes has closed and everything is duly signed.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) CB members responsibilities
Mr. Ovedal reported of the development with the Western European countries and the meeting of the 6 Nations meeting, held in connection to the 6-nation tournament in October. There was a good meeting and workshop what can be done together. The idea is to build a series of yearly education seminars for the countries. There could be a draft latest for the first CB meeting in 2019. The group evaluated the cooperation, and everyone are agreeing to continue for a three-year period starting from 2020. There is some network being built within the countries.

Mr Lopez has handed in a written report about the on the development in Central and Latin America and the plans for the future. (Appendix 20) There are good news from Colombia, where there is good development. There has been some development also in Ecuador, based on the Floorball4all operations. Brazil is coming to the GA 2018 and there are persons coming from Argentia to Spain. All are asking for help, so there needs to be discussions on how to work with such a big area and how to work with Special Olympics.

Mr. Eriksson thanked Mr. Lopez for the good and clear report.

Mr. King reported on the on the status of the proposal for the implementation of the IFF Development Officer for the AOFC, as it didn‘t work out exactly as planned with Korea. Now a new proposal has been built with New Zealand to work with the Men‘s U19 team for the U19 WFC in Halifax, Canada. The IFF pays for the coach and his travels and the New Zealand is responsible for the food and lodging of the coach during the educations.

The coach is Mr. Juerg Kihm, who has been the head coach of the Australian Women‘s national team in a number of WFC‘s (Appendix 21a and 21b) New Zealand is very keen to run the project and is willing to put internal funding to the widen the project. The idea is to run development and coaching programs and create a coaching structure for New Zealand Floorball.

Mr. Klabere and Beer wanted to ask if the costs are included in the 2019 budget, to which Mr. Liljelund asked that they are included in the 2019 budget proposal.

CB decided: To approve the reports

c) Contacts to International Sports Organisations
Mr. Eriksson shortly reported on the development in the International field, even if not very much has happened after the last meeting.

Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF participated in the 1st IWGA TWG 2021 Competition Managers meeting in Birmingham in beginning of October. Floorball has five competition days and starts the day after the opening. The venue and the accommodation was originally planned for the Samford University campus, but as Floorball and korfball would be the only sports at the venue, the BOC is investigating if the accommodation can be changed to the more central campuses, where all other sports are located. The venue is very good, but a little outside in the City, there is however a slight issue with it as it is a Baptist University, no alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on campus. The BOC will investigate this further. (Appendix 22)

Mr. Suman asked when we need to start the discussions of what the IFF and the countries can do to help. Mr. Liljelund answered that the USFbA has started to make their plan for preparation, which should be ready by the end of the year. IFF should in the first CB meeting of 2019 start the planning process also from an international point of view.

The ARISF Council has not met after the SportAccord and no new information has been circulated from ARISF. IFF has forwarded the information concerning the IOC Women in Sport 2017 Award Ms. Birgitta Kervinen project New Leaders in Sport to the ARISF to be sent to the members.

Mr. Suman asked what the ARISF Council is planning to do for the Recognised IFs and Mr. Liljelund answered that there are not to much action from ARISF, as the discussions on the axis IOC and GAISF is still ongoing.

The preparations of the IMGA European Master Games in Torino, Italy next year are still ongoing, and the Italian association has started cooperating with the LOC. The LOC is looking to have three playing fields and at least some 30-40 teams. The CB discussed the new forms of promotion of the Event in the CB Workshop in Prague and actions will be taken based on this by the Office. (Appendix 23a)

Mr. Eriksson reported that no news concerning Floorball‘s status in the Urban and no information or additional questions have been raised by GAISF.

Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF participated in the Olympism in Action forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in the first days of the Youth Olympic Games. (Appendix 24)

Mr. Eriksson reported that the Paris OCOG has confirmed the process for inclusion of new sports on the program of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Mr. Suman stressed that the IFF needs to remember the fact that there are a lot of lobbying going on towards the OCOG and we need to be active here.

Mr. Eriksson reported on the present situation concerning the SEA Games 2019, to be organised in Manilla, the Philippines in 2019. It has been informed by the AOFC president Mr. Siriwat and the PFA President Mr. Ramos that Floorball would be on the program of the SEA Games 2019, but the final confirmation will only take place in November. IFF has been asked to nominate a Competition Manager and Mr. Kratz is discussing this with the AOFC President. Mr. Eriksson stressed that it will also be easier to be included in the upcoming SEA Games in Vietnam 2021, Cambodia 2023 and in Thailand in 2025.

Mr. Eriksson is further informed that the process for settling the organiser of the 2021 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games is still ongoing, and Thailand has not yet applied for them, but it is likely to do so. Apparently Thailand is lobbying for the 2026 Youth Olympic Games.

CB decided: To approve the reports

Mr. Klabere reported on the RACC work since the last CB meeting and the proposals on the use of live stream for goal review to be used in the WFC 2018 and onwards (Appendix 25) and the proposal for the recommendation concerning the Euro Floorball Championships motion for the General Assembly (Appendix 12b). The proposal for the goal review has been updated, accordingly. Mr. Suman asked where we are going with the video review for the teams possibility to be challenge situations in the future. Mr. Klabere answered with the present system, this will not be technically possible.

Further Mr. Klabere is to report about the outcome of the questionnaire regarding U19 WFC dates which has been sent to all members Associations. (Appendix 39) Based on the result of the questionnaire the term for the U19 WFC should stay the same, as there is no better week than the present. The majority of the countries were not in favour of lowering the age groups for the U19 WFC.

Regarding updating of competition regulations, the RACC is returning with a proposal on changing the handling of team lists where teams would submit one team list 30 days prior to the event (instead of a first list and a final list). (Appendix 26) Mr. Klabere expressed that there is more and more tasks for the IFF and LOC organizer to fulfil before the Event, therefore the 30 days.

On behalf of Mr. Kratz, Mr. Halonen reported that the office has approved an exemption for 2018/2019 regarding the handling of penalty shots in Finland (Appendix 27) and an exemption for shirt colours in Latvia (Appendix 28).

CB decided: To approve the reports and decide upon updating the competition regulations with the new handling of team lists.

e) RC
Mr. Halonen reported, that due to Mr. Råsbrink stepping down, the RC has been without a Chair for some time now. In order to solve this the IFF office has after consultation with the IFF President, discussed with Mr. Carlos Lopez and after receiving his approval, decided to propose Mr. Lopez to be nominated the Chair of the IFF Referee Committee.

The IFF Referee Committee has handled the proposals from the IFF member associations for the international referees and international observers for the period from 2019-2020 in a skype meeting on the 16th of October 2018. The RC proposes to nominate the following international referees and observes. There are 138 referees (increase of 11 %) and 24 observers from 29 different IFF member associations, which is an increase of three countries. (Appendix 34)

The number of referees and observers is adequate, but in the future the RC needs to work even harder to get referees from more countries since it‘s also a requirement based on the IFF License System 2.0. Also the number of female referees is not big enough, only five female referees pairs. It however seems that there fortunately are more female referees on their way to international level in the time frame of two to four years.

CB decided: To approve the report, appoint Mr. Carlos Lopez as the RC chair and approve the nomination of the International Referees and Observers for the period of 2019 - 2020

f) Medical committee
Mr. Halonen, in the absence of Ms. Bruun, reported that the IFF has made all the required Corrective Actions for the IFF Code compliance and these have been approved by WADA and IFF has therefore completed the process. This means that IFF is now WADA Code Compliant, as of 16.10.2018. The following documents have been prepared for the Code Compliance process (Appendix 29a, 29b, 29c,29d and 29e):

- IFF Test Planning & Intelligence and Investigations document,
- IFF making a reasonable attempt instruction,
- IFF Failure to comply document & minor‘s consent paragraph added to the IFF Team Managers Guidelines.
- Guidelines for Manager of Club Teams at IFF Events

In addition, WADA has recommended to increase the amount of out-of-competition testing during the season in the future, which has been planned for 2019.

The WADA has asked for a presentation of the IFF Anti-Doping Education Program during the WADA Education Conference in Beijing (October 23-25), to which Ms. Merita Bruun participates from IFF.

IFF has sent in the nomination of the ATC member Ms. Agata Plechan as a member of the WADA Athletes Committee and we are awaiting for an answer until first part of November.

CB decided: To approve the report and confirm the documents made for the WADA Corrective Actions.

g) Athletes Commission
Mr. Liljelund informed in the absence of Ms. Reehuis that the IFF Office has held discussions with some of the ATC members, who have not been very active to ask if they are still in position to participate in the work of the IFF ATC. Mr. Johan Samuelsson has informed that he has difficulties to use the needed time for the IFF ATC, due to work, family and sport commitments, and has asked to step down from the ATC. (Appendix 40)

The IFF Office proposes that the IFF CB accepts the resignation of Mr. Samuelsson and thank him for his contribution, as we must be aware of the multiple requirement our athletes have. The IFF Office proposes to install Mr. Ole Mossin Olesen (Norway), based on the fact that IFF can appoint one of the four ATC members.

CB decided: To approve the report and install Mr. Ole Mossin Olessen as a IFF Athletes Commission member.

i) Marketing function
Mr. Beer reported about the current sales and marketing situation. The main points are still the negotiations with SwissTiming (Timing Partner) and the discussions New Wave Group / Craft (Material Sponsor). There is also a good on-going dialogue with Subway. In aggregate over 80 companies are in the pool of actively contacted companies. The cooperation agreements with TMG Sports Oy (Finland) and Event 44 (Switzerland) have so far created about 15 sales leads for a Main sponsor, one of the leads has led to further discussions. Our Swiss agent is also the Director of the IIHF 2020 World Championships in Lausanne and will try to bring up our service portfolio when he discusses marketing with the IIHF sponsors. (Appendix 30)

Mr. Eriksson felt that it is amazing that Mr. Kalsta has been able to make so many contacts to companies.

Mr Kalsta has been restructuring the sales presentation to make it more compact and fluent. A separate fact sheet for figures (Social Media, YouTube, TV) has been prepared (Appendix 31 and 31a)

The details for producing reference videos from existing sponsors are being prepared. The footage for the video will be shot at the WFC 2018 in Prague with the help of the IFF video crew.

The Fan Value-Based survey for Floorball has been kicked-off in September. The goal is to investigate what values our fans represent and to identify brands with the best possible match. Currently to questionnaire is being constructed in accordance with the theoretical frame work. The final report will be available in January 2019.

The CCMNG convened on the 18th of October in Stockholm. There was an external presentation by Pernilla Dahlborg from Brynäs IF about their successful change of partnership model from ad / visibility-oriented to a value-based model. Two of the main topics for discussion were the support of national federations to increase WFC awareness and visibility and the monetization of the tv/internet-streaming rights. (Appendix 32)

CB decided: To approve the reports

j) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group
Mr. Halonen reported that there have been three Floorball Development Seminars organized since the last CB meeting. The first one in conjunction with the Africa Cup in Abidjan in Cote d‘Ivoire on the 14th of September 2018 for both coaching and refereeing sector with 50 participants from Burkina Faso, Cote d‘Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali and Togo.

An introductory coaching seminar was organized in Laos in the National University of Laos in Vientiane from the 10th 12th of October 2018 with 38 participants from Laos. The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Lao NOC, the Ministry of Education and Sport, the University and the development NGO Fida International. The aim is to have the Lao NOC form a national association in the near future. (Appendix 33)

A Coaching, Good Governance and referee seminar was organized in Delhi in India from the 10th to 13th of October 2018 with 44 participants from 22 states from India. The Good Governance was one day workshop for the administration of the Indian Floorball Federation and the coaching and refereeing seminars were built on the IFF standard three-day seminar structure. (Appendix 38)

The only planned seminar for now is the Special Olympics Floorball seminar 24.-25.11. in Dublin, Ireland, for Coaching and refereeing.

CB decided: To approve the report

k) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group
There was no report provided as Mr. King had to leave the meeting earlier.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office
Mr. Halonen informed that the new IFF website floorball.sport was launched on the 18th of October, after a long process and a number of challenges related to the inclusion of the statistics system. The WFC 2019 microsite will be launched on the 30th of October 2018, in advance of the Women‘s EFT in Neuchatel, Switzerland in November. The Champions Cup 2019 will be hosted in the current format, A change to the new website for this will not happen until after the 2019 event is over.

Mr. Halonen further informed that the IFF office has prepared the survey concerning the IFF License System 2.0, which will be sent to all IFF member associations, after the CB meeting. The purpose of the survey is to make it easier to categorize the IFF member associations to the tier system of the License system and also make it easier for the IFF member associations to know, which criteria they need to fulfil to achieve certain tier levels.

The survey is a web-based survey with 18 different questions and the IFF member associations will reply to the survey by the 23 of November. The intention is that during the IFF General Assembly in Prague in conjunction of the WFC 2018, the member associations can still discuss the topic with the IFF CB members, if they have anything to add. (Appendix 35)

CB decided: To approve the report

a) Development operations
Mr. Halonen reported on the first ever international tournament in Africa, which took place in Abidjan in Cote d‘Ivoire from the 15th to 16th of September 2018. There were four men‘s teams and three women‘s teams participating to the two-day tournament. The women‘s teams were Burkina Faso, Cote d‘Ivoire and Mali. Burkina Faso won the final against Cote d‘Ivoire.
Men‘s teams were Burkina Faso, Cote d‘Ivoire, Mali and Nigeria. Burkina Faso and Nigeria played the final and Nigeria won and took the first men‘s Africa Cup. (Appendix 37)

The playing arena was Palais des sports de Treichville and the arena was suitable for the tournament with proper amount of locker for the teams. The tournament was played with the Street Floorball concept, 4 vs 4 field players and goalkeepers, which was the wish from the participating countries even though the IFF suggested to play 3 vs 3 due to the fact that there were many games per team per day and some teams had relatively small teams.

The Floorball Cote d‘Ivoire took care of the arrangements for the teams and the venue, but there were still a number of small issues, which needed to be fixed by the IFF delegates present. The games were anyhow played, and all the teams were happy about the tournament and there‘s a big need to organize the tournament also next year. The decision however needs to be taken, if the tournament takes place in East or West Africa, because the teams can‘t afford to fly inside Africa, since it‘s extremely expensive. This year all the teams came to Abidjan by cars due to the fact that the roads are very good in that region of Africa.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Communications operations
Mr. Halonen reported, in the absence of Ms. Merita Bruun that the new IFF website will be more visitor friendly and therefore also have a separate page for media with photos, social media, RSS news feed, logos, newsletter subscriptions and other services.

The preparations for the WFC 2018 and the Champions Cup are presently taking most of the time for the IFF Communications team.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations
Mr. Liljelund reported that IFF has found a positive solution with Exel Sports Group, which is the producer of Exel Floorball sticks has been granted reconstruction of its debts, by the Finnish court. Exel has been able to pay off some of its outstanding debts and also made arrangements to move the RISE debt to another company, namely the B4G Group, which will pay them gradually until the end of February 2019. Discussions with Exel are ongoing, as they have reorganised their operations.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) ParaFloorball information
Mr. Halonen reported in absence of Ms. Bruun that there was a meeting held with two IPCH executive board members during their PowerChair Hockey World Championship in Italy, where they had teams from three continents participating for the first time (Canada participated for the first time).

The IPCH expressed for the first time that they are more open to the possibility of choosing sport belongingness during the next four-year period (instead of being member of IWAS). But a new executive committee was elected at the Congress in connection with the World Championships, consisting of both old but also new members, so this will have to be discussed in more detail once the committee is in contact to the IFF (should be by end of October).

CB decided: To approve the reports

e) Equality operations
Mr. Liljelund reported of the proposed updates for the Policy Statement on Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse and the Guidelines on Sexual Harassment & Abuse (Appendix 36a and 36b). The content has not really been changed, but some small corrections has been done. After the approval of the IFF CB, the office can update the SHA flyer for the WFC.

CB decided: To approve the report and the update of the documents.

§ 9. Member Federations
a) Membership questions
Mr. Halonen reported that there has been an ongoing issue in India with the actions of the former Joint Secretary of the Indian Floorball Federation (InFF) Mr. Chandar towards the InFF. He has tried to prevent the InFF to organize events and has been trying to take over the InFF by subpoenas in the court of law but has not succeeded.

There have already been two sessions in the court of law in India and the third one taking place in the end of October, but the decisions of the court has been in favour for the present administration of the InFF. Out of 24 states in India where Floorball is played, 22 stands behind the present leadership ran by the President Mr. Harindar Kumar.

Mr. Liljelund informed that the InFF through Mr. Atul Gupta has asked for a meeting with the IFF during the WFC.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Members under suspension
No members under suspension

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) New Member Applications
Mr. Halonen reported that the Organisation Rwandaise de Floorball (ORF) has handed in the membership application to the IFF office with the proper and required documents by the IFF statutes. The ORF is now working towards the recognition from both the Sports Council of Rwanda as well as the NOC of Rwanda and the IFF has delivered them the letter of Recommendation. ORF started this process in 2016 right after the first ever FDS in Cameroon where ORF had representation.

The IFF office proposes to the IFF CB that ORF in Rwanda would be approved as a provisional member of the IFF as a member number 69.

There are also other five African countries, Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Mali and Togo, which have started the process to apply for the membership in the IFF. IFF has also sent the letter of recommendations to the Floorball associations of these mentioned countries. The Africa Cup gave a lot of new motivation to the associations especially in West Africa and Cameroon Floorball Association has acted as EOTO mentor in this membership issues in West Africa.

CB decided: To approve the report and approve the Organisation Rwandaise de Floorball (ORF), as the provisional member of IFF, with nr. 69.

§ 10. Next CB meeting
Mr. Eriksson conclude that the next CB meeting, will be held at the Clarion Congress hotel in Prague, Czech Republic on the 7th of December, starting at 9:30.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide the time and place for the next CB meeting

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting

John Liljelund, Secretary General Tomas Eriksson, President

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