One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 1/2014

Melia Barajas Hotel, Madrid

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke Treasurer
Stephen King
Magdalena Kotikova ASC Chair
Carlos Lopez
Johanna Mikkola
Oliver Stoll
Filip Suman Vice president
Martin Wolmhed

Stefan Kratz Competition Manager
Veli Halonen Office Coordinator
John Liljelund Secretary General

Daniel Bollinger
Risto Kauppinen
Merita Bruun Information Manager


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 08.30 and wished everyone welcomed to the first CB meeting of the year in Madrid, Spain.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are a number of updated appendixes for the meeting.

Appendix 2 – Financial Report 2013
Appendix 3 – IFF Claims per 31.01.2014
Appendix 10 – Americas report
Appendix 14a – Code of Ethics proposal
Appendix 14b – Conflict of Interest proposal
Appendix 18 – RACC report
Appendix 19 - Estonia letter U19 WFC 2015

§ 3 Minutes from the CB meeting:
07/2013 in Ostrava, (12.12.2013), (Appendix 1),

The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta

§ 4. Economy

a) Financial report by the 31.12.2013 (Appendix 2)

Mrs. Bakke presented the preliminary financial report and the balance sheet for the financial year 2013, per 31.12.2013. Due to some financial issues which are still being open in connection to the WFC 2013, in the field of marketing and TV, the annual financial report is presently not ready. The Czech TV has not sent the invoices to IFF.

Mr. Suman expressed that the Czech TV has recently changed the TV organisation for Sochi, which has taken all their time.

Mr. Eriksson expressed his gratitude to the treasurer and the administration, for a job very well done.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status January 31st, 2014 (Appendix 3)

Mr. Kratz firstly presented the claims situation by the 31.12.2013 (Appendix 3a) and then secondly the IFF claims as per 31.01.2014. The claim situation has been decreased with 28.750 CHF in December.

Mr. Kratz further informed that for the teams qualified for the WFC 2014 Final Round, which are not in line with the IFF Licence system. These countries are Germany (#7), which has started to pay their debts, Russia (#9) and Slovakia (#11). The IFF has started discussions with the countries, in order to have a possibility to participate in the WFC 2014 Final round.

The CB discussed what actions need to be taken in respect to the IFF Licence System implication for the Men‘s WFC 2014. (Appendix 3b). The final dead-line to clear the debts totally is set to the first of October, in order to secure their participation.

Mr. Eriksson proposes that the IFF CB shall be really strict following the IFF Licence system, demanding a plan of how to pay the debts by February. The CB will evaluate the situation in the May meeting and make the final decision in the August meeting. If the agreed plan has not been follow, the CB can exchange the teams by beginning of October. The following countries by WGC ranking is Poland and Italy.

Ms. Bakke, Mr. Wolmhed and Mr. King were all agreeing to the proposal.

The CB decided: To approve the report and to decide upon actions needed in respect of IFF Licence system.

§ 5. World Championships

a) WFC 2013 Czech Republic

Mr. Suman gave a final report concerning the 9th Women‘s WFC 2013 held in Brno and Ostrava, Czech Republic. The follow-up process is still ongoing with-in the CFbU office. The main goal was to raise the level of the Women‘s WFC, close to the Men‘s WFC‘s. in order to reach this the LOC took a few risks with big venues. The spectator attendance goal was meet, with over 43.000 spectators and rising the level of the event was reached. The Event took a lot of effort of the CFbU administration, but the huge investment of the whole CFbU employees paid off in the end. The final result will be at least even for the WFC in the end.

The TV numbers were quite amazing, for example over 600.000 watched the Czech bronze match at least for a while. The CFbU believe that there will be a positive legacy of the Event for both Czech and International Floorball. The internal evaluation process is still ongoing.

Mr. King asked how the LOC , was so successful with the cooperation with the schools. Mr. Suman expressed that there was a different approach to the primary and secondary schools. The CFbU set up the basic system, organised competitions for the schools.

Mr. Wolmhed gave a final Jury report from the 9th Women‘s WFC 2013, which can be convinced as a really good championship. The move of the City was the only real issue during the Event. The cooperation worked well with the LOC. All the team behaved very well, during the Championships, making it an extraordinary event. The new structure of the WFC has proven to be really good, with a decrease of the goal difference with around 20 per cent compared to the previous event.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

Mr. Liljelund gave an update about the TV broadcasting and the visibility achieved in both spectators and airing time, with the different TV Companies and the host broadcaster Czech TV. (Appendix 5). The total number of TV spectators reached close to 2,3 mill.
Mr. Suman expressed that the Czech TV was investing a lot in the Event, with 14 TV camers cameras in the final.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) WFC 2014 Sweden

Mr. Wolmhed gave a short report on the preparations for the Men‘s 10th WFC 2014 to be played in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 5th to 14th of December 2014.

The LOC is planning to conduct the ballot for the event on the 25th of February, after the Sochi Olympic Games, in Gothenburg to settle the groups. The RACC is preparing the ballot in order for the organiser to be able to conduct it. The tickets will be released 20th of March and a information letter will be sent out to the teams. There is a lot of practical work going on.

Mr. Kratz reported on the six qualification tournaments played in the end of January and the teams qualified for the WFC Final round in Sweden are Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and USA. The WFC 2014 organiser has now been provided the basis for the drawing of the final round groups.
The six qualifications have been organised very well simultaneously, with only a few problems in Canada, where Jamaica arrived very late without shirts and the live stream didn‘t work. The qualifications had over 25.000 spectators in the 63 matches.

Mr. Suman informed that with 30 countries played simultaneously, is exceptional that we are able to handle this organisation in a successful way.

Mr. Wolmhed felt that it is amazing that the administration was able to run the qualifications, with the support of the RACC and the RC.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that the selected strategy to have all qualifying to the WFC has proven to be the right decision and the Floorball has taken a great step forward.

Mr. Wolmhed further reported on the WFC Test Event organised by the Swedish Federation in the Scandinavium on the 3rd of January, 2014 and the technical inspection made in the Arena during the Event, which served as an Opening of the Gothia Floorball Cup.

The Event was really good; with over 11.000 spectators was a really good event for the organiser. There were a lot of small minor things, which the organiser has collected in a survey. The IFF will work with this in the preparatory phase.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the situation concerning the TV negotiations with the host broadcaster TV4. The TV will have a site check in the Venue on the 6th of February, after which a meeting with IFF will take place on Monday the 10th of February, to coordinate the placement of the TV cameras in the venue. IFF will start the negotiations with TV channels in March after the ballot.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

c) U19 WFC 2014 Poland

Mr. Kratz reported on the preparations made for the U19 WFC 2014 Final round played in Poland. The semifinals and final have been decided to be played in the venue in Zbaszyn, in order to have a better quality surrounding for the matches. The IFF had wished for another solution, but the LOC has worked with the arena, to have more spectators.
Mr. Kratz further reported about the preparatory meeting to be held with Polish LOC in the end of March 2014.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) WFC 2015 Finland

Mr. Kratz reported on the registrations to the WFC 2015 where 24 teams have registered (18 from Europe, 4 from AOFC and 2 from Americas) and that the invitation for organizers for the qualifications has been sent out. There is a need for one group in Americas, one in AOFC and three in Europe. There are still negotiations ongoing with two potential participants.
Mr. Liljelund informed that the negotiations with the Finnish Federation, concerning the organisers agreement will take place in March.

The CB decided: To approve the report

e) U19 WFC 2015 Sweden

Mr. Kratz reported on the registrations to the U19 WFC 2015 where 24 teams have registered (20 from Europe, 2 from AOFC and 2 from Americas). The top 10 from U19 WFC 2013, all from Europe, are directly qualified meaning that 6 spots are open. Russia and Australia, has not registered from the teams that participated in the previous U19 WFC.

Mr.Kratz proposed that 2 spots shall be given to AOFC and 2 spots to Americas, meaning that two for this age level very expensive qualifications can be avoided, and 2 spots for the European teams not directly qualified. The proposal for the European qualification is to play in two qualifications of 5 teams each and that these qualifications should basically be divided after ranking but also taking into consideration the travels. Discussions with possible organizers for the U19 WFC qualifications have already started.

Mr. Kratz further informed that the Estonian federation has approached the IFF with a letter concerning the number of directly qualified teams for the U19 WFC 2015 (Appendix 19).The argument is that the number of qualified teams had been changed to the Competition Regulation edition 2013, where 11 teams were directly qualified. The IFF Jury informed at the technical meeting in Hamburg, that only ten teams are directly qualified.

The Estonian team participated in the technical meeting. The IFF and the Estonian federation have discussed this after the invitation has been sent out.

Mr. Eriksson proposed that IFF Competition department will inform that the decision of the number of directly qualified teams had been decided by the RACC prior to the U19 WFC 2013 and informed accordingly in the U19 WFC 2013 technical meeting in Hamburg, Germany. The edition of the Competition Regulation 2013 was valid for the U19 WFC 2013 and not the coming event.

Mr. Suman felt that it would be important for IFF to inform about these kind of important issues also directly to the member associations, since it is not always the information is forwarded to the member associations.

The CB decided: To approve the report, the division of spots for those not directly qualified and system for the European qualification. In addition the CB decided to answer the Estonian association accordingly.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup

a) EuroFloorball Cup 2014

Mr. Kratz reported on the actions taken to secure an organiser for the EFC qualifications and the EFC Final round 2014. Discussions have been started with Norway and Russia regarding the organisation of the EFC 2014 Final round. The Russian federation is interested to organise the event in the vicinity of Moscow.

The question relating the qualifications is still open and needs to be dealt by before the IFF CB meeting in May as well that the RACC will start the discussion on how to move forward with the EFC competition.

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Champions Cup

Mr. Suman reported on the situation in connection to how to continue with the playing of the Champions Cup after the present agreement runs out in the end of 2014. The CC Steering Group had in its meeting in November defined that the format of the competition continue as it is, with the strong relation to the EFC, securing the participation of the EFC winner and with a second team from the organising country. (Appendix 7)

The CC Steering Group however was also agreeing on the fact that something needs to be done to secure the finance of the Event, whether it is a combination of cost saving as much as finding new revenue streams for the Event.

The CC Steering Group asked the EFT Countries Associations, at its meeting on November 7th, to come up with proposals by the 20th of December, how the finances of the CC could be made better and the competition could increase its value. All four countries came with their proposals, but due to different reasons the last proposal was only handed in on the 23rd of January, 2014.

The proposals were unfortunately much wider than the question asked, with the SUHV asking for a thorough re-examination of the whole basis of the Champions Cup within all stakeholders, including clubs, players, media and fans and also to look over the timing of the Event.

The SIBF has proposed a number of financial innovations to secure the finances of the event and also proposing a change of the competition system with a move to a Final Four (only four teams, which would heavily effect the connection to the EFC). The CFbU and SSBL are both in favour of the present competition model with six teams, but also they are looking for different ways to enhance the financial result of the tournament. (Appendix 8a and Appendix 8b)

Mr. Suman reported that there has been a meeting held with the four EFT Presidents, where all agreed that there needs to be a top European club competition. The problem is the financial equation of the CC, but there are no real proposals on how to sort this out.

Mr. Suman further reported that based on this changed situation the IFF Presidium has decided that the IFF CB needs to discuss this situation first in order to reach a common understanding of the format of the competition, before any practical new plans can be dealt with. Mr. Suman concluded that it is very important that the countries should be prepared for the meetings prepared by the IFF, in order not to lose speed in the process. The CB needs to define a common view on how to deal with the competition and what we are ready to do in order for securing it.

Mr. Eriksson felt that there needs to be an agreement of the Champions Cup format by the EFT countries before we can go forward. It is on the shoulders of IFF to lead the process and secure the international interests.

Ms. Mikkola stated that the Champions Cup is a cool brand and it is valuable for the international development.

Mr. Wolmhed expressed that the process is still ongoing in Sweden on how to work with the club competitions.

The CB discussed about the format of the competition and Mr. Liljelund proposed that the IFF Office should make a proposal to go forward and set a time line, in order for the EFT Countries to agree upon.

The CC Steering Group will be given the task to work with the new proposals to enhance the financial conditions to the IFF CB May meeting.

Mr. Kratz reported in the absence of Mr. Bollinger on the Swiss preparations of the Champions Cup 2014. The preparations are ongoing for the tournament in the Saalsportshalle, with accommodation in a nearby youth hostel and public transportation. They have started with a marketing company and preparing a sponsor brochure by the end of February.

The CB decided: To approve the reports and decide to give the IFF Office the task to make a first proposal of the format of the Event and give the CC Steering Group the task to bring a final proposal to the CB in May.

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported in short on the planned ExCo meeting to be held in advance of the next CB meeting, in order to plan the IOC Short List Project and the cooperation with AdviSport. In addition to this the ExCo will act as a steering group for the implementation of the IFF Licence System and the Each One – Teach One project.

Mr. King reported on the present activities of the AOFC and the AOFC General Assembly held in Wellington, New Zealand, in connection to the Men‘s WFCQ on the 2nd of February. (Appendix 9)
The AOFC will work with four projects in the two next years; the West Asian project, Multi Sport Games (SEA Games and WIUC 2014), Implementation of EOTO in AOFC and two Development seminars.

The IFF CB congratulated Mr. King for his re-election as the AOFC president and his great performance handling the AOFC.

Mrs. Mikkola reported on the present activities in the Americas and possible discussions held in Canada during the Americas WFCQ. (Appendix 10) There has been an information letter sent out to all groups in the Americas, giving important information of what is happening. Most active groups will be present at the Canada Cup, where some kind of meeting will be held.
- Brazil has organised a number of school tournaments and are looking to launch a first junior tournament.
- Jamaica made their debut on the world scene, with some small issues. The JFA is cooperating with the Special Olympics.
- In US the focus has been set on the U19 WFC Team for 2015, in cooperation with US Hockey in a number of cities. The Let‘s Play Hockey consumer expo is hosting demonstration games in Minnesota in March. There is some cooperation with the US Olympic centre in the Colorado Springs
- Floorball Canada will launch a on-line referee course to increase the number of referees in North America. There is a need to bring up a Code of Conduct for the players.
- The U19 WFC 2016 has launched their Twitter account and the preparations are ongoing, with a regular promotion of the event.
- There is something going on in Mexico.
- There are some activities to try to get a team to the WUC from Canada and/or USA.

Mr. Eriksson felt that it is really good that there is a detail report provided to the IFF and it shows the development. It is however important that there is an Floorball Canada representative in all IFF Events.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Eriksson firstly reported on the demonstration tournament played in Myanmar in connection to the SEA Games and the reflection from that tournament. The next SEA Games are organised in Singapore in 2015, on June 5th -16th, just recently set by Singapore Olympic Council, and Floorball is a top candidate, among six sports, to be included as a medal sport proposed by the Singaporeans, which is to be decided in February on the program. IFF will take action after the decision has been made public.
IFF have asked how IFF can support the Singapore Floorball Association and the Singapore NOC on how we can support the process.

In the field of the International Lobbying the main focus is to spread the knowledge of Floorball among the International decision makers and here the SportAccord Convention will be a crucial event for us. The SportAccord is organised in Belek, Turkey from 6th to 11th of April.

Mr. Eriksson further informed that the long time serving president of the IWGA Mr. Ron Froehlich has informed that he will step down in Belek, which means that the political situation has dramatically changed in respect to our application for the World Games. Now the situation is totally open on who will become the President and how this will affect the decision of the sport program of the World Games. There are three candidates for the position of President, Mr. José Perurena Lopez, IOC member and President in Canoeing, Mr. Max Bishop, former Secretary General from Aeronautics, and Mr. Harald Vervaecke, from Life Saving.

IFF will seek advice from its partners in front of the meeting, in order to try to secure a place in the games. IFF has earlier nominated Mr. Liljelund for the IWGA CB, in order to have a better negotiation position with-in the IWGA and its members. (Appendix 11) Mr. Eriksson has arranged a number of meetings with different sports leaders in Sochi, to discuss the matter.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the FISU Technical Delegate for Floorball Mr. Ari Vehniäinen has informed that the FISU is expecting around 10 Men‘s teams to participate and around 8 Women‘s team for the WUC to be played in Singapore.

The work with the consultancy firm AdviSport has started and the basic plan for how we shall work together during the year has been planned. The main idea is that AdviSport shall assist in the production of the needed documents and policies that are needed for the IOC Short List application. The plan expresses the needed actions that have to be taken to meet the IOC Criteria. (Appendix 12) Mr. Eriksson will have a meeting with Mr. Bourquin in Sochi, in order to finalise the plans.

Mr. Liljelund presented the first document produced for the IOC Short List, which is the IFF Entourage Regulation. The IOC has the last three four years high-lighted the need for the IF‘s to have rules and codes of conduct for the Athletes‘ Entourage. The IFF Entourage Regulation is built on the guidelines given by the IOC. (Appendix 13) Based on these Guidelines the Office will then produce different Codes of Conduct for the Entourage and start the preparations to make a proposal for the forming of an Entourage Committee.

Mr. Liljelund also brought a proposal to the meeting for the IFF Code of Ethics and the Conflict of Interest Policy in order for the CB to discuss on these. (Appendix 14a, Appendix 14b)

The CB decided: To approve the reports and approve the IFF Guidelines for Athletes Entourage and the IFF Code of Ethics and the Conflict of Interest Policy.


Mr. Wolmhed gave a short report on the preparations made by the RACC, in connection to the coming season and the IFF Events. The RACC will have its meeting in May/June, in order to prepare all needed instruments to measure that the member associations are following the requirements of the IFF Licence System, for the Men‘s WFC 2014. (Appendix 18)

Mr. Wolmhed further reported on the Rule seminar held in Ostrava in connection to the Women‘s WFC on the 12th of December.

The CB decided: To approve the reports

d) RC

Mr. Halonen informed in the absence of Mr. Bollinger that the RC will hold their first meeting in March on 8-9th in Upplands Väsby, to discuss the upcoming season and the work needed to be done in the referee sector.

There was one nominated referee pair for the WFCQ, which got injured one week prior to the qualifications. Therefore an upcoming referee part was used in one of the qualifications.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

e) Medical committee

Mr. Halonen reported in the absence of Ms. Bruun, that the process of implementing the WADA Code has started and that Ms. Bruun has attended the ICIC Congress in Holland to gain more information on how to conduct the implementation. (Appendix 15)

The new Code has defined that each International Federation must as a first step evaluate the physiological aspects and possible risks of their own sport. This Technical Document (TD) will be prepared by the WADA expert group will then establish the sample analysis methods and the substances which shall be analysed for each sport. WADA has asked the input for the TD document including physiological studies of Floorball to be sent by the end of February 2014.

In addition Mr. Halonen reported that the IFF has been contacted by the Swedish Floorball Research and development Centre in Umeå about promoting the centre and their activities. The first steps have also been taken to find ways of a closer cooperation with the Centre. The Centre could for example be interested in the data collected by IFF concerning the Floorball Injuries during our main Events.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

f) Athletes Commission

Mrs. Kotikova shortly reported on the plans on how the activation of the IFF Athletes Commission is progressing, and organise the first meeting of the ATC.
The ATC is proposing to have Mr. Emanuel Antener (SUI) in the RACC and then Ms. Brigitta Radacsi (HUN) in the RC. The ATC is preparing the Athletes blog for the IFF web page on a monthly basis. The ATC page will be updated on the web page.
The ATC will have their yearly meeting in connection to the U19 WFC in Poland

The CB decided: To approve the report

g) Marketing Ad Hoc group

Mr. Suman reported on the discussions held and plans made in order to intensify the marketing and sales activities of Floorball and IFF. There are three task to fulfil the action plan for the EOTO project; Build best practise models for marketing tools, the Model offer for sponsorship and enhanced visibility in all media channels.
In addition the group will look upon the fact if the TV numbers would be big enough for the TV sales rights in a number of markets.

The CB decided: To approve the report

h) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group

In the absence of Mr. Kauppinen, Mr. Liljelund reported on the plans the Equality function has made together with the Finnish Federation to present and promote Floorball at the International Network Women in Sport Conference and have sent in submissions to make a presentation during the Conference and talk about what our sport can do to activate Women in Sport. (Appendix 16)

The CB decided: To approve the report

i) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group

Mr. King reported on the continued plans for the lobbying work. We need to allocate IOC Executive Board members to the ExCo members. There is a meeting planned with the West Asian game organisers and tying the EOTO project to the lobbying on a local, national and regional level. Mr. Liljelund met with the New Zealand NOC secretary general and the secretary of the New Zealand Sports Commission during the WFCQ in Wellington.

The International Folder will be sent out to the national associations during March.

The internet streaming becomes much more important and we shall we need to look upon that on a national level.

Ms. Mikkola felt that the Lobbying document should be used in all possible channels.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office

Mr. Eriksson started the discussion based on the IFF working session held on Saturday the 8th of February, on how to start with the implementation of the EOTO-project.
Mr. Eriksson proposed that the CB is to take the decisions in order to move forward in respect to the discussions at the IFF Associations meeting held in Ostrava, based on the working session held yesterday.
The IFF CB decided to build a document for the EOTO project applications, to be sent out in March in which the member associations will indicate their interest to act as a mentor or a mentee. The answers will be evaluated and the IFF will propose the bilateral pairs for the CB meeting in May.

The CB decided: To approve the report and decide accordingly upon the proposals made during the working session.

a) Development operations

Mr.Liljelund reported on the development activities to be carried out during the first part of 2014.
- IFF has organised a a two day coaching Clinic in connection to the AOFC WFCQ in Wellington, New Zealand from the 31st of January to the 1st of February and a Coaches Corner for the participating teams and goalie training session for the participating teams.
- IFF is organising a Floorball Clinic for Coaches and Referees in Toronto, Canada in connection to the Canada Cup together with Floorball Canada from the 16th to 18th of May.
- IFF is organising a three day Floorball Development Seminar in Innsbruck, Austria during the first week-end in June. Participants will be invited from the region.
- Additional discussions are being carried out with AOFC seminar, China, Lithuania, and Spain.

Mr. King informed about the activities AOFC is planning, in order to organise a full scale development programme seminar in the region during 2014

Mr. Liljelund further informed that the Floorball Drill Animator program XFBall.com has been launched on the 27th of January, with already over 500 users. The IFF will try to market the tool to its members and use it at the IFF Development Clinics.

The XFBall is returning 15 per cent of the net income of all Premium users to both the National Member Association and the IFF. (Appendix 17)

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information operations

Mr. Halonen reported in the absence of Ms. Bruun that the new Facebook tabs have been launched in the beginning of the year. There is for example a tab for the WFCQ, collecting
tweets links to the WFCQ pages and other social media input. More competitions could still be launched, but prizes would be needed in order to activate people. The question of the Athletes‘ blog has been settled and it will start shortly..

Mr. Eriksson conveyed the Information Operations will prepare a plan for the IFF Social Media channels for the next CB meeting.

Activities has been taken for the update of the Guessing the winner ranking
Android: 7264 downloads, which is a big increase in numbers and with iOS: 6150 downloads, which it is not as big increase, but still significant.

Mr. Suman felt that the mobile application worked very well in the WFCQ and it has recieved a lot of positive feedback.

The CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations

Mr. Liljelund report that the yearly meeting will be held with the IFF Test Institute SP in February, to discuss the present issues of Floorball Materials and the statistics for the sales of IFF approved equipment in 2013.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) ParaFloorball information

Mr. Halonen reported in the absence of Ms. Bruun that we are still waiting for the official announcement of the Special Olympics that Floorball is approved as an official sport. Special Olympic Floorball International is organising a development seminar in the end of April in Austria.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations

a) Membership questions

Nothing to report

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Members under suspension

There are no members under suspension

The CB decided: To approve the report

c) New Member Applications

Mr. Liljelund reported that the Croatian Floorball Federation has informed that they are collecting all the needed documents to hand in the application before the meeting in May.

In addition Mr. Liljelund informed that there has been no contact from the Myanmar Hockey Federation, in relation to the membership application.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 10. Next CB meeting

The next CB meeting will be held in May, but due to the collision with the Canada Cup, the timing of the meeting may still change slightly. The President will make a proposal for the meeting with-in the coming two weeks.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB members for a good and meeting and wished everyone many happy landings.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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